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  1. Relationship advice

    Its amazing reading all of these testimonials and realizing how relatable everyone's experiences are. The absolute number one reason I want to quit adderall is because of my relationship with my girlfriend. We've been dating each other for a year and a half now and we have an amazing relationship. I've never told her that I take adderall out of fear of judgement (even though she is an incredibly non-judgemental, compassionate, and loving person). After starting adderall in college and taking it off and on for 3 years, a few months ago I decided to quit. I didn't have much of a problem getting over the chemical part of the addiction and my relationship wasn't much affected either. Overall, I don't think it has a huge effect on my relationship, but to some degree I do notice some of the same relationship issues that people have mentioned on this site. Just a few days ago I started working a new job across the country from my girlfriend where I will be working 12 hour shifts alternating between day and night shifts every two weeks. I ended up taking the pills on my first day of work with the thought that I would perform much better and make a good first impression and have been taking the pills since. In the meantime my girlfriend has been looking at different jobs near me so she can move in with me. She has already had interviews with multiple companies and could easily end up getting a job near me very soon. However, I feel like I can't keep this from her much longer and I'm terrified of how she will react if she finds out that I have been taking adderall whether I am the one to tell her, or she somehow incidentally finds out. Part of me wants to just quit right now cold turkey and never have it be an issue again, and another part of me wants to keep taking it because I don't feel like it has a huge effect on my relationship and it would allow me to excel at my new job. Any suggestions?