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  1. I don't want to continue to get the prescription. I'm going to cancel it regardless if I can get into the marines or not. I had no idea that it was such a big deal. My question is if it's possible to get prescribed to adderall, but not be officially diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? And I did stop taking them but by that time my grades were already bad. By no means am I a tweaker or an addict. I do just fine without it, if not better.
  2. I am currently a sophomore in college. I have only been for adderall for 7 months. Going into my Fall semester (before adderall) I had a 2.8 GPA (4 point GPA scale) in college. Then last semester (my only semester on adderall) I did awful and it brought my GPA down to 2.4.. Not only do I hate taking the meds because they just make me grouchy and get me distracted even more than I used to (I didnt even used to get distracted, and if I did it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it was last semester), but it brought my grades down. Maybe I was mis-diagnosed or something but I am more than capable of performing well in my academics during the 12 months of being off of medication. I've been doing some research and what I read from many trusted websites, it specifically states that as long as you're off of the meds for 12 months and do well in school and maintain a job, that you are not automatically disqualified... That being said, I can definitely improve my grades without adderall. But I'm not sure how to get un-prescribed from adderall.. Do I tell my doctor this? He is a very cool guy and we get along just fine. Also, this might be a dumb question to ask but I'm completely new to this as I'm only 19 and in charge of my own things now, but is there any way to be prescribed to adderall but NOT be diagnosed with ADHD??? Cause that would be huge if I'm not diagnosed with ADHD and would more than likely be able to talk to a recruiter and get things going right away.. I should mention that I go into his office about every 3 months and get 3 paper prescriptions from my doctor to take to the pharmacy every month, if that information helps. Like I said, I'm in great physical and mental shape and I know I can do everything just fine without medications. I'm just kind of confused on the 2 questions. Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and sorry for the long post!