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  1. 14 Months!

    Congrats! I remember you from over a year ago when I would check in here daily. Haven't stopped in here in a long time until today. I'm somewhere around the 19 month mark now and completely back to "normal". Keep up the great work!
  2. 1 month in, still struggling

    Exercise, vitamins, and especially eating right make all the difference in my mood, motivation and energy levels. 100% cut all sugar from your diet for 30 days and I assure you that you'll feel like a new person. I've noticed a trend in almost all truly successful quitters and it's that they've all put taking care of their body a #1 priority. I can't stress enough how important it is im order to truly overcome this and start feeling great again. Just get the ball rolling, make yourself do it, and in a short period of time it will turn on to a habit you look forward to.
  3. Checking In

    Wish you nothing but luck my friend... tough battle but life is so much better after you win the fight. Just keep grinding away at days, weeks and months and soon enough you'll have the freedom you deserve and desire back. Go kick some ASS!!!
  4. Checking In

    What's up warriors! Just had the urge to check in and give you guys an update on my quit. I'll be 14 months clean next week. Life has returned to normal for me at this point. This whole addiction/quit thing completely changed my life... and completely for the better believe it or not. I find enjoyment nowadays in taking care of myself... mind, body and soul. Workout a lot and eat a clean diet. Hope that some of you guys that are in the earlier stages of the battle can find some motivation from my post and know that you will get your life back. If I had one helpful bit of advice to give you it would be to exercise/workout and eat clean. It truly does make all the difference and will give you loads of natural energy. Keep grinding folks! Freedom is right around the corner!
  5. Flush that shit! Don't think about it, just walk right over, do it and be done. Then pat yourself on the back for winning another round of the battle
  6. What's a normal amount of focus?

    I just hit the 1yr mark a few days ago and still have problems focusing. Was in a total fog earlier on in the process. I have had pretty bad ADD for as long as I can remember but can remember that it was definitely manageable, not always enjoyable, but manageable. We have to train our body's to function without this drug. The longer you go without it, the easier it gets. You will reach many moments when you're frustrated as hell with how you are feeling and will want to give up... keep pushing forward. It will get easier and your brain will absolutely heal with time. Somewhere in the forum there's a 30 and a 60 day challenge. You post your day count whenever you feel like it. There were times when I'd do it daily when I was really struggling because it really helped hold me accountable. The first 60 days felt like yrs for me but after that it really started going by much more quickly. Before you know it, you'll be 6 months clean and living life without this BS drug that. O way in hell should even be legal in my opinion. Good luck and hang in there! Don't give up... I promise you that you'll be glad you didn't. You already have 10 days under your belt and for a 15yr habit/addiction that's a huge accomplishment! Congratulations!!
  7. Work Out Recommendations?

    Running and push-ups work great for me. It's pretty amazing how quickly your body starts to respond to the workouts. Within a few weeks I started seeing results and then it becomes really enjoyable and you become much more motivated. I gained a few pounds at first after I quit but it seemed to level out after a few months. I was starving at first! Good luck
  8. A straight up miracle

    Hey man I highly recommend you read the book "Awaken the Giant Within" by Tony Robbins. I'm reading it now for the second time. It hands down was the reason I was able to quit another addiction I had about 3yrs ago. A large majority of the book talks about our belief system and how to take control of it. It's the best $16 I've ever spent.... a life changer for sure.
  9. Extreme Bloating? Made it one week!

    Congrats on making it thru your first week! Don't get discouraged when you hit rough patches, at which you definitely will. As of a few days ago... I've been addy free for a year! Talk about a freaking roller coaster but completely doable and well worth the effort to be free from this. Good luck!
  10. That's the exact same amount I took for about 4yrs. Within that time... I got divorced from my wife(not necessarily due to me taking addy, she has a cluster b personality disorder, but either way we weren't able to work it out. I just didn't care anymore), lost my successful business of 10yrs and literally lost every single thing I had. When I finally quit, I could literally fit all of my possessions in a duffle bag and my truck was repossessed. Whereas before I owned a nice house on 12acres of land and always drove new vehicles, pretty much had it all. Over the last year I'm slowly getting it all back but its not been easy. I think moon hit the nail on the head... you deserve so much better. It's tough to lose a loved one but sometimes you're left with no choice. You have to take care of yourself (something I've just recently learned to do) or else you may find yourself battling an addiction. Unhappiness and depression is most times the culprit to addiction. Wish you luck... stay strong!
  11. 6 Years

    Wow Erin! Thank you for that! We all need reminders from time to time. We truly are blessed to be FREE.
  12. 1 year!!!

    Thank you guys... hope you all had a great thanksgiving! Tom23Jones... I think my situation, especially months 7-12 probably differ from most people's but I'll be glad to share. I just got back to Texas from building a restaurant in Colorado for the past 5 months. It was a very challenging project and kept me super busy almost seven days a week, except for the weekends that I was able to come home. With that being said, I don't think I really had time to think about the depression and fautigue I've so desperately battled with since I've quit. It would come and go, but I found myself blaming it on work and working out of town rather than adderrall. I've definitely learned a lot about myself in the past year and have realized that I have to be challenged on a daily basis to avoid fautigue and depression. I changed jobs about 8 months ago and since then, I've noticed my mood and energy levels rise for the most part. I still go thru periods where I struggle but I grind thru it and try to keep a positive outlook. To be honest I seldom think about adderral much anymore, except for the times when I'm feeling down and wish I had something to make me feel better. These periods seem to come and go much more seldom as each month passes. I also started hitting the gym again about a month ago and can tell you it truly does make all the difference. Sux making the initial commitment to get you there in the beginning but I've found that it's something I know look forward to. Makes me feel better mentally and gives me more energy and motivation. Good luck man! Just keep on keeping on... it'll get easier.
  13. 1 year!!!

    Took my last 30mg addy the day after thanksgiving last year and here I am a year later. It's been tough there's no doubt, but there's no turning back for me now. Good luck to you all and happy thanksgiving! We did it Moon!!👊ðŸ»ðŸ˜œ
  14. Flow is back!

    Thank you guys! You all are awesome, great, caring people' Moon... If I still struggle with anything it's most definitely the fautigue. Seems to completely come in waves for me. Go a while without it, then bam... hits me pretty hard. I think it has a lot to do with the amount of stress I'm dealing with at the time tho. I've never been one to handle stress very well and it seems to really take a toll on my adrenal glands. Staying positive most definitely boosts my energy levels... Boredom sucks me dry. I've learned that I need meaning in life to function at my best. I'm still a work in progress, don't get me wrong, but am confident I'm on the right track. Good luck to you and thanks for all your support... it most definitely got me thru the toughest stages.
  15. The Six Month Challenge

    Hey bluemoon how the hell are ya?? How you feeling these days? I haven't been on here in months... got a new phone, forgot my password etc... We will soon be a year clean... can't freaking believe that! I remember how time just drug by the first couple of months. It was an all out battle just to get thru each day. Not so much now. Have good days and bad, but things have gotten so much better over time. I don't really ever think about adderall anymore and must say that my cravings are completely gone. Still struggle with fautigue from time to time but don't think it's all to do with quitting. Hope all is well with you and your journey!