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  1. Running 50 Miles Without Adderall

    Way to go dude. You should be damn proud of yourself!
  2. Adderall sent me to a mental ward

    Thank you all. Its been 90 days now. Doing well. Only missed it once and that was on vacation. Probably as it was my first vacation without adderall in 11 years. Sun sand kids not a good combo....but I made it through. I really dont miss it as I know it brought voices and a mental alipping up does not sound like a fun option. I did make it 6 weeks off my antiphychotic....wanted to get off due to how those affect your metabolism. Voices came back with a vengence. Strangly enough its the neighbors voices I hear in my head. Judging me, picking on me, and bothering me. Not sure if adderall caused my brain to break or if it woupd have happened anyway. So back on antiphychotic. A lower dose, but still a little bummed going off did not work. Im 20Lbs or so heavier and that is hard to choke down. None of my clothes fit....had to go out and buy all new clothes. Hoping I can lose some by starting a low carb diet. Oyherwise Im happy and feel God led me here. I am free from addiction now and theres a whole lot to be said for that. Luv to all. I can finally say I sinned but I beat it in heaven. Im looking forward to that could have been different.
  3. I took 10-20 mg for 11 years. Low dose.2 years ago I started hearing voices of the neighbors and demons....believed them and ended up in a mental institution for 3 weeks. Came home went rifht back to taking adderall even though doctor told me not to. Got it from husband. I was talking antiphychotics to stop the voices. Doctors were starting to think I was maybe schizoohrenic. Decided to give up I wantwd to find out what would happen. 7 weeks sober. No voices. 4 weeks off of my antiphychotic. Get off. That stuff ruins lives. Get ahold of me if you need daily support. It is possible and you can be happy again. I urge you to get honest with yourself before you end up where I went. I am a colkege graduate, a mom, and have been in several bodybuilding and fitness competitions. I didn't fit the "person" you often see in mental institutions....adderall helped make that happen. That drug destroyed me.