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  1. One Word Status Update

    FuckThis9to5 (very happy ;-) otherwise)
  2. 36 hr fasting

    Could you elaborate on what was life changing about it? I've been wanting to do a longer fast for quite some time. I do daily intermintent fasting for about 16 hours and have seen benefits from that. Burning more fat, more mental clarity/energy etc.
  3. New Adderall documentary

    I was wondering if I was the only one who was triggered by the trailer... I probably shouldn't even watch it in its entirety but I know I will because in some ways I still obsess over adderall. I know I get preachy and worked up anytime it comes up in a conversation, whether it be talking about kids taking it or the many adults I know that take it.... Eight-Teen months!!!! Congrats!
  4. Just what I needed today.

    Yeah hes made mention of adderall on so many different podcasts. Theres been several guests that have admitted to being on it. Its always so obvious the ones that are on it anyhow, they have a certain hollowness about them and they talk in one long run on sentence lol.
  5. I just feel the need to share the fact my doc just called and said my echocardiogram came back normal and my heart is healthy and strong. I've always had a fear that I did lasting damage to my heart from the years of heavy daily stimulant abuse. To have that weight lifted from me offers a peace of mind that is indescribable. I was convinced that some of my massive panic attacks were heart attacks and that this echo would show that damage. Really feeling the gratitude after that phone call. I'm excited to ramp up the intensity at the gym and push myself even harder. Hope everyone has a great weekend!
  6. Mental Clarity

    I bit the bullet and paid for the Headspace app for a year. They are guided meditations but the more you advance the less guidance there is and more silence. In the beginning I struggled to focus on my breath and sit still but if you keep doing it every single day you start noticing the positive effects of being more mindful. Throughout the day we don't realize how often were just on auto pilot with negative thought loops in our head but that slowly starts to go away and your able to be more present. I also like the fact that Headspace has different packs you can do, for instance I've done 30 days of meditation geared towards depression, I've done the anxiety pack, stress, etc. All the packs and singles are free once you pay for the app. There are singles for sleep, motivation, a big conversation etc. Pretty much every meditation you can choose to do 3mins to 20mins depending on how much time you have on any given day. It keeps track of your consecutive days and total hours meditated which I've read that in itself can help with dopamine levels.... something about starting a positive streak
  7. Mental Clarity

    I'm also at 21 months and my mental clarity has improved greatly in the past couple months. I don't know what exactly I owe it to because I've been doing several new positive habits or it could just be the time healing. I think I owe a ton of the credit to meditation, nutrition, and exercise. I've meditated daily for at least 10mins for 162 consecutive days and its been life changing. My thoughts are no longer racing, I feel more calculated even in stressful situations. I'm almost never reactive, even if my wife is getting upset with me over something I'm able to stay calm, think and respond. I also think the grueling weight training and cardio have improved my cognition and clarity. Lastly, I've made a radical change to my diet since January 1st I've been doing the Keto diet (high fats, moderate protein, basically no carbs). I've had no sugar that didn't come from fruit and I've had no carbs that haven't been from vegies and no processed foods. I've also noticed that my mental acuity is always sharper if I'm at least a little hungry.
  8. Just what I needed today.

    Exactly! We all need to have that David Goggins savage mindset. We all know need to know that going through this kind of struggle will only make us more bad ass in the future. When I'm feeling weak in the gym I often think back to how hard and terrible its been to kick this habit and I pull strength from that dark place. If I quit adderall after being a slave to it for a decade, whats one more fuckin rep, whats more mile on the treadmill.
  9. Just what I needed today.

    Awesome! I need to listen to this entire podcast episode asap... I've heard its an epic one
  10. One Word Status Update

  11. Coping with triggers/stress?

    Yeah it was pretty a pretty epic show... I live in VA and I missed him when he was in D.C. so I made the 4 hour trek to Durham to see him. Yeah it makes total sense that Trump could still be abusing phen-phen or phentermine. It would explain a lot of his manic behavior and his grandiose way of thinking. Phentermine brings back bad memories for me, I was such a speed freak that I got prescribed those from a diet doctor for after I'd burn through my monthly Adderall script. Was a much harsher feeling than adderall but I'd still abuse the shit out of them until I got more adderall. Thinking back I'm lucky my heart never exploded, sometimes I'd have both on hand and take them together.
  12. Coping with triggers/stress?

    I do the same thing, I sometimes obsess over thinking someone must be on adderall but its not really a trigger to me. You can tell how fake the energy and conversations are. I recently went to Durham NC for a Joe Rogan show and Durham is a big college town Duke University is right there. The coffee shops we hit up felt riddled with Adderall Junkies. All these kids talking 100mph over top of each other with these fake smiles, it was strange.
  13. How many years were you on Adderall?

    about 10 years. The last 2 or 3 was when I started really to abuse and binge. I have friends who are in the honeymoon phase of adderall so there is no talking sense into them, they are convinced its a lifesaver and I get it because it does work well for a couple years or even longer but eventually that tolerance becomes insatiable
  14. One Word Status Update