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  1. I have reached a new level of addiction

    Did the blood pressure medicine help him enjoy sex again or are you saying Adderall ruined his sex life forever?
  2. Hang it there, it gets much better!

    Thank you for sharing! You give me hope. Welcome back to Texas!
  3. What do you think?

    I never took more than prescribed on purpose. I took 40 mg per day for 12 years. One time I forgot that I already took my noon dose and popped another 20 mg but I didn’t feel much different with the increased dose probably because I had a hell of a tolerance. I was scared to take more then I was supposed to of Adderall but I abused other things like alcohol and cannibus pretty hard throughout my addiction.
  4. Screwed if you do, screwed if you don't

    Adderall has stopped working for you. It seems like your best move is to quit, go thru the withdrawal and, then pick back up on your studying for the bar when you begin to feel better, and you will begin to feel better after you quit that stuff. Sean’s idea about taking a little just to help get you over this hump seems like it might work too as long as you take care of yourself and make sure to eat and sleep. But if taking even a small amount just makes you want to drink and not eat then you are better off without it.. I know what you mean with the memory issues thing. I had that really bad too toward the end of my Adderall addiction. If that continues to be a problem, I really think the only way for that to get better is to sober up completely. Sending positive vibes your way. You’re going to get through this. Stay strong.
  5. I did it!

    Fantastic news Shambo! Way to go!
  6. Went to neurologist

    SamJo do you inject it? If so how did you learn how to do that? I would probably try this if it were not for the injection thing.
  7. Neurologist Anyone

    Please refresh my memory - How much did you take and how long? I thought about going to a neurologist. But even if they find out that our memory is damaged from Adderall - I wonder if there is anything that they can even do. I haven’t posted this on here but I’ve had what I consider significant memory issues.
  8. Finally Finding Strength

    I had a lot confusion when I quit and at the time I thought I must have had a stroke too. My primary doctor told me I was having severe anxiety. My confusion is about 99% resolved and I’m at about 16 months off the drug. Occasionally I get these weird episodes of confusion.. for example I’m in the bathroom stall on a different floor at work and I forget that, and think I’m on my floor, and when I leave the stall I’m a bit turned around but I think some of that is a result of getting older (I’m in my early 40s) I still occasionally have some word slurring/it’s almost like a tiny studder. But compared to the beginning I’m doing much much much better with that. It’s a very slow process..
  9. Finally Finding Strength

    “I haven't been able to think straight or clearly, I feel like i had no opinions or ideas of my own and that I was just going to lay as a vegetable forever.” yes I felt this way in the early stages of quitting but it gets better. Slowly. Very very slowly it will get better. I still have times when I feel foggy but they are fewer as time goes on and mixed in with times when I feel sharp as a tack. Stick with it. Congrats on three months.
  10. How long did it take for your anhedonia to go away?

    Eric that link you posted said that 5-HTP can cause anhedonia and I know a lot of people on this site have said they take 5-HTP including me. It’s difficult to know what to believe on the internet because you can pretty much find a site to back up any argument lol but now I’m thinking I will take a break from 5-HTP for a while just in case and see what happens. Something else they mention in that link is l-dopa. I take something called ginkgo smart which has l-dopa in it. I take ginkgo smart for the l-dopa mainly becaUse a fellow ex-addy on this site swore up and down that l-dopa worked very well for him. The thing is I don’t know much about l-dopa long term but if you get desperate to try something maybe something to consider.
  11. You said it yourself. You use a Neti pot because any medicines cause bad side effects and you know Adderall is the worst offender for side effects of all. Im right there with you. Long time low dose user never abused and two weeks ago woke up with green dust covering my car. Can’t wear contacts and eyes itch and burn. I don’t know the exact solution for your allergies but I do know it’s not Adderall and you know it too. You can get thru this hurdle I know you can. Distract yourself with something healthy and worth your time. If you go back on You will have to quit again eventually and who knows it may be at the height of allergy season. the only way out of this is through it. Stay strong.
  12. Advice for quitting a third time

    Way to go! I’m proud of you too!! Keep it up you can do this!!
  13. How long did it take for your anhedonia to go away?

    I take that back - There were times when I feared I might not recover physically. I feared I might be bound to a wheel chair because if my leg veins. But I’m not.
  14. How long did it take for your anhedonia to go away?

    I used 40 mg per day for years and years. 12 - 13 years total. Everyday even weekends. Very Rarely skipped a day. 40 mg may not seem like a lot for some but I am female 5’6, 120 lbs. took it from ages 25-40 something with a three year break to have a baby. I got to the place where I could not take it anymore because of physical side effects on my veinous system. My recovery has not been linear. I remember getting chills to music within the first six months or so off of Adderall while driving down the freeway with my stereo loud. But I’ve had bouts of depression and anxiety too. but good times too with hard belly laughs and tears of sadness and joy. It seems like I don’t always react with max levels of pleasure to things that should create joy but sometimes I do and sometimes it’s intense joy. Intense happiness and joy are not around as much as I would like but I’m only a little over a year off Adderall and I have hope that good times will get more and more with more time off the drug. You gotta give yourself more time to heal your insides. It’s gonna get better but it takes time. I know it sounds like a broken record but exercise is key. I have been exercising since the first day I quit, I had to for my circulation to repair itself. Exercising will make a difference and so will eating healthy foods. its going to get better. It never occurred to me that I might not recover. I believe we all have a shot at recovery. You can do this. It’s the hardest thing but think of how much stronger you will become.
  15. Your mom does not know about the Adderall addiction. If she did, and she understood how bad the withdrawal is, and she knew you were tempted to go back to Adderall because of this test, chances are good she would support the sick note. IMO, if you can get that sick note do it and don’t go back to Adderall.