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    @SomedayDreamer... No thank you for reinforcing what they told me, that was just another way to prove their point even more. I appreciate it. Quit-once.. thanks I will definitely get the supplements. I am still working on day 2.. it's hell and also a lot of mental pressure because I am making the worst first impressions at college because it's hard to focus when in a conversation and am tired. I'm staying strong though.. I hope you understand when I say I am still getting up to courage to flush the pills I want to be honest with you though. I will let you know when I do, I know it's the only way to quit. I still believe that I can save it for rare occasions but I know that's so stupid and wrong. So I will do it soon and we can celebrate when I do.
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    Ya I skipped class today, I slept 13 hours. From quitting before it will hopefully get better in a few days, luckily its the weekend. The longest I've gone is 5 days. Okay I will "flush" them. Have you tried the supplements Do they really make a big enough difference? Thank you so much for talking with me about this, I definitely wouldnt have quit if it wasn't for the advice.
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    I JUST began my freshman year of college... toward a nursing degree. Of all the times for me to decide to quit, such lovely timing. I truly have the worst ADD, I will forget what I am talking about mid-sentence even. So far as plans go, I am going cold turkey. Today was my first day and the main problem was I ate my heart out and my muscles felt like bricks. I went to the gym though and ate healthy, other times I tried to quit I slept all day. I noticed a huge difference by keeping up my exercise and diet this time around. Its so hard to do while in college and the dorms but I think I can do it. I also am going to accept that if my grades fall its not the end of the world and i can try again despite my ADD. I want to know that I got the A, not the pill. How does that sound, anything I should add or do different?
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    You got it, thanks FALCON.
  5. Email Buddy

    Wow. I feel like my mind is being read. I wish I could put in words how much those posts helped me understand. I went from thinking it made my life better for the past two years to a complete 180. The stages of addiction almost made me cry, it literally described the past 2 years of my life, because I got addicted so fast, I am easily at stage 6. 20mg a day was an understatement, I just was embarrassed to say how much. I feel so much better that there is a solution to all the symptoms I have by quitting. I know what you mean when you say "zombie land of Adderall" and I don't want to go there because I've been there during high doses and god, if that was permanent it would be hell. You guys seriously saved me from going down a terrible road, I can't thank you enough, I'm going to quit, hopefully I find someone for support, my family and friends don't understand because it's a prescription and think I'm just being dramatic, but seriously know that you made a huge difference in someone's life today. I've looked for help on "Webmd" and all that bs trying to find advice, but this website it's incredible. The owner and other posters have the best choice of words, honesty and advice. I'm so relieved, thank you.
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    You definitely caught me by surprise with that comment because funny as it sounds I haven't thought about "why" I'm quitting and that's such an important part. This scares me because I can't think of one reason how my life is worse with it. ): Please give me an answer that I can say "Oh duh! Why didn't I think of that." to, cause it sounds like I'm screwed as far as quitting is concerned. All I know is that I don't know if it was me or the Adderall that helped me, it could be bad for my health, and I'm going to keep gaining tolerance to it the longer I'm addicted. It's refreshing to talk to someone about it so thank you for the reply.
  7. Email Buddy

    Length of Adderall Usage: 2 years Type: Instant Release Amount: Initially 10mgs, which evolved to 20mgs, now I barely feel 20mgs and at times abuse the Adderall by taking up to 60mgs or more. L Reason for Quitting: It’s such a hard thing to quit because I do have ADHD and my life IS better with the Adderall. But at this point all of my accomplishments feel as if I cheated. I’m spiraling more and more into an addiction with the drug and want to stop. Male or Female: Female Age: 20s Email: Opal0551@gmail.com No one I know has a clue about the Adderall. It would be a HUGE relief to talk to someone else going through this. I’m really looking forward to share stories with someone. I’ve tried to quit before but hopefully I will be more successful with a buddy. Talk to you soon!
  8. Don't live anywhere close enough to meet up? Don't want to meet up? No problem! Let's start a pen-pal forum because we all know quitting is easier with a buddy and everyone should have that opportunity. Lets get enough posters to find similar matches. Below is a short bio you can copy and paste to get started: Length of Adderall Usage: Amount: Reason for Quitting: Male or Female: Age Email: