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  1. Day 9 and counting...My story begins...

    Hello, I'm on day 9 myself right now and can relate so much with allot of what you've said. Yesterday I was out of bed for about two hours total and cried multiple times, today I've done more than two hours of cleaning and am feeling very positive about the future, it sure does have it's ups and downs! I think the best thing about quitting so far has been spending time with my boyfriend and just enjoying being with him, before I just didn't seem to have time because I was so busy doing things that were absolutely meaningless yet in my mind were somehow going to improve my life, I just KNEW it! It's sad to think of what I could have accomplished if I'd used my time to actually improve my life, instead of trying to perfect the details of something like a chart or graph of the ways I was going fix areas of my life... Hope you're standing strong in your fight!
  2. Hello all, I'm Jessica, this is my first post as I'm new to this group, but have been looking for a site like this for ages! I had been trying to find the motivation to quit adderall for a few years and had given it a (very minimal effort) a try few times up until the last six months when I really evaluated what I'd done to my body, mind, and health and realized I was literally killing myself. The last few months I've done allot of mental preparation for quitting, started a mental health journal, and I think what has helped the most has been thinking of ways to repair my relationships with my family and friends. I had quit about two months ago and made it 7 days in but my heart really wasn't in it, it was more out of fear for my health after a binge since I can now feel the destruction this medication is doing to me after years of use. My boyfriend has literally been my rock through this, he has been through addiction and withdraw himself so I'm lucky to have a significant other who really understands what I'm going through and is supporting me in every way, but he is really my only support system so I know I need to reach out and find some others. I had googled about quitting adderall many times and have almost always found no helpful sites until finding this group so I'm very thankful that there is something like this out there and am hoping to find some people to connect with who really understand what I'm going through. I'm thinking about going to meetings, but I have pretty bad social anxiety so I'm not sure if I'm ready for that. I'm really just kinda looking for some motivation to keep my head on track and focus on the bigger picture (since quitting I'm realizing my mind is all over, even more so than before taking the meds). I'm on day 9 of being completely off uppers, which is twice as long as I've made it to (by choice at least) in the last 4 years. Every other time quitting was the worst, sleeping for the first few days, being depressed, no energy, just felt like I was completely empty. This time I've been trying to think positive and being in a good place mentally has made it a much better experience, but the last two days I'm feeling the inevitable bad parts that come along with this change. I know there's lots of tips on here and I've read many already but I wanted to introduce myself to this group and also see if anyone had any words of advice for about a week in? Thank you in advance!