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  1. re: husbands weight "back in the day" marathon training weight: 165 pre adderall weight : 170-175 weight at time of quit after 11 years on adderall: 190-200 weight after first few months of quit: 230 weight after appetite leveled out but not exercising: 195-200 weight after several months of keto diet: 175 weight after adding exercise to keto diet: 165 current maintenance weight with normal diet and exercise: 168-170
  2. Adderall Taper Advice

    @Onedayatatime From what I have read here over the years, it seems that tapering often works to get you to a lower level (for example 60mg-30mg) but at some point (for you 20mg) you get low enough that you are just in a continual withdrawal state and are just prolonging the suffering. That is the point in which to go cold turkey.
  3. One Word Status Update

    Day 1000!!!! From and including: Saturday, May 14, 2016 To and including: Thursday, February 7, 2019 Result: 1000 days
  4. Couch to 5k

    @Frank B If you are used to running in traditional shoes with a high heel drop, you should gradually reduce to a minimalist shoe to prevent calf strain as well as incorporate daily calf stretches. Runningwarehouse.com has a lot of good information on running shoes re: heel drop, stack height, etc. It's like women who wear high heels all the time and their calf muscles shorten and they can't wear flats.
  5. Is Adderall ruining my life??

    @joeshmoOur fights got very ugly at times. It was so hard to comprehend how much our relationship changed. When we were a young couple with three little kids and both of us with full time jobs, there was a retired couple that lived next door. They were constantly barking, bickering and yelling at each other and we could hear them from our bedroom. It was awkward and sad and funny at times but the main thing was that we could never imaging behaving like they did. Yet we ended up much worse once adderall came into the picture.
  6. Is Adderall ruining my life??

    How long were you with your wife before you started adderall? If she is willing, tell her about this website and have her educate herself about what has happened to you. My husband was on adderall for about 11 years. I felt like I was living out an episode of the twilight zone where my husband was replaced by an identical looking alien and no one but me suspected anything and no one believed me. This website gave me the answers I was looking for.
  7. Letting Go Completely

    Another trick that smokers use is to say that they can start smoking again on their 99th birthday.
  8. From two different family members, I have seen bipolar I mania and I have seen how how taking adderall can completely change your personality and mimic mania. It can be hard to tell the difference. I cannot think of a worse combo than someone who is predisposed to mania taking adderall.
  9. Relapse

    SeanW - Sorry about the rant. Needless to say I got a bit "triggered" by your comments. Maybe your relationship wasn't meant to be and you are better without her....BUT you can never truly put someone first when an addiction is involved. We all know what comes first to an addict. I don't know how to stress to you younger people that the time it takes to recover - even if it's several years - will just be a blip decades from now.
  10. Relapse

    I'm sorry SeanW if I come across as harsh but your post hit very close to home with me. My husband and I were happy together for about 19 years (married 18) with three kids when he started taking adderall. Almost overnight, I went from the love of his life to "a terrrible person", "controlling", "manipulative", "ruined our family", "bad mother", and on an on. And that is just what he said to my face. I can only imagine what all he told his friends and family about me. Well before he became estranged from most of them too anyway. I'm sure he went on about how he always put me first and how I badly I treated him. Maybe what you saw as manipulation was her trying to walk on eggshells around a room filled with landmines. The good news is that even after 11 years of hell, we managed to salvage our relationship. He has been off adderall for 30 months now. In many ways our relationship is better than it's ever been because we take not one moment for granted. Not to sugar coat it too much though, there is still a lot of bitterness and resentment on my part and denial and defensiveness on his, but we work hard everyday not to allow that to creep in. The best way I can describe what adderall does to an existing relationship is suddenly every small past mistake or fault of the partner is suddenly 1000 times worse - things that weren't even a big deal at the time - and all of your past mistakes and faults disappear - at least in your own mind.
  11. Relapse

    From someone who was in a relationship with an adderall user: Do not trust your evaluation of this girl or anyone for that matter while you are on adderall. If you are on adderall, your perspective becomes skewed. Everything becomes some one else's fault and when your gaslighting behavior drives them to act crazy, you use that to support your accusations that they are the one with the problem. That's why I call it "blamerall". If you really want to find true love and happiness in a relationship, you have to quit.
  12. I have reached a new level of addiction

    "Took care of" as in completed killed. I'm saying that adderall and blood pressure medicine both contributed to performance issues. BUT flash forward to now, he's 62, off adderall for 26 months now, exercising, back to his ideal weight, off all blood pressure medicine and functional again. I would also add that less than a year into his adderall use our relationship deteriorated so much that it ceased to be an issue anyway.
  13. I have reached a new level of addiction

    I'm guessing you all are a lot younger but adderall plus the blood pressure medicines (plural) Mr Oswhidhad to get on due to taking the adderall pretty much took care of the sex thing. He was 49 and fit when he got on it. This is what you guys have to look forward to.