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  1. Did husband leave marriage because of his Adderall?

    I’m so sorry you are going through this. Yes, this sounds like Adderall induced behavior. I went through something similar when I got hooked on Adderall. I Left my high school sweetheart after we were together 5.5 years and went through college together. He didn’t do anything wrong. He was wonderful and a fantastic partner. Adderall turned me into someone I didn’t recognize. I went from head over heals in love with him to all of a sudden (enter Adderall) I wanted to be away from him and I didn’t even understand why. It was the Adderall “trance”. To this day, twenty years later, I still regret leaving him. I think your ex will unfortunately regret what he has done too. Someday. He can hit rock bottom no matter how much money he has access to. Adderall honeymoon does not last. It’s only a matter of time.
  2. Why my short relapse wasn't a bad thing.

    Thank you for sharing your experience. We took for a silimar length of time and dose so I’m sure it would be similar for me if I went back on a small dose. Sometimes I fantasize about going back onto 5 mg to see if I can get ahead at work for a bit but hearing your experience makes me see that’s a bad idea. Hope you are feeling better.
  3. I finally need to tell my doctor

    Quit Once this is a brilliant idea. Kim, If they want to give you an alternative stimulant tell them you don’t like being on stimulants that they make you feel jittery and give you a headache.
  4. 3 Years! (kinda)

    This is great news, way to go SS. It’s taken me my whole life to figure our that those things you speak of: stable job, normal life, loving spouse, and the ability to plan for the future - those are big accomplishments. I have to recognize that because in the aftermath of Adderall addiction that’s pretty much what I have achieved too. And those are big deals. They really are! I believe it will continue to get even better the farther away we get from the Adderall addicted life.
  5. Doctor appointment today

    Yes, way to go. You made the right decision and you should be proud of yourself. I’m proud of you! BTW I lost my post Adderall weight gain with a low/no sugar, high protein and healthy fats diet. That’s the “diet” I’m sticking with because it really works and I don’t even consider it a diet because I don’t feel deprived of anything. Stay away from processed food And sugar. Taking any drug for weight loss just isn’t sustainable. Healthy eating and exercise is. You can do this!
  6. A year off adderall and in a bit of a slump

    These feelings are going to pass. It’s going to get better. Slumps don’t last. What can you do right now to make you feel better. Get outside and go for a walk in nature and get some sun on your skin. Hang in there. Be kind to yourself right now. You can get through this and you will be even stronger for it.
  7. I have reached a new level of addiction

    Did the blood pressure medicine help him enjoy sex again or are you saying Adderall ruined his sex life forever?
  8. Hang it there, it gets much better!

    Thank you for sharing! You give me hope. Welcome back to Texas!
  9. What do you think?

    I never took more than prescribed on purpose. I took 40 mg per day for 12 years. One time I forgot that I already took my noon dose and popped another 20 mg but I didn’t feel much different with the increased dose probably because I had a hell of a tolerance. I was scared to take more then I was supposed to of Adderall but I abused other things like alcohol and cannibus pretty hard throughout my addiction.
  10. Screwed if you do, screwed if you don't

    Adderall has stopped working for you. It seems like your best move is to quit, go thru the withdrawal and, then pick back up on your studying for the bar when you begin to feel better, and you will begin to feel better after you quit that stuff. Sean’s idea about taking a little just to help get you over this hump seems like it might work too as long as you take care of yourself and make sure to eat and sleep. But if taking even a small amount just makes you want to drink and not eat then you are better off without it.. I know what you mean with the memory issues thing. I had that really bad too toward the end of my Adderall addiction. If that continues to be a problem, I really think the only way for that to get better is to sober up completely. Sending positive vibes your way. You’re going to get through this. Stay strong.
  11. I did it!

    Fantastic news Shambo! Way to go!
  12. Went to neurologist

    SamJo do you inject it? If so how did you learn how to do that? I would probably try this if it were not for the injection thing.
  13. Neurologist Anyone

    Please refresh my memory - How much did you take and how long? I thought about going to a neurologist. But even if they find out that our memory is damaged from Adderall - I wonder if there is anything that they can even do. I haven’t posted this on here but I’ve had what I consider significant memory issues.
  14. Finally Finding Strength

    I had a lot confusion when I quit and at the time I thought I must have had a stroke too. My primary doctor told me I was having severe anxiety. My confusion is about 99% resolved and I’m at about 16 months off the drug. Occasionally I get these weird episodes of confusion.. for example I’m in the bathroom stall on a different floor at work and I forget that, and think I’m on my floor, and when I leave the stall I’m a bit turned around but I think some of that is a result of getting older (I’m in my early 40s) I still occasionally have some word slurring/it’s almost like a tiny studder. But compared to the beginning I’m doing much much much better with that. It’s a very slow process..
  15. Finally Finding Strength

    “I haven't been able to think straight or clearly, I feel like i had no opinions or ideas of my own and that I was just going to lay as a vegetable forever.” yes I felt this way in the early stages of quitting but it gets better. Slowly. Very very slowly it will get better. I still have times when I feel foggy but they are fewer as time goes on and mixed in with times when I feel sharp as a tack. Stick with it. Congrats on three months.