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  1. Adrafinil

    That's understandable haha, it's best to be wary of falling back on other substances for sure. I was an addict even before adderall, it made it easier to quit at the time but ended up being just as bad. Honestly I don't remember having very many side effects on adderall until I ramped all the way up to 150mg a day and even then I ignored them because the pros outweighed the cons until my body finally had enough and I couldn't take it anymore. As a side note, now that a couple more hours have passed, I definitely am getting a nice energy boost and am in a better mood. But I don't feel the need to take more & more like I would with adderall. It feels natural and mild.
  2. Adrafinil

    Wow, this stuff is really interesting... I'm not sure it's what I was looking for in terms of an energy boost but it's doing wonders for my focus and attention span. It's not like adderall where I constantly seek out things to do because I need to occupy my mind, rather just that when I do sit down to try and do something, I'm laser-focused from start to finish. I took the 150mg 2 hours ago and ended up taking the other half a capsule an hour ago and wow, 300mg will be great in the future when I need to really buckle in and get stuff done but might be a lot for daily use. Honestly, I'm more focused and attentive than I ever was on adderall without any of the tweaky, twitchy, sweaty, irritating side effects. Highly recommend adrafinil if you're struggling with ADD symptom management when you quit!
  3. I'm working on cutting my last 50mg adderall/ritalin dose down and it's been proving incredibly difficult. I was taking 3x50mg combined doses per day but am down to just 1 in the morning...it's almost impossible for me to get out of bed without it! So, to help, I ordered some 300mg adrafinil capsules online last week (at the suggestion of user nouedis) after doing a lot of research on it and they got here today. If I like it and am interested in pursuing it more I'll ask my psychiatrist for some real prescription modafinil when I go in in a couple weeks but I wanted to try it NOW It seems the average dose range people find effective is 100-300mg, but a few use 600 or even 900mg. I thought 150mg would be a good starting point. I just took half a capsule and will report back in a bit!
  4. Cutting Morning Dose

    Any insight on how adrafanil compares to modafinil?
  5. Cutting Morning Dose

    I'm embarrassed that that didn't occur to me earlier honestly lol. I'll definitely ask about it at my next psych appointment.
  6. Cutting Morning Dose

    I took a whopping 90mg/day of Adderall and 60mg/day of Ritalin for the past 4 years (divided into 3 IR doses of 30mg and 20mg each). Things started to get nasty around a year ago when I realized these drugs weren't helping me anymore. They were actually making everything worse. I was nauseous 24/7, irritable, and just felt ill all the time. But I couldn't force myself to even think about quitting until like 3 months ago. I didn't want to tell my psychiatrist I was addicted because I didn't want her to take them away if I changed my mind or couldn't do it, but more importantly because I was afraid she'd take away the other medications I use with abuse potential (i.e. Xanax, Klonopin, & Ambien). I don't abuse or feel addicted to any of those other substances. So I started tapering down by myself over the last 3 months and it was actually not as hard as I thought it would be. The most important thing, I found, was to keep myself occupied. If I laid around for even 30 minutes, all I could think about was stimulants and I would inevitably end up taking some (or, even worse, did some cocaine instead, which I used to be extremely addicted to and had to go to rehab). I also increased my doses of 2 mood stabilizers, Lamictal and Seroquel, which I take for bipolar disorder 1, and that seemed to help a ton. Slowly, I've worked myself down to just 1 of the doses I used to take, 30mg Adderall and 20mg Ritalin. My scripts keep piling up and I fill them every month but don't use them. I know that's stupid. I don't know what stops me but I find myself unable to not take them to the pharmacy. Anyways, my point is, I can't shake that last dose every morning. I do fine the rest of the day, but I'm physically unable to get out of bed without it. I used to set my alarm 20 minutes before I actually needed to get up and take them then, then slowly wake up and instantly be ready to go. Part of the problem is that I take a large dose of Seroquel at night (4x how much I take in the morning), which is very sedating and lasts 12 hours, so it's extremely hard to get up in the morning. But it works very well for me and keeps me grounded and that is invaluable, especially when stopping and switching to another medication almost certainly would send me into a mood episode. Regardless, I can't shake the '20-minute ritual' every day. I've tried cutting the dose down but it's not the same because I need that whole 30/20mg to actually wake me up efficiently. Even when I do tell myself I'll only take 20/10mg or something and lay exactly that much out on my nightstand, I inevitably get up and walk into the bathroom to get the rest of my dose and go back to bed until it kicks in. I tried totally stopping in the morning and it takes me hours of alarms set every 10 minutes to get the motivation to actually get up. I have recently cut down a bit on my Seroquel dose so that may help but it's basically out of the question for me to quit that unfortunately. Did anyone else have difficulty specifically in the mornings? Does anyone have any suggestions or is this basically a situation where I have to totally cut it out and suffer for a few weeks/months? :/