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  1. Pretty much hit rock bottom. I knew it was terrible health wise what I was doing for most the time I was doing it but after I lost my girlfriend of 7 years, dropped out and wasted thousands on school, was on the verge of going crazy that I realized I had to stop. It's been five months and still feel pretty shitty. Zero confidence and not much drive to do anything.
  2. Finally Ready To Quit, But Terrified

    Find support or someone to talk to via a counselor, social groups, anything. You don't need to be in a relationship just try to find what you love, as cliche as that sounds. If your depression is that bad already you really do not need to continue using.. Consider therapy and just try your best to connect to people and be healthy.
  3. Finally Ready To Quit, But Terrified

    The sooner you can quit the better because eventually adderall won't be able to save you from the depression and anxiety. When that time comes it'll be a hell of a lot worse than quitting now. I know it's ridiculously hard and tempting but the sooner you quit the better.. after a couple months you should be feeling significantly better. Especially considering your dosage which is honestly, reasonably low. If you keep at it one day you might see yourself taking 100mg+/day and by then you'll be in for a lot more serious ride than now. Anyways, I don't mean to sound disregardful or disrespectful in anyway. You'll be surprised how you'll bounce back if you can resist the temptation of the high.
  4. Just Got Dumped

    Hey cheeri0, I understand how you feel and how tough it is. My girlfriend of 7 years left me two weeks after I quit. It's been four months since then and it hasn't been easy. It's been the hardest longest four months of my life. You can do it though. Just do your best and take care of yourself, it'll all be okay.
  5. Ears ringing

    Anybody's ears still ring after being off for a little while? I don't think there's a solution but jw if any has experience of it and it getting better/going away after so long.
  6. Share Your Post Quit Accomplishments

    I've been off for four months now and I'm undertaking my last year of chemical engineering. I plan to be able to have this as a post adderall accomplishment even though I'm a little intimidated at the moment. Just going to take it day by day and do my best.
  7. On Ughhh Days..

    I believe the power of belief is strong enough to compensate to an extent but to truely believe you have to be able to forget. I can't believe it's all in my head because of science. Which there will always be a physical constraint of the physical world but I think if you forgot all your experience and believe in just yourself and the moment you're in, it would compensate a lot for the side effects and that's why some feel better than others. I don't think anyone has a 100% recovery instantly. Also I think another variable to belief therefore side effects is sensitivy. Some people have dull and relatively weak physical sense, they take a lot more stimuli so they go about seemingly easier than someone who is a lot more physically conscious and sensitive where a little change is intense where that same change might not even register to the other person. Just an opinion/idea/theory. The person that is less sensitive will say they're just stronger and tougher and that the sensitive person is weak but again I think perception and the brains sensitivy varies and that both have strengths and weaknesses. So a person who is not very sensitive and refuses to acknowledge the past and scientific data will have a stronger belief in themselves and that it's just in their head and possibly will experience/notice less side effects. And on the other end a really sensitive person who acknowledges the physical chemistry and has vivid strong sensitive memory that is just realistic as the moment their in will notice/experience the drastic difference in their state making it harder to forget and be in the moment and weaker belief it's in their head Just and idea and a relativity thing. I can't say which is better because I think there's something to be learned in each experience and people are just built different for different purposes. Sorry if this is jumbled or hard to follow
  8. Where is everyone from?

    Biloxi, oh no I'm about to say it, Mississippi. The stigma of Mississippi is true to an extent, but the coast is a totally different world.

    Damn nice to know, if anything sounds like it intensified the withdrawal symptoms

    I've used it once in the midst of adderall use so not really of any help but also curious to know post adderall experiences
  11. Do you drink off Adderall?

    Damn man, I kinda know how you feel I stayed on addy partially because of relationship stress but I'm out of that now. We didnt have a kid or anything but damn, that girl sounds pretty terrible, hope the best for you and that you get out of that mess soon.
  12. I am afraid.

    You surely don't deserve to be alone
  13. I am afraid.

    I've had and still am having evenings just like yours, those last few hours in the evening when you've ran out of stuff to keep busy are the worst.. it feels like you're just soaking in pain and disappointment and it's terrible. Totally understand parents over reacting and overwhelming you. You just have to work through the past and keep in mind that it doesn't necessarily determine your future and where you can go from now. It's hard and sometimes seems impossible to let it go and start a new chapter but these are just different ways to look at it to try and help. It's really hard on your own, scrambled from the abuse, and everything else. That's how I've pretty much been doing it and I've spent many evenings in what I consider agony. I just try to get to sleep so I can start a new day. True friends will still be there for you if you try and reconcile. Anyway, try not to be too hard on yourself.. just do your best and hang in there
  14. I am afraid.

    You're very welcome, glad I could help