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  1. I took 10-20 mg for 11 years. Low dose.2 years ago I started hearing voices of the neighbors and demons....believed them and ended up in a mental institution for 3 weeks. Came home went rifht back to taking adderall even though doctor told me not to. Got it from husband. I was talking antiphychotics to stop the voices. Doctors were starting to think I was maybe schizoohrenic. Decided to give up I wantwd to find out what would happen. 7 weeks sober. No voices. 4 weeks off of my antiphychotic. Get off. That stuff ruins lives. Get ahold of me if you need daily support. It is possible and you can be happy again. I urge you to get honest with yourself before you end up where I went. I am a colkege graduate, a mom, and have been in several bodybuilding and fitness competitions. I didn't fit the "person" you often see in mental institutions....adderall helped make that happen. That drug destroyed me.