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  1. Thanks - this is really helpful. I do meditate and exercise a lot but I think perhaps finding it is what you're meant to truly be doing in life will be the most beneficial - i work in a job which i dont think is what i'm supposed to be doing long term. I love all the support and encouragement from this forum. Keep em coming!
  2. Hello – I’m wondering if any posters out there have experience with hitting a slump or trouble 6- 12 months in. Ive never posted on these boards before, in fact, I’ve never posted on a message board in my life before but I think it would be helpful for people to hear about how there are sometimes ups and downs in the process and other peoples experience in the healing process. I have read the helpful timeline here: but appreciate any and all encouragement : ) I think other users would benefit from this information as well. How many of you had trouble still 9 months off? When did things “really†start to turn around? Is it reasonable to expect to not feel more confident until a year out? THANK YOU ALL! Blessings to you all