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  1. Wow. Thanks for such a quality post! i feel like everyone here on this site should see your response
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows of a site like this for ritalin/concerta. I've been on concerta for more of my life than adderall, and even though i feel like the overall experiences are about the same...I'd like to connect with some people that have had a quitting experience from the exact same stimulant. Thanks! and no, i wouldn't just leave this awesome support group if i find one! <3
  3. How are you Smhjen? Are you still tapering down? Yes, adderall does effect both dopamine and serotonin L-tyrosine and 5-htp will help both of them Also, I have heard that you shouldn't be on adderall and antidepressants at the same time, but some on this site have quit cold turkey and then gone on anti-depressants to help cope.
  4. Neurological Side Effects. One more reason to quit??

    Thats some scary stuff to think about... I'm always hopeful no permanent damage has been done
  5. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Around where you are now blue moon is where i was tempted to pop a pill now and then. Push through it! You got this!
  6. The Ninety Day Challenge

    Day 80! Starting to finally feel comfortable in my own skin again. Confidence talking to people is returning, and I find myself wanting to be social again which is the real me! Just a few weeks ago I was seriously tempted to relapse. And now i feel things have really taken a turn for the better. Anyone thats in a low point right now from quitting...i would really encourage you to stay the course. I can't exactly articulate it how i would like to...but just know this change of headspace i've had recently has really showed me that quitting is going to be a blessing long term. I feel like ive gotten to a point of being normal again when it comes to energy. But its a more natural energy than adderall ever gave...adderall always kept me on edge and couldn't turn it off. But this...its like i have a store of energy that i can choose to tap into, or just as easily choose not to and lie down for a nap at any given time. Its like...i can flip the switch on or off as i see fit. And its great Sorry for the scramble minded post lol i swear half the time i post anything its half to talk to you guys, and half just to use as like a personal adderall withdrawal diary. Which i feel like is healthy haha
  7. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    I feel like a lot of us here were actually put on the adderall for a reason though. I know personally i do really struggle with staying focused to things. Even back when i was on adderall. That said i'm suprised i havent seen more strategies on this website dealing with strategies for dealing with the add/adhd that many will have even after the withdrawals are ending. Any links for effective strategies, or personal success techniques from anyone here are very welcome
  8. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    80 days in and i do feel like maybe my energy is starting to pick up. Hard to tell though, the whole thing is such a gradual process i feel like its hard to really feel a significant difference one day to the next. Sorry you arent feeling the energy quite yet blue moon! In the next few weeks from where you are is when i did start to have certain days of energy. Whats frustrating is Im experiencing the energy to do things, but still lack the mental clarity to accomplish anything thats too complicated.
  9. Trying to quit 15 straight years of use

    I am hanging in there! It sounds bad, but i feel like im getting used to the awful withdrawal symptoms at this point. It's been long enough that feeling low energy is just the anytime i do feel energy or mental clarity its truly a great feeling! It excites me that im 2.5 months so the future holds increasingly more of the good feels
  10. The 60 day challange "reloaded"

    I'm right there with you bluemoon. One way i get through these days is to thing about every sober day as an investment. Its an investment towards your future of being happy, sober, and back to normal without addy
  11. Day 5 of my taper..

    Yeah, from my experience people that have taken adderall (especially on this forum) know a lot more about it than the doctors who prescribe it. And of course it will be somewhat easier because you didnt abuse it
  12. Trying to quit 15 straight years of use

    The thing is, I've been on addy since I was 7 so i dont think i will know when the 'real' me is back... I don't know if i will be able to make peace with being normal long term goal is to be as close to superhuman as possible off the meds..
  13. Gonna try and quit again... I guess..

    A full month or so
  14. Gonna try and quit again... I guess..

    I actually tapered down using concerta. The first quit i went from cutting my 36 mg extended release in half to cold turkey The second quit i was cutting them into fourths, and then quit
  15. Gonna try and quit again... I guess..

    Nice to see someone else with a similar situation to my own trying to quit! I think our common struggle will be just how long we both ran on the stuff. Even without abusing this drug its scary how a doctors recomended dose can have you so mentally dependent. Keep us updated on your progress and feel free to message me!