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  1. acetylcholine trial and error

    Paying the piper , prison is a good way to put it
  2. Take Your Pills

    Man fuck that documentary. Has me contemplating future use.
  3. PAWS or something else wrong?

    Definitely share these feelings. End up caught in a thought loop trying to figure shit out and just makes it worse so I try to do something/anything so I'm not stuck in hell aka depths of my twisted mind
  4. Advice for quitting a third time

    Lol yep, thank god my dad is letting me bum it at his place or I would be homeless or in the military. It's daunting but real as fuck. I also had physical and still do sides such as twitching and sweats. But then again I used other hard drugs like benzos and opiates. I wish you the best and you start recovery as soon as possible.
  5. One Word Status Update

    11 months
  6. New Adderall documentary

    Yeah they mention "are we willing to pay the price" I hope they go into detail of what that is ha
  7. New Dream Job...No More Adderall. Help Please

    I wish you the best. You understand the situation very well. What I guess I'll stress is that the person you were before, and now on adderall, will fade away. You'll come to realize how much it's changed the real you. You're right about beginning to paint the picture but know you might be starting in a very dark corner. Anyways, you seem very strong willed as most are in the field of science including myself in engineering. It's daunting to even begin to explain what my eleven months clean has been like but no worries. You'll do it. Don't lose belief in yourself.
  8. Netflix documentary on Adderall

    Comes out on my birthday, sweet
  9. Klonopin 'benzos' pretty often for come downs, alcohol a lot, marjuana all the time, opiates 'pain pills' prolly once a month on average for a couple days, Kratom, psychedelics occasionally 'lsd,mushrooms'
  10. And I mean I didn't start at 100mg went from 20-100 of the course of the four years and didn't use a 100 till within the last 6 months but for over half the time I was at at least 45 a day
  11. At most my "off days" which maybe two or three a month. I'd at least have 10-20 mg and tons of caffeine. I also was abusing 3-4 other hard drugs which prolly contributes to my particularly shitty situation.
  12. Pretty consistent, I'd use my script then my gf script then buy from roommates
  13. Same position as you except from 20-24 and same dosage sometimes up to 100mg a day. Had psychosis, and lasting delusions. Eleven months clean next week. Still feel pretty damn terrible and out of touch with reality like I'm living in hell.
  14. Yes.. if you don't quit be prepared to watch a lifetime burn away in front of you
  15. Cold turkey. Stop taking it and get some rest. Then, get your shit done. You're in a very early stage and your brain has hardly been effected. It will recover quickly. Of course you won't feel the motivation and high adderall gives you but you won't be in the hell a lot of us are in from years of heavy abuse. Please do yourself a favor and quit that shit, learn some self discipline and train yourself to work without it. It won't be easy but nothing worth having ever is. A new, self disciplined, stronger version of yourself that will last a lifetime is what you have to look forward to if you stop and start taking care of yourself and work hard for what you want instead of taking a pill. Good luck. I wish you the best.