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  1. Sober November

    cool man, I always love following Joe Rogan and those other guys doing their Sober October bets. Keep us posted, I'm curious to see how much better you feel after a month off boos. I gave it up over a year ago and feel awesome. I know you've already cut back on sugar and processed foods so this should make you feel even healthier
  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for taking the time to read my post. It was not an easy thing to write so I appreciate the encouragement.


  3. One Word Status Update

  4. I finally need to tell my doctor

    I wouldn't make up any lies. I'd be 100% honest with him. There are patient/doctor confidentiality laws that prevent him from running to CPS or anything like that. As far as I know, he can't flag your name in any system that would prevent you from getting pain pills for a toothache. I think you'd feel better about it if you told the doc your completely dependent on stimulants and there is no way possible they will ever be beneficial for you anymore. Most of the time the thing that seems the hardest to do is the thing that needs to be done.
  5. Doctor appointment today

    you definitely made the right decision. Phentermine is super close to adderall but its a nastier/harsher stimulant. I hated it and still abused while on adderall and for a short time after I kicked adderall.... you don't want to go down that road. I agree hyper critical that a low carb/ high fat & protein diet would be worth a shot. And try to get to the gym with some type of weight lifting and cardio routine.
  6. One Word Status Update

  7. Two Years!

    Nothing braggadocios about this! Fucking awesome! Keep Kicking ass Cheerio! Appreciate you sharing your experience, strength, and hope. ✌☮
  8. A year off adderall and in a bit of a slump

    Hey bro, stay patient. One thing is for sure, everything changes. So if you push through this tough time for awhile longer the clouds will eventually part
  9. Long-term quitters: Any lingering issues?

    Awesome stuff. I've also been listening to Jordan Peterson's book 12 rules on audible for a few weeks now. Powerful stuff. And I too have been doing Keto/Carnivore for several months and feeling awesome. Getting stronger in the gym and weighing less/leaner every week. I was about 255lbs when I quit Adderall and now I'm under 180 now. Keep it up!
  10. TWO YEARS :)

    I'm at two years and a couple months and I agree with this 110%. But this post and also @Frank B 's recent post about it being quiet on here lately reminded me that we have a responsibility to share our experience, strength, and hope with others. My life is so full and happy now that I rarely log on here anymore but I remember that first year when I was on here daily and wondering if I'd ever not be depressed, lazy, and unmotivated. And it was in those dark times that reading the hopeful posts from others gave me the strength to keep pushing one day at a time. I just got back from an epic 3 week vacation in Europe with my wife. I know I would have never been able to save for a trip like that if I was still using adderall and hadn't found this website, NA Meetings and the strength to give up that shit for good. I'll try to be more active on here
  11. One Word Status Update

    FuckThis9to5 (very happy ;-) otherwise)
  12. New Adderall documentary

    I was wondering if I was the only one who was triggered by the trailer... I probably shouldn't even watch it in its entirety but I know I will because in some ways I still obsess over adderall. I know I get preachy and worked up anytime it comes up in a conversation, whether it be talking about kids taking it or the many adults I know that take it.... Eight-Teen months!!!! Congrats!
  13. Just what I needed today.

    Yeah hes made mention of adderall on so many different podcasts. Theres been several guests that have admitted to being on it. Its always so obvious the ones that are on it anyhow, they have a certain hollowness about them and they talk in one long run on sentence lol.
  14. I just feel the need to share the fact my doc just called and said my echocardiogram came back normal and my heart is healthy and strong. I've always had a fear that I did lasting damage to my heart from the years of heavy daily stimulant abuse. To have that weight lifted from me offers a peace of mind that is indescribable. I was convinced that some of my massive panic attacks were heart attacks and that this echo would show that damage. Really feeling the gratitude after that phone call. I'm excited to ramp up the intensity at the gym and push myself even harder. Hope everyone has a great weekend!