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  1. 1 month in, still struggling

    Hey all just want to say thanks for all the tips and posts. I read alot of the threads before deciding to try and quit adderall. I am a month in and kind of got boxed into taking adderall today for the first time. I have taken 30 mg XRs for 8 years every day. For a month i did not take it and felt great about myself but still feel a serious lack of production. Today my boss lit me a new one about lack of productivity. I hadnt gotten alot done in a couple weeks and took an adderall and got it all done. My question for all is how did you cope with lost production and what is realistic for not feeling like task starting is like climbing a mountain? I get some things done but not enough to be acceptable. My sleep has been much better, relationship is better and so is my outlook. The problem i have is still not getting that i am finally awake moment and feeling like i have to sleep all the time. Has exercise, diet change, or OTC vitamins helped anyone? Any ideas to help me plan are appreciated. I am trying to take baby steps and make to do lists every day. I feel like some of this is legitimate withdrawal and some is mental. I just hope somebody can help me find solutions, i cant feel like my job is on the line over not taking the adderall. Thank you for any comments