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  1. Which was more awful?

    What a great question! For me, bad days on adderall were definitely the worst. I remember feeling like I couldn't breath, my heart actually had shooting pains, I was afraid to go outside but sometimes felt like I should just in case I had an emergency and at least people would be around to help me. What kind of craziness is that? Also- I swear I was becoming dumber. Bad days in recovery include lack interest, apathy, and eating more than I'd like- but I have to take ownership of those feelings and behaviors. Living an authentic life today is more important and feels better to me, even though it sometimes isn't easy.
  2. Now is the time to start creating the life you want to live! You quit for a reason, don't forget it.
  3. Just Flushed Pills!!!! QUITTING

    Good job! I also had to flush my precious pills in order to quit. No matter how bad it was the day before- if it was in my house the next morning I was going to take it. It felt like I couldn't live with it or without it. Adderall steals your soul and self esteem. It took a little time but now I never feel anxious or bad about my choices or how I act because I know I'm being my authentic self. Good luck, the gifts are going to start pouring in since you've quit so look out for them!