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  1. Moving cities

    Just a little check in from Colorado. Been here a few weeks and I’m pretty sure I just secured a job as a tennis coach. I played tennis in college and today I went to a local club to play and pretty much for offered a job. Just waiting for the interview call. I’ve been sleeping way better here and eating way healthier here. Making a strong come back from my relapse a month or so ago. Fuck adderall.
  2. For the last six months before I quit I was hitting about 150-200 mg ir a day, but I also was using benzos and alcohol and marijuana and psychedelics so that’s a big factor while my recovery might be on a longer time line than most
  3. Yeah man I don’t mean to be discouraging. I do feel significantly better than when I first quit just was hoping for better.
  4. Yeah I’m at 21 months. Still feel like shit.
  5. Terrified of Quitting!

    Quit now is the best advice I can think of
  6. Social media garbage.

    Lol bro, that shit is so accurate. I’ve had those thoughts many times before.
  7. Is Adderall ruining my life??

    There’s always hope. Adderall is a hell of a drug and turn your life into a living hell. You can get out of it you just got to take care of yourself.
  8. Moving cities

    @BK99 I think depression played a bit part in my relapse. I needed to make big changes in my life as far as a career and I had no motivation or desire to do it. I thought it would be different and it was, I took the prescribed dose and ate and sleep which i didn’t do before but I still didn’t make any progress in getting my act together and I felt guilty for taking it. It didn’t help anything so I stopped.
  9. Moving cities

    Feeling home sick...
  10. Appreciate the share man, much love
  11. Moving cities

    Tonight’s open mic
  12. Moving cities

    Thanks guys! Much love! I’ll keep y’all posted.
  13. Moving cities

    Hey guys, as you know I recently relapsed after 18 months clean. I’m now moving from Biloxi MS to Denver CO. I feel it’s times for a change. I’m going to be able to stay with a family member till I get a job. I’m hoping for the best. I haven’t really been able to get things going here in Biloxi because of all my old friends I just go out and get drunk on the weekends and since my relapse I lost the job I had. Anyone thinking about relapsing FUCKING DONT. I had a job and was working weeks and playing music on the weekends. Since my relapse I lost my job and I’m now just getting drunk when I can. Anyways, wish me luck. As soon as I get to Colorado I’m going to find a job and never fucking get back on god damn adderall. FUCK THAT SHIT!!!
  14. Yeah my girlfriend was completely heartless about the end of our relationship. She was cheating and she literally ended our 7 year relationship on nothing. Didn’t even say good bye. Came home one night and she was asleep then I went and picked up some food came back and she was gone. Blocked me on everything, didn’t return my calls. Zero closure.
  15. First two years I felt like a super human. Towards end of the third year I was falling apart physically from not sleeping or eating. For the next year and a half I tried quitting about 15 times before I finally quit one year and 9 months ago. So about four and a half years