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  1. 300mg per day = DONE WITH AND LIVING!!!

    hello again - it's 1+ yrs since my last post (save for the followup to duffman's post) and im back on the addy hard. however - i do have one personal triumph. my last scrip - i was able to carry the scrip to the next scrip! i usually kill a scrip within 2.5 wks - i was able to carry the last once to 4 wks! how? i had a trusted confidant dole me out specific amounts per day. sad news: im no longer going to have my confidant after i move. any ideas? i need something that only gives out a specific pill count per day and something that i cannot break into/alter. potentials: post office box (only open during office hrs) safe something like
  2. 300mg per day = DONE WITH AND LIVING!!!

    ure abs right. i misspoke. when i typed "kick the drug", i meant "stop the drug". thk you for clarifying for all. kudos.
  3. 300mg per day = DONE WITH AND LIVING!!!

    To clarify a previous post - when I said that I had no "obligations/responsibilities to fulfill", I meant "real" obligations to friend/family. I had real obligations/responsibilities to fulfill in terms of job responsibilities .. Just no girlfriend/wife/kids/etc. Anyway - I'm done with the nasal inhalers.... because I filled a scrip of Addy today. Took 45 mg, went into zombie mode, been doing vodka shots for the comedown. To my original post, I'm proof that it can be easy to kick the drug without many side effects - save for the one of laziness...
  4. 300mg per day = DONE WITH AND LIVING!!!

    Unfortunately, the 90 day period of "no expectations of production" ended. I'm back in the job market and turning to nasal inhalers for motivation. I hope that my initial post offers hope to those that fear cessation from Adderall. Beyond that, I can't offer any hope yet about what comes next.
  5. 300mg per day = DONE WITH AND LIVING!!!

    Thank you for the Likes/Comments. I was nervous about cessation after 10 yrs. of being on this stuff - most of the time at dangerously high levels. At most/no times I can recall I had no cravings. I imagine that this was due to the fact that I had no obligations/responsibilities to fulfill. My family took me in for a planned 90 day period of "no tasks". Initially, we feared mood swings and sleep disorders. In fact, my mood was jovial/positive every day. The only sleep changes were positive - a reset to "normal" human sleep scheduling.
  6. After ~10 yrs of abuse starting from 1.25 mg per day and ending in ~300 mg per day with a 3 days awake / 1 day asleep wake/sleep cycle, I'm happy to say that I ended the negative/unsustainable cycle. If I can do it, you can do it.