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  1. St. John's wort round 2

    I saw your recommendation and decided to give it a try. It is supposed to upregulate serotonin receptors. I am on curcumin mervia 3x, memantine 20mg, p21, noopept, and aniracetam. It gave me an immediate mood lift. I'm taking 1 perika St. John's wort 300mg tablet. Do these immediate effects last? I just have a better feeling of well being. Less afraid feeling. More optimistic maybe. I hope I continue to see these benefits. Does St. John's wort increase the rate Wellbutrin flushes through the system .. Making it less effective?
  2. 1 year

    Thank you everyone. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
  3. 1 year

    Thank you! It's good to know it can take 2 years. I thought it was going to take a month when I quit. Well, here's to our recovery. I wish you the best!
  4. 1 year

    I made it to the 1 year mark! The post acute withdrawal symptoms aren't gone for me. I am having to learn how to control my emotions. PAWS for me is an emotional roller coaster. If I hadn't been through extensive neuropsych testing and psych evals because of TBI I would think I had a mental disorder. It is a fearful state with little emotional control. It is anxious and slightly psychotic. I've felt like I was a bad person. I have had problems with my ability to reason, pay attention, and remember. I have had dissociation. This is serious stuff! It isn't a cakewalk. Here is is what has helped. Bpc-157 and memantine. I added noopept when memantine's anxiolytic and anti-depressive properties started to wear off. I found a a group on reddit called r/nootropics where they experiment with nootropics for every condition under the sun. Things have gotten better overall, but it isn't over. I also have brain damage, so that might be part of the equation. Reading about other peoples miseries has helped me to know I was on the right track. I thought I would share and maybe help others. I wish there was more research on paws. It really makes one feel insane. I'll do my best to spread the word about adderall post withdrawal. Oh. Meditation has also been big in my recovery. Sometimes it is my own thoughts that cause misery. Maybe all of the time it is my thoughts that cause misery! I can't think of anything else. Im sending all of you my compassion and feelings of love. Holefully paws goes away sooner rather than later for all of us.
  5. Everyone doing ok?

    Simple minded maybe, but not smug. Maybe it is best for us to avoid eachother.
  6. Everyone doing ok?

    That is a caffeine habit! Maybe if you rephrase quitting caffeine as "I can have caffeine or I can have a 2000$ reward" it might help. Maybe denying yourself caffeine is what feels wrong or causes the issues. Don't deny yourself caffeine, The only thing you have to do in life is die, everything else is your choice and you will pay the consequences. Weigh the options. Caffeine wasn't doing much for you. It was costing you money. Being chained to a habit can be miserable. But it isn't such a dangerous chemical, and maybe one day you decide to have a cup of coffee with desert. I don't think it would be shameful. But I might be giving bad advice to an addiction board. I'm not a specialist. I have no clue really. I use supplements to control epilepsy. The medication has horrendous side effects. Luckily I have found a regiment and haven't had a seizure in years. There are con artist in every field, and the industry isn't regulated heavily in the US. I get what you were saying in the earlier post.
  7. Everyone doing ok?

    It is kind I strange how you can want something and not want it at the same time. You said it's expensive and not doing much. How much were you spending? You could save the caffeine money to buy yourself a reward for quitting. QuittingAdderall app?
  8. list of withdrawal symptoms

    Is there a definitive list of withdrawal symptoms anywhere? If not would everyone post their symptoms, please. I have epilepsy and brain damage and can't tell if I should be concerned with what I am experiencing or not.
  9. Everyone doing ok?

    No one else is talking, so why not talk about caffiene withdrawal. Ive read it takes 9 days. Keep up the good work!
  10. Everyone doing ok?

    I'm 6 months in and I try not to judge my experience. I am going to speech therapy for brain damage and I can't help but wonder if my cognitive issues are PAWS related and/or if PAWS is brain damage. I try not to ask questions like "what if I have to go back on medication" I am saving those questions for the 2 year mark. I experience anhedonia, flashpan anger, anxiety is gone for now, I have cognative issues, .,. I guess that's it. I enjoy reading everyones misery because it lets me know I am on the right track. It would be nice to have a section for success stories. Graduation stories. Sanctuary. Nice to meet everyone.
  11. Supplements for anxiety?

    I could have said it better.
  12. Supplements for anxiety?

    I wasn't being hostile. I didn't want people to avoid all supplements because you said the majority are snake oil. I think if they do their homework and not expect miracles supplements might just help.
  13. Supplements for anxiety?

    I don't think supplements are snake oil. Caffeine is a supplement. I think you need to do your homework and not expect miracle pills.
  14. anyone try racetams?

    I'm taking oxiracetam from powdercity and it is working out great. I should mention that I have brain damage, so it might be helping that.
  15. TBI + post traumatic epilepsy

    Wow 2 years. It's good to know. I wonder why doctors think it takes 2 weeks? They must be telling people they have mental illnesses when the post adderall side effects are still present. I started taking bacopa monneri for anxiety. I found this: http://www.longecity.org/forum/topic/54028-treating-anxiety-safely-effectively/page-1 I guess I need to look up all of my post adderall side effects and start taking things. I wonder what exactly adderall did to our brains. I have anxiety that is so bad that reality seems to invert. I don't have insomnia every night. I wonder why? There must be ways to help the brain heal. I wonder if anyone is studying this. The company that makes adderall maybe. So they can sell us a red pill to fix what the blue pill did. Yes, this website is great. What did people do before the internet?! Have you tried melatonin for insomnia?