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  1. I was diagnosed with depression long before I started Adderall. After trying several types of antidepressants my doctor told me about using Adderall with an antidepressant. He told me the only other option for me was "shock therapy" (no thank you) So I started taking Adderall 10 years ago but after two years I found it wasn't working at the prescribed dose, so I increased it myself. Starting the nightmare cycle of addiction. I'm afraid to stay on it and afraid stop it. I know most everyone goes through depression initially. But I don't know if I can deal with it if it is permanent. Can anyone relate to this? Words of advise? Thank you
  2. Anybody else quitting alone?

    Thank you. I don't feel so alone.
  3. Arizona

    I'm in Phoenix North end willing to travel to meet or just email others
  4. I hope it's possible to quit alone. I live alone, and don't have any close friends. My sisters live in town but we aren't close. Can anybody relate to this? Thanks
  5. Scared to death now

    I too am amazed how much control I don't have over adderall and other stimulants. I start out on the prescribed dose then the lack of control sets in. Crazy. You are not alone! I'm finding after 2weeks off adderall I'm starting to feel better yet I still want to take adderall. I'm seeing the poor decisions I've made while on adderall. I've been abusing it for over ten years! My life has become unmanageable. I hope you don't have to take it as long as I have before realizing what I have. I can't take even one adderall without loosing control. I don't plan to take anymore, I hope. I do feel better Hang in there. And again your not alone
  6. I'm quitting today. Tired of living a lie

    This is rougher then I thought. No adderall for 6 days. I know this will pass. I'm seeing that I made some bad choices while on it. Thanks for your post.
  7. I'm quitting today. Tired of living a lie

    Thanks for all your input. I'm feeling pretty tired and unmotivated but I know it will take some time to feel "normal" good luck to you all. And thanks again.
  8. If been on adderall for 15 years. I've been involved in AA for 25. No matter how hard I try I can't take it as prescribed. I take way past the max dose I've been lying to everybody. The guilt I feel is enormous. I use up the months prescription in one week. Then hibernate for three. I can't do this alone you people are the only ones I've been honest with. Please tell me there is hope, that I can eventually find out who I really am. Or whatever I should know before I stop for good. Thanks for listening