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  1. How you can tell when someone is on adderall

    Yup sounds like adderall. Haha perfect description. What an awesome painful read. Reason being is I can relate. It sucks being at work and relying on adderall. The timing on important things is unpredictable and that's slight torture.
  2. Thyroid Disorder? Insomnia?

    I know the health hippies really give nutrition a bad rep. If you have had amalgam fillings in your past, you for sure have some level if not a high level of mercury toxicity. Mercury poisoning mimics so many diseases and I believe is the main culprit of being ADD. Detoxing metals is the best place to start because it will make a huge difference in how you feel. Im not against the american medical association, they are good at trauma and surgery, but at chronic disease they just flat out suck.Infared saunas help with detoxing. I've heard some phenomenal testimonies of people detoxing and feeling great from far infared saunas. I've yet to try them. I would recommend a CEDSA test. This test really exposed a lot of bad things going on in me. They are not too pricey, and the remedies are reasonable. Not pricey compared to the money I've spent on shotgunning supplements and going to doctors who said I was fine when I knew I wasn't. A crash before feeling better? Depends, detoxing anything can make you feel worse, but on the upside you will feel so much better it will be worth it. Just be careful detoxing metals because if not done right you can cause damage. If you decide to detox metals pm me I can send you more info on what I'm doing. So far I feel great from detoxing metals. I actually feel self motivated to get things done. I didn't feel that before chelation. I'm no MD so these are just suggestions. Best wishes with the job. Just pace your self and try not to get stressed out. I know not having energy and fighting brain fog is annoying, and discouraging. Just have some hope, thats the strongest thing you can have. The hope that you will and are getting better and that your not doomed to feel tired, unfocused and lethargic forever. Dr Leonard Coldwell has a 98% cancer cure rate. His appearance on coast to coast in 2011... I think 2011? This radio interview is golden if you can find it. He totally simplifies the mechanics of the human body and why people stay sick and tired. It revolutionized my thinking. I will try to find you a link. Just realize in this country people eat junk, poison, GMOs, and chemicals, if you can start to grasp that and become conscious of your food, you will probably go in the right direction. I'm the type I would rather change my thinking and my food and feel great, instead of not changing and continuing to eat junk and feel tired, lethargic, foggy and lazy. I use to be very creative and social, that's the best feeling in the world to me, and through a paradigm shift in my beliefs, I can see I'm coming back to my youthful energy and will probably feel better than I've ever felt in my whole life when I'm done with the healing process. I grew up eating whatever, getting vaccines, going to the dentist and getting mercury shoved in my teeth. I'm awake now and can take my life into my own hands, and I'm not buying the lies anymore, I'm stepping out of the matrix and becoming proactive about my well being. As far as documentaries watch these, they are a great place to start. You can find them instant stream on netflix A Beautiful Truth The Gerson Treatment Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  3. Thyroid Disorder? Insomnia?

    get some protein and adrenal extract cells, there is a good chance your adrenals are shot. I had the same symptoms of waking up in the middle of the night with panic/terror. Crashed adrenals causes hypoglcemic like crashes. Try eating something good before bed. Maybe try brown rice. I know your feeling the crash is what is waking you up, feels like something bads going to happen, like the end of the world.Sounds like you have adrenal fatigue. Adrenals are responsible for making over 30 hormones, when the become stressed and crash it's hell on earth, and they affect your thyroid. Adderall is rocket fuel to the adrenal gland. I just read - you get cold a lot, that adrenal fatigue, which causes low blood sugar crashes, memory problems, confusion, anxiety. Eat a lot of small meals during the day, stay away from caffine and stressful things or people who are energy vampires. This gland has to repair and if not done right it can get worse. Dr james wilson has a great book on this subject a step by step guide. Try not to worry yourself your body is having a hard time making hormones. Eat and you should start to feel better, and when you feel the bad feeling coming back eat some more. The traditional doc isnt going to treat this, but you have all the signs, its curable just take the right steps and avoid all things stressful. Get some celtic sea salt or himalyan pink salt add 1 tea spoon a day to water and drink your adrenals really need it. Salt really helps me This is just a guess, but im almost certain that is your issue
  4. Addiction and Zodiac signs?

    Piesces I dwelll in the land of make beleive.
  5. Hair and skin repair

    i went to Dr Joseph Holliday in Athens TN to have it done, his daughter is a ND. You could call his office they could point you in the right direction, might even be able to do the test long distance. All that is needed is hair sample and saliva.
  6. Hair and skin repair

    haa, Im working on it. I was given a remedy to take for 3 months to kill it. I was told with 3 months of treatment and their would be no trace of it. The naturopath i went to had just treated succesful a 3 year old boy who was blacking out and having seizures. His parents had taken him to every major hospital in the south, emory and vanderbuilt, and the docs couldnt find anything wrong with him. Out of desperation as last resort his parenta brought him to the ND. He had the cedsa done and they found a parasite that comes from pigs in his brain. The parents owned a large farm with pigs and the boy caught it from playing with them. They got him the remedy and within two days all seizures stoped. I forgot to mention but they also founfd in me that i had no vitamin d at all in my system and no trace of the amino acid pheynaline. I can thank adderall for depleting pheynaline. So im supplementing it and i can tell a difference.When i heard toxoplasma i went numb for a split second, grossed me out. That is a crazy parasite that comes from cats. There is youtube vids on it that are creepy. ND said dont worry they can get it. Sorry about the typos im all thumbs on the ipad, dont feel like getting up for the laptop
  7. Hair and skin repair

    . Thanks, You"re too kind. I'm interning in kinesiology and homeopathy. I also study a lot and listen to my body. Being add is what started me down this path. The medical fields only solution to my problems was antidepresants and amphetamines, but something on the inside told me different. Im not 100% better but I've come a long way. I'ts been about four months since i've had adderal and I'm not looking back. I recently had a computired electro dermal stress analysis test done "CEDSA". Whats that? It Is a test that reads your dna and measures the vital life force energy coming from your body/organs. The test results were stunning. It showed i had mercury toxicity at a level of 93 out of 100, toxoplasma Parasite in my heart and intestines, influenza and tetnus virus from a vaccine still living in me causing damage, and my adrenal glands were operating at 17% effiecency. I had been to the family doc many times with the rouitine test and blood work and everything always came back normal. This cedsa confirmed two things i already suspected adrenal problems and heavy metals, it also revealed other things i was not aware of. I am now treating everything with the proper remedies and I'm slowly starting to feel better than I've felt in years. Im using the andy cutler protocol for mercury poisoning and wow my energy is good and my brain fog is gone, my mind is cleared.About the de earth food grade, it will detox you and kill parasites so you might feel sick just take it slow it will make your skin and hair nice.
  8. Hair and skin repair

    Diatomaceous Earth food grade is a high source of Silica it's fantastic for skin, hair and nails.
  9. Working(?) Memory

    I know how you feel. I struggle with short term memory. It's beyond frustrating. I use to have an outstanding memory before adderall. Try some lions mane mushroom extract it's known to cross the blood brain barrier and help with damaged cells. It's a NGF and repairs and rebuilds nerve damage. I don't care if your 50 or 80 the body has amazing ways at healing it's self if given the right tools. I will get a lot of flack and quack over this, but I truly believe there is no incurable diseases. I'm not talking malformations birth defects. I'm talking the bodies incredible ability to heal itself. We just got to get rid of the junk DNA caused from toxins and begin the long strict process of detox, nutrition and recovery. The medical field treats symptoms, they don't target the root of most problems. Anyways I won't rant on. I'm fighting the memory battle myself and I plain on coming out on top. Hang in there. Coconut oil is suppose to be good for the brain. Pregnenolone is a memory hormone thats pretty safe to take at 50mg a day. It supposedly helps a lot of people with working memory.
  10. Adderall & Parkinsons

    Yup thats one of the things that also scared me into quitting. I did have slight shaky trembling hands but that has seemed to stop. I haven't been on adderall I'm guessing since early January I think? Almost two months. The shaky symptoms should stop, I think thats a sign of low dopamine. I couldn't imagine being on adderall for life, your chances of parkinsons would be pretty high. I'm no doc, but then again I'm no idiot, and I knew enough to realize my Doc didn't give 2 craps about how I really felt and was just pushing more drugs on me. Thats when the thought hit me "this guy is a white collar legalized institutionalized drug pusher who works for Pharma Corp." He was a nice guy, but hey I'm not drinking the kool-aid anymore.
  11. Dentall Amalgam Poll

    you're right on. I see your in TN. I actually had mine removed from a dentist in knoxville. I was first quoted 7k to have 5 removed from a holistic dentist. Thats outrageous. I was thinking about going to mexico but found a dds in knoxville who was really reasonable and safe. He removed them for 125-200 a each depending on size. He has a book full of before and after patients who recovered from everything from chronic fatigue, brain fog, skin conditions, ringing in ears, all from removal. If you want i'll pm you his number if nothing else you could talk with them.
  12. Dentall Amalgam Poll

    This is just my guess, perhaps cotton mouth? Adderall dehydrates / dries you out and over time that will give you bad teeth.
  13. I'll say my quit is going steady.... I have good days, and tough, lazy, bad days, but overall everyday I notice little steps of progress. In the last few days I had a few feelings of happiness sweep over me as I came across a place in town that I use to go to as a child and play. I guess the reason I say that's progress is on adderall I never had those slight feeling sweep over me. Every thing was so systamatic that I never had those natural euphoria waves sparked by memories of happiness come on me. I had almost forgot what that was like, to be naturally inspired. I haven't had that in years. It's those little sparks, those micro feelings that make me feel like I'm slowly but surely returning to myself.
  14. Dentall Amalgam Poll

    Yaa, those help a little with some metals, but not with mercury. There is a clip on Dr Buttars website on how devastating HG is once it's in the body. He is the #1 autism Doc in the world, he also Chelates people with heavy metals. His theory is that mercury is at the root of every major American health problem, Heart disease, Stroke, Alzheimers. I posted the link below it shows mercury coming in contact with healthy growing cells, when it touches them they shrivel and stop growing. One of the best recovery stories from HG is found at mercurylife.com This link is the Mercury clip http://www.drbuttar....xicity-dvd
  15. Dentall Amalgam Poll

    Ha. That's funny. I guess that isn't a typical garden variety word you here everyday. Chelation Is the process of removal of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic from the body. Chelation dates back to ww1 and even a tad further. DMSA, DMPS, ALA, are used in chelatin (grabbing and pulling) HG mercury " The Mad Hatter " out of the body. If you don't chelate the metals don't leave on their own and will remain usually for life. Reason mercury is so bad is it's extremely neuro toxic and blocks several key vitamins & nutrients from taking their role in ones body, b1 and b6 being among the few. Check out google Dr Mark Hymans blog on mercury detox chelation part 2. He links it to dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, chronic fatigue, autism, ADD, etc. He isn't just speculating he lived it having severe mercury toxicity from amalgams and vaccines. I had mine removed in 2010 and noticed a instant difference in some health areas, like blood pressure, and sanity, I felt like I had woke up out of a hazy reality. You could test yourself by buying some ALA alpha lipoic acid from wal mart/wal greens take it and if you feel like crap or ADD on steroids you have mercury poisoning. ALA is really good for you, and in a mercury / lead free person they shouldn't feel negative results. The few times I have taken it I lay around, can't think, feels horrible, but when it has wore off I have had tremendous small breakthroughs in mental clarity. I'm now in the process of properly chelating so I dont damage myself further.