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    Hello Everyone! Thanks to all that have been inspired to share, I seriously read everything I could possibly find on quitting my addictions and just when I was about to stop looking this site came up on google. What an inspiration it was to me in my process of quitting Adderall, and pain pills. Thanks for welcoming me. Please note that anything I write is from an openminded and anything is possible with the power of the human mind point of view. I don't mean anything personal, and if it is not for you then that is that, we don't all have to have the same beliefs to believe in the same things:) Thanks again and I look forward to helping any of those in need.
  2. i might go back on this shit

    Keep going strong and things will workout in your favor!
  3. i might go back on this shit

    Hello there soon to be not Adderall users! Lets get a few things straight. First, I don't know every little thing there is to know about Adderall, however, I do know this, I freaking hate it, it ruins lives, minds, marriages, along with anything and everything it comes in contact with. And second, If your someone who thinks that it's actually a good thing and that it really helps people ha, well, for one, I'm sorry and two, just stop reading this right now because you wont agree with me anyway, and I wouldn't want to waste your time. What I would do though, is refer to a book titled You Are The Placebo by Doctor Joe Dispenza, and find out just how powerful you really are! You might just discover the true and unlimited power you were blessed with, and guess what the best part is, it lies right between your ears! Even for those who choose to continue to read, you really need to check out that book because its freaking amazing, it changed my mind, and better yet my life. Second, don't deny the problem at hand. It's ok to have problems, it's ok to struggle, however, whats not ok, is lying to yourself. It's something we all do and it's so stinking bad. If you have an addiction, but you really say you don't, your really tricking your mind and only making it that much harder for yourself to ever tell the difference between whats real and whats not. I know this, I did it for 4 years straight, with multiple addictions. We can not continue to deceive ourselves if we want to change. People are not stupid, they know you are struggling. If your never hungry and have blood shot eyes 24/7, chances are your on something, and its not natural. In The Beginning - "I Have Never Felt Better... Not!" I remember my first time taking Adderall. It was like I just experienced what is was like to feel unstoppable. I thought to myself "I will never give this stuff up". I was hooked! It started out with just 5mg. This felt like more than enough, however, just a few short months and I was already at 60mg per day. Not only was I taking 60mg per day, I was also following that up with 2 or 3 energy drinks and a couple sodas. It didn't matter what it was, my body craved those stimulants, and I was showing no signs of stopping. It only took that few months before I really started noticing some really crazy side effects. At first the doctor said that they it was normal, but after I realized what was really happening, I started to take things into my own hands again. That amazing feeling I thought would never end, not only did it end, it turned into a massive decline. I was no longer myself, I hated being social, I hated working out, I hated being around my wife, and I even hated eating, who hates eating??? haha That whole thought that you actually feel good on Adderall is such a lie. Everything about these pills is a lie. Who you are when you are on them is a lie, and who you become after you take them for awhile is for sure a lie. If being depressed and having the worst case of permanent Brain Fog sounds good to you then just keep doing what your doing. However, if becoming more brilliant, more focused, and more dedicated than ever before sounds better, lets dump those things out and join the movement getting and staying clean! Adderall Side Effects - Short & Long Term Diarrhea Constipation Depression Brain Fog Hair loss Insomnia Overdose Irritable - Mood Swings After long use, it turns you Antisocial Suicidal thoughts feelings of Hatred towards others Dry cracking Nails Restless Leg Syndrome Neck Pain Isolated Permanent Nerve Damage Loss of Memory Uncontrollable Twitching Increased Heart Rate and Heart Failure Shortness of Breath How to Know When to Quit ​The "I'll Quit when"... Excuse List If you made it this far, then that is one of many reasons you know you are ready to quit. The honest answer is, if your taking Adderall, then you are ready, because I believe that no one should be taking this horrible drug. NO ONE! ​If you notice yourself thinking these things, you are also ready - - After I finish this project I will have time to quit. - After I finish this prescription I will get the next one and start weening off. - The doctor wouldn't give it to me unless I needed it anyway. - What’s the big deal its making me more focused anyway. - I will only use it on the days i need to work hard. - I will only take half the dosage, that way I don't rely on it that much - taking it everyday is still relying on it haha our minds are funny, justification mode! - If I quit now what are people going to say about how I am. Who cares what people think, if your not happy and not yourself, shouldn't the only thing you care about right now be finding your true self and being happy, that way you can help others be happy. The excuses go on and on. We need to stop the justification and the excuses before we can stop the drugs, its important to remember that! Adderall is a Personalty Changer ​(WARNING - YOU WONT LIKE YOU) The Power of Meditation & The Benefits it has when quitting Adderall. Mediation is the true medication - in order to not only speed of the recovery process, but to also take yourself to new heights. Meditation has been one of the best skills I have learned through my recovery process, thats right I said skill, it takes time. Looking back and envisioning the person that you yearn to become again is key to having success. Mediation its self is not something that you can master overnight, just like anything that is good, it takes time. However, when the form of meditation is looking back on the person you once were and still are, it makes the process much easier. To start I would take 15-20 min in the morning, and 15-20 min before bed. Go to a quiet place and lay with your eyes closed and picture what it is that you did prior to taking adderall, how did you motivate your self, what drove you, what did you do that made you happy that your currently tricked into thinking that you don't enjoy. How did you live, think about what you miss about yourself. I have come to find that mediation is now one of my favorite things to do. Its great for recovery, but its even better as a new daily habit. Im now not focusing on who I once was, but I'm focusing on who I now am and who I'm going to continue to become. How to Quit Adderall - How & Why I did it. Declaration to the Reader You are about to embark on the most amazing and courageous hardship of your life. You will feel the most amazing and the most miserable that you have felt it along time, however, it will be more than worth it! Keep reading:) The Hardest Best Decision of Your Life Just quit already, think about it, is it worth putting off becoming the best version of yourself for one more day? HECK NO IT’S NOT! Change your perspective! Don't look at it like quitting or giving something up, look at it for what it is, being one step closer to being free, and becoming the person you were actually meant to be. You're going to be one step closer to not only making the biggest difference in your life, but also helping someone else make the biggest difference in there life as well, and thats where true joy and inner peace come from, making a difference! Tapper Off or Quit Cold Turkey ​I remember always opening that bottle and just starring at them as they were talking to me in my head, just take me, they said. This happened more than 5x's as I have tried to quit. I always thought of putting them in a different place to try and tapper off. But even just having them was the problem, so having them in a different place for sure wouldn't work because I would end up talking myself into taking them anyway. Or, I would spend all my mental energy on convincing myself not to take them. Which still lead me to wasting energy on the stupid pills. Where as if I just got rid of them to begin with, I would have all the mental energy need to recover faster and get back to being who I was meant to be. ​There are many ways to quit things in life, however, in terms of addiction, I believe it can & should be done in one way, and one way only, and thats quitting Cold Turkey. This is not easy. Anything considered an addiction is not going to be easy to overcome. You need to have a strong support system and have your goals written down so you know what to expect. Write yourself a letter, so during the hard times you can read it and remember why you are doing this. Write, text, or call me, thats why I'm here. If you can't find or remember your purpose, I will be your purpose for you! Purpose is everything! Without purpose, there is no purpose, its that simple. Make a list of who you were before you took Adderall, followed by a list of how you are now. Just things like, what you used to do for fun, and your favorite foods, the things you miss about your old self that you wish were still around. There are thousands of things to do, and the first is to stop taking the pills! You can do this, if I did it anyone can do it, and I mean it! Stay strong, and I love you guys, I'm here for you, lets bring change to the world! more stories at thanks for the support hope this helps:)