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  1. Impact of Stress on Recovery

    What job is that?
  2. Anyone like the wire? My son says it was better then breaking bad, hard to believe but wife and I going to watch it soon
  3. What is your real name??

    You mean we're not supposed to use our real names? Shit!
  4. a new survivor started last night
  5. Real housewives of NJ Bachelor in Paradise, it's over but that was awesome Big Brother Catfish
  6. What have you learned from recovery?

    I learned to appreciate things I took for granted. I don't know where I would be now had I never taken speed, but I know there is some insight I now have that I wouldn't without having gone through the addiction, abuse and recovery. For instance I now appreciate the natural God-given dopamine releasing mechanisms that I previously didn't realize I was getting pleasure from.
  7. The Root Cause

    What I mean to express is that part of my recovery has been accepting the reality that there is no cure or a fix for my disorganized thinking, or whatever. For me, learning to live with that takes a one-day-at-a-time approach.
  8. The Root Cause

    one day at a time my friend
  9. Adderall social hierarchy?

    No in retrospect I think most of the time I acted like a jerk I have a relative who is on it and she is annoying as hell
  10. I hate not being on adderall

    I'm 48 and even though many of the other members are less than half my age, the similarities in our experience with this drug are staggering, so your age whatever it is is no barrier to sharing here. Good to have you.
  11. CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

    okay I am getting distracted
  12. CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

    No in that era it was common my mom told my sister the same thing
  13. CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

    Well you sound like you're doing great - like I said I know it's particularly tough for women in our culture, Thanks for saying that about my girl. I am particularly sensitive to it because my wife's father told her repeatedly she was overweight in high school, and my blood boils just thinking about it.
  14. CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

    Understand. Sounds like you married a good guy.
  15. CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

    Cassie I understand and I know this doesn't make a difference, but who runs those media outlets? Don't get me wrong men can be just as influenced and messed up by media messages as women (maybe in different ways), but I'm just saying. One other thing, just to add, is that I can honestly tell you that were I single and interested in a particular female - and I doubt I'm that unusual - if she had added or subtracted 10 or 20 pounds - It would not make a difference in my being interested in her. I may prefer one way or the other, and none of us are perfect, but really, it wouldn't change my mind about her. I have women in my life that struggle with weight and it just frustrates me what the media BS does to women and girls. I had a (female) doctor tell my daughter she was overweight when she wasn't at all (nobody thinks that she is, the women looks at this height/weight chart and just tells her she's fat. My daughter has more muscle mass, which weighs then fat, from her dancing, but she is NOT FAT). I was pissed! Who tells a 17 year old girl that? What is this, the 1950's?
  16. CBA - Cost Benefit Analysis

    I have news for you ladies on this weight thing: most guys don't like women that look like 10 year old boys anyways. I, like many guys would rather have a woman have excess weight then not enough, seriously. The media and the fashion industry are run by gay guys. They don't like women anyways. They create this impression of what makes a woman physically attractive, and it isn't what most straight guys want. Isn't that what defines attractiveness? What the opposite sex wants? If I was single and I hit on a gal, and she was straight and rejected me, it would hurt my feelings. If she was a lesbian, I wouldn't care. See what I mean? I am sympathetic to you ladies because I know it's hard to find clothes and all, but I just had to throw that out there.
  17. also drinkgreentes I like your photo but I can't stop thinking I'm talking to Spence
  18. I would say that there is no filler for adderall. You don't replace it with something, or fill the gap that exists without it with something else. Recovery is learning to live without it, not replacing it. It's hard I know.
  19. Favorite things about being adderall-free!

    ya the synthetic stuff was more compatible with speed, not so much guitars
  20. Adderall Ruined my Sex Life

    I am 48 and married 20 + years, so in a bit of a different circumstance then you, but I can tell you that during my 4.5 years on speed my sex drive sucked. There was a link to a video on one of these posts awhile back, and in it it was explained that arousal releases dopamine (like speed or food or booze), but that the chemical result or experience of an orgasm is more like an opiate. So, my non-scientific conclusion is that while you are a speed user you don't care about dopamine from other sources (it doesn't do much for you) i,e, the arousal, but that you want the opiate rush (orgasm). So of course, this isn't good for having sex with women, as you just want to get off ASAP. After a few months clean it came back pretty strong.
  21. ADD is not real
  22. also I should add you have every right to be proud of yourself, you should be!
  23. it will improve, that 6-7 week period is tough. It takes awhile to get used to dealing with stuff again, but it does get better so hang in there.
  24. ADD is not real

    I've have read in a number of posts the assertion that there is a dopamine deficiency in ADHD sufferers, but am wondering for those who believe this if they are aware of any scientific evidence supporting this belief?