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  1. Addiction is secret so I'm quitting alone

    Thank you guys for replying, I didn't expect to hear from anyone this quickly! I'm not sure if cold-turkey or weaning off is the best way. But for today, the goal is not to take it at all. I was putting off quitting for so long but all the chest pain yesterday really scared me and made the situation more real and imminent. I'll try to keep posting updates on here and hopefully that'll help the process! Hope you guys post too
  2. Quitting secretly.

    Hey I didn't read your story until after I already posted mine a minute ago but I feel like we may be going through a similar situation
  3. Without going into tons of detail, I'm a 20 year old college sophomore, I live with my boyfriend. I took adderall for fun about a year and a half ago and it slowly became a problem, so slowly that I didn't notice. I told everyone that I was quitting. Everyone was so proud of my conviction and so happy for me, but then I relapsed and was too ashamed to tell anyone. Fast forward to today, and I'm heavily addicted to adderall and no one has any idea. It's like I'm living a double life. I've been taking 100 or so mg's almost every day for months now. I was fit before and now I'm thinner. The adderall gives me chest pain now. I have paranoid come-downs now. I need to quit. I have to do it alone. It's so hard to quit with no one to talk to about it. If anyone is going through something similar, any words of encouragement would help me so much. Just to know that someone can relate. I never thought I'd put myself in this situation but here I am.