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  1. My story..advice?

    You did really good telling your story, I thought....I very much agree with what you said about this website. you see....I still can't tell "my story" probably would ramble on and on. but addiction/dependency is soo screwed up. and lonely for me (and i have a husband and child)..... I hope your life gets better. great battery going dead. thanks all of you. thought i was going to lose my mind a few minutes agooo......but not now....good nite.
  2. Narcisistic posting

    I have felt so alone,until I found this website. I'm not good at......writing or anything else it seems. just wanted to say thanks, cause so far, finding this website is the only hope I have found. I am going to try again to "talk" about my problem/addition..but can't yet. just g;ad i found some people who seem to know what they are doing..and it gives me a little hope too