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  1. my very sad miserable life

    and call me computer unsavvy, but I was responding to some kid who got off adderall and got hooked on coffee. Where did he go? I guess I am sorry for the above post
  2. my very sad miserable life

    ugh. i am jealous. drink your coffee. It's fine to look like a doctor or lawyer and hit on baristas. If you hate it, taper down. Caffeine is NOTHING compared to getting off addies. You have it, please don't rub it in
  3. My Vigilence Post

    Hi Greg and Everyone, I have really enjoyed reading this thread. Each person who posted is so easy to relate with.... I could hug you all. That being said, Greg, if your mental health is not good due to this job, what if you left it? There is no shame in quitting a job that stacks obstacles against you, has poor training, has you feeling like you need adderall, because you do not need it. Please, do not sacrifice your mental health for a stupid job. There is something else you will thrive at, others will suck at, and the world goes round. Fuck. Give yourself a break and work at a coffeeshop and network. Proclaim you are on "hiatus" and you don't look like a ___ year old loser, you look like a person who works so hard they need a job vacation. I met the most awesome person who did the same thing. Now, they make 6 figures, but that doesn't mean anything. They saw they needed a break (they did quit their job) and are better off now. Yes, try to overcome the obstacle and be okay with really, really sucking. But quitting is also an option, too. Do not get back on adderall. There are better things in place for you. You will see
  4. So, while we are on the topic of quitting our beloved yet evil adderall, why not look into the prospect that some of us may have a genetic mutation that renders us with ADHD symtpoms? I have a family member who is graduating in a few months and is going to be a pathologist (shout out to ya, if you somehow see this, you smart-fart creep.) Anyway, the boy is convinced the family carries a MTHFR genetic mutation. And the boy/doc also adds that many people who experience ADHD symptoms do as well. BTW, ADHD, ADD, depression and anxiety are symptoms of this mutation.... I told my GP this, and his eyes lit up like Christmas day. He then said the genetic swab test could be expensive, so I have to check with my insurance before trying it and seeing if that has been my problem this whole time. What is it? https://www.psycholo...physical-health just google it it and be shocked. Anyway, so boy doc says he thinks he has the mutation, himself as well. He started taking Solgar (brandname) Folate (AS METAFOLIN) 800 MCG 4 times a day. Why? People with this genetic mutation cannot digest folic acid in it's true form, so this over the counter vitamin is the how you get the nutrient you need. So, if I take it with addrerall, I feel too much anxiety. If I take it without adderall, my crash is not as bad. I was also advised to take B1, B6, B12. I am taking those now as the last of my adderall is running out. Vitamin Bs take awhile to get in your system, I don't want or need a nasty crash. I also think this mutation was my initial problem, to begin with. Does anyone here know about this? What are your thoughts?
  5. *deleted

    This is my version of a deleted post because apparently, I don't know how to do that.