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  1. what do you consider "hard work"?

    very true frank b. I will keep that in mind as I am not longer taking adderall at work. I'm just scared of living in autopilot mode and never actually being as quick as I once was on adderall. I'm scared I will be slow and a different person.
  2. man, this website

    Back on it at 15mg. Im running out and deciding to quit cold turkey. not ready for the comedown. I'm so depressed already. Im so scared. I don't think I can do it.
  3. I read this and feel so motivated. Thank you.
  4. Wow, same thing happened to me.
  5. Hearing Things

    very true.
  6. Only Two Pills Left

    I am not able to see my physician until June. My toes, hands, (occasionally) crotch have been having the cold sweats. Is it my body telling me to stop? I look inside my medication bottle everyday and see the amount decreasing. Little orange pills leaving. I've decrease my dosage over the past months from 30mg to 15mg a day. Now I should be doing 10mg a day because I look inside my pill bottle and there are only two pills left.
  7. man, this website

    thank you guys so much for the support. over the past week, I've cut down my adderall daily use to 10mg-15mg. I'm still struggling with deciding to take the extra 5mg daily. I still feel jittery at the end of day sometimes.
  8. Day one: feeling grateful (and tired)

    Push through girl! you already got the through some of the toughest parts. as for work, just try to stay busy. as minimal as the task may be.