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  1. Depression sets back in

    Yay!! That's awesome. I've been to a few different ones myself and it took a few tries for me to find one I liked. I'm glad you found one you like
  2. Depression sets back in

    It's ok Nicole, I know exactly how you're feeling!! When I was at 9 months I thought what the hell... 9 months and I still pretty much wanted to die. I thought it was never going to get any better. I'm at 17 months now, and I definitely am a lot better now than I was at 9 months. I have more motivation, I have hope, and I don't feel all that bad anymore. I still feel like I have more improvement to make, but I sure have come a long way in the last few months. What I found has helped me is exercise, eating better, and I started seeing a counsellor a couple months ago. I resisted seeing a counsellor for the longest time, I thought nobody could help me. But counselling has given me hope and the ability to recognize my negative thoughts and turn them into more positive ones. It isn't always easy and I'm still a work in progress, but I promise it does get better! However, unfortunately, when I was feeling my lowest, there wasn't anything anyone could say or do to change my frame of mind. I basically just wanted to tell everyone to shut up because they didn't understand lol. I wish I could help more, but just hang in there and give it TIME, and it will get better! Consider seeing a counsellor if you can (and find a good one), I really think it helped me get over that hump and it got me feeling a bit less depressed, a bit more hopeful and a bit more positive. I still have my bad days but they are not as often and not as bad. Since the weather is nice, maybe you could set up a spot outside and listen to some music and just chill out there for a bit. Even if it's just for 20 minutes. Small steps! Thinking of you. Happy Easter
  3. Faded memories

    But you are there for them now Frank!! You did the best possible thing for them and now you get to be present with them
  4. Ottawa, Canada?

    I'm in Canada too, but not Ottawa. I think you're the first Canadian I've seen on here other than myself!
  5. My Full Story

    Rachel, I still can't believe they prescribed you concerta. You're 77 days clean of adderall yes, but you're still taking a stimulant. To me, it is still the same thing. It will lead to the same problems. That's too bad. I wish you all the best in your quest to recovery.
  6. Today is a good day !

    That sounds awesome Frank!!!! Looking forward to seeing how it goes. Hope this is the big break you've been waiting for
  7. How many of us are 100% ADD ?

    I feel like if you list the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, pretty much everyone can relate to at least a few of them. I personally think it's a made up disease but I'm sure there will be lots of people who disagree with me. For me, Adderall covered up my depression and I thought it was amazing (at first). It gave me energy and motivation like I had never had before, and I finally felt "happy". I felt like I could finally do anything! Until it all came crashing down of course. But anyway, no, I don't believe I actually have ADD/ADHD, however when I took the test I did score quite high on it and was diagnosed with it. Like you said, I just knew what to say. Am I a little lazy and do I lack a little focus? Yes for sure. But I don't think I would label it as a disease.
  8. All I can say is... what the hell?!?! That is so messed up that they prescribed you another stimulant while you're in treatment for addiction/abuse of adderall. I would take everyone's advice here and NOT take any more of that shit. It is the same thing as Adderall! It will pretty much put you back at square one
  9. The #1 worst thing about Adderall

    It stole my soul. It ripped away my personality. It made my already existing depression a million times worse, and I worry I'll never quite be the same again.
  10. I know you said you quit adderall two years ago but you've been on other stimulants since then. Are you still on stimulants or how long has it been since you've been off stimulants?
  11. My Story - Trying to Quit...Again

    I have so been there. I know exactly how you feel. The good part is that you sound like you are ready to quit! You can do this. It won't be easy, but you can do this!
  12. Hello, I'm Mr. 75%

    I liked this post I'm Mrs. 50 percent and have been stuck here for a long time unfortunately haha
  13. 1 year

    I agree Frank. Would love to have our tickers back. Featherdusters, congrats on one year and I hope you see more improvement in the next year
  14. The +2 Year Mark =,

    Keep us updated Frank. I hope the Wellbutrin helps. May be something I want to try also.
  15. The +2 Year Mark =,

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate!! I hope things settle down for you soon. Life can get crazy at times and it's a lot to handle. Kudos to you for going back to school. I have contemplated going back, but I think the stress of a big work load and busy schedule/exams would be way too big of a trigger for me. Anyway, I have been feeling super shitty for a while, way before I cut out the caffeine. Was thinking maybe my excessive caffeine intake wasn't helping my situation. Trying to see if I feel any better without downing a massive amount of coffee every day. I know I'm just depressed but I'm not sure how to get out of this funk. And I refuse to go the antidepressant route. But yes, I'm definitely thankful Adderall is a pain in the ass to get your hands on, and I'm glad l I told my doctor to never prescribe it to me again, otherwise I probably would have relapsed many times by now haha.