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  1. I tried......

    I was on Adderall for 10 years but a professional therapist directed me here and I thought it was the answer to all of my problems. The thing is that things got worse. I figured they would since I was on it for so long. I gained weight but I also became more angry. Maybe it had to do with the fact that I was less focused or the weight gain or both. Anyway, that was in October of 2016. I made 4 months and realized after spending an entire Saturday in bed and needing to get up to take my daughter somewhere that I was in no condition to be human that day (by the way, every day became harder and worse). I always had the Adderall in the house because I knew I wouldn't take it but I had no choice that Sunday morning....I took it and had a great day and have been unable to stop since. I told love ones of my plan but I just made their lives miserable. I just wish I never started them to begin with. I know I do not have the strength to endure another 4 months of hell like that again. I guess I am wondering what you all did to kick it?
  2. When will it get better?

    Hi Frank, Thanks for the reply. I cannot locate these videos you reference. Is PAWS an acronym? Thanks again!
  3. When will it get better?

    Hi there, I've been off for 27 days. I guess I'm okay. Just very lethargic. Everyday is a struggle from a fatigue standpoint.
  4. When will it get better?

    Thank you, Doge...although it seems depressing that this could continue past a year.
  5. When will it get better?

    Hello, I have been taking Adderall (until 10.14.16) for 10 years...legally as an rx for ADD. I had no idea the problems I have been dealing with the past number of years were due to the Adderall....figuring if a doctor prescribed it then it must be good for me. I have since done research (thanks for to this site) and realized I need to get off of the Adderall. The logic and science all makes sense; however, the day-to-day struggle is real. The Adderall was like a pacifier for me (my security blanket). Now it is a struggle to do basic tasks. I am willing to put in the work because I hope for a better life for myself but these days are really a struggle....I know that pill can get me through a tough meeting or conference call. I have been struggling with my energy level and have been drinking Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy...yes, I know those are not good either but it gives me a little boost. Here is my long can I expect to feel this way? I read other stories on here and it seems like most people have been on Adderall for less than 5 years and they still struggle a year after the fact. I worry that my age (42) and being on it for 10 years will make my recovery unbearable. Any thoughts or words of wisdom? I was prescribed 20mg 3x a day. The most I would usually take in a day would be 80 and sometimes (usually weekends) I would make due with 20/40. Thank you to all as it is quite helpful reading everyone's stories on here!