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  1. Coping with Boredom?

    I have a huge problem with boredom at work. I honestly wish I was held more accountable because I'll spend hours scrolling through social media. But I don't recommend doing this to stay busy. I've found that in itself has become an addiction and something I use to escape work/reality. I've since cut back after realizing how toxic it can be. If your that bored, I'd try new healthy hobbies/habits. i.e. cardio and weight training, reading, meditation. I highly recommend the headspace app for meditation. You could find some local NA or AA meetings to attend. I'd try a few and see which ones you feel a connection with, I've gone to some that just aren't for me. You could also listen to some educational/fun podcasts. I love the Joe Rogan podcast.
  2. Just need to vent

    I feel you Nicole, I’m at 17 months as well and this time of year is also hard for me. Just something depressing about it getting dark so early and all these holidays parties and socializing make me want to use. I'm not considering adderall, I fully believe I’ll never put that shit in my body again, but I’ve been kind of obsessing about alcohol (which I haven’t had for almost 6 months). I’ve also craved pain pills to get through some of these social gatherings (which I haven’t touched for well over a year). i hate when I start romanticizing alcohol. I start obsessing about how a nice whiskey is just another masculine thing I should be able enjoy but I know that’s bullshit. I’m being more manly by being different and being strong enough to not give in to a temptation. and discipline equals freedom. If I choose to have alcohol in “moderation” I’m once again a prisoner to a substance
  3. Stuck in the middle

    Yeah its like you cannot get a satisfying deep breath. Happens to me sometimes, usually when I'm overthinking my breathing. Since I've started meditating I can usually calm myself down a lot quicker than in the past.

    Yeah the procrastination can be completely paralyzing. I remember being at both work and home not being able to physically make myself begin a task that needs to be done. At work, I would just mindlessly scroll through social media as a distraction or escape...not doing the thing that needs to be done until the last possible minute. Or at home I'd sit there paralyzed while my wife took care of the house. In my mind I wanted to pry myself out of the recliner and do the right thing but I couldn't take that initiative. I understand everyone goes through this extreme procrastination phase and you have to be patient with yourself but eventually you get to the point where MASSIVE ACTION is the cure all. You just have to keep making new goals/habits and do them no matter what. Recently, I've committed to meditating everyday with the headspace app no matter what, I've got a 56 day streak going. I also gave myself a rule to not even login to my facebook or twitter on the company computer which I haven't done for several weeks. Monday thru Friday I wake up before 5am and go the gym no matter what. What do you do when you don't feel like it? Its simple, You do it anyway and I guarantee you'll never regret it. I follow a retired navy seal Jocko who has the motto "discipline equals freedom" and the more I discipline myself the more free I'm feeling. I highly recommend following him on social media and/or reading any of his books.
  5. Same here fellas, I'm 31 and I'm the most fit I've ever been. After quitting adderall, I gained tons of weight and got up to almost 260lbs. After several months of the gym and meal prepping every Sunday and being mindful of what I put into my body, I'm 214lbs and stronger than I've ever been. Its crazy how much adderall distracted us from taking care of our body. I mean you only get one after all. Now I enjoy fueling my body with healthy foods and trying to figure out what combination of nutrition, cardio and strength training makes me feel optimal.
  6. Good article

    great article Frank, appreciate it, occupied me for about 30 minutes here at the end of a Friday workday. I like all the Breaking Bad references, my favorite show of all time. Its also interesting how they say give a back alley meth head the option for some crystal or an adderall and he'll take the adderall everytime. Just shows you how bad this shit is and how much big pharma makes it look like just "medicine"
  7. Want to lower my bpm

    Another benefit for myself is my fitbit actually helps with my anxiety. Sometimes I feel like my heart may be racing or feel panicked and I can look down and see I'm only at like 70bpm and it calms me down.
  8. Want to lower my bpm

    I agree, you need to use a fitbit to get an accurate resting heart rate. If you just use the app on your phone, you might be checking it at a time you are slightly elevated. The fitbit gets the most accurate resting bpm reading during sleep. Plus its awesome to have a tracker to see your improvements. Initially my resting heart rate was around 70 but as I've lost weight and done more and more weight training and cardio, I've got it down to below 60 on some days.
  9. Can't Believe it Happened to Me

    Wow... I'm not one of them but I just want to say there are some awesome writers on this site.... and they're writing this beautifully without fucking adderall. The support of this fellowship we have on this online forum gives me goosebumps sometimes. I feel just as connected to you folks as the people I sit with in the rooms of NA
  10. Same here, it seems so weird that I use to pair Caffeine with adderall all day long to intensify the effects and get some euphoric feeling...but now when I have just coffee, or red bull I get super anxious. I used to chew up an adderall on the golf course and chase it with a 5hour energy and thought I felt awesome. A few months ago I had just a 5hour energy, obviously not paired with adderall and I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Lately I only drink tea, 1/2 black tea and 1/2 green tea but I'm considering just completely eliminating caffeine from diet.
  11. 10 Months Adderall Free

    I was unhappy in so many ways. My "rock bottom" was several things; the realization that I was isolating myself from family and friends. The cycle of using my script in a 2 week span and then being consumed with how I was going to find more on the street. I was OCD about counting the pills in my pocket and in my bottle and looking at the calendar trying to see how long I'd be good for. I got so sick of manipulating doctors and changing dosages just to get a refill early because I was out. I also realized it was unsustainable for my body and mind; I was losing my mind and having anxiety all the time. Plus several times I stayed awake for a few days at a time and kept taking adderalls and redbull. The body and heart cannot handle this drug long term. I knew it was going to kill me if I kept taking it. One is too many and 1,000 is never enough
  12. When other people notice...

    Gratitude is a powerful tool. Sometimes a little time passes and I get a little complacent and forget how far I came. But you're right, when I think back to the road I was going down and where I'm at now there is sooo much to be thankful for. And I agree, being able connect with people and be engaged in real/deep conversations feels great. I was so isolated from everyone including my wife, family and coworkers and now I love people again. Its still a process but recently people have noticed I'm getting my sense of humor back which feels great. I always thought I was quick and witty but throughout my adderall years I was reserved and isolated, I'd do everything I could to avoid conversations