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  1. How do you fix the life Adderall broke?

    It’s my first time back on here in a while and that is a good thing. I have been off adderall for close to a year now and while it is very scary at first, but your brain will go back to normal, you just have to get through the first couple weeks of discomfort I promise it is worth it. I know you have to see it for yourself to believe it and I know I could relapse. You should read and educate yourself on how dangerous it is, that’s what helped me stay off of it. Best of luck
  2. Same old story

    Thankyou for sharing your story, I have had a similar experience. I was clean for 10 months and went back on it, thinking I could handle it this time. I filled one prescription but it's been about a month and I haven't filled a second. Feel free to reach out.
  3. Back On Here Again

    Hi Greg, i originally read psychiatric drug withdrawal, where he gives advice on quitting safely. It is not specific to adderall or Ritalin, he also talks a lot about anti depressants, anti psychotics and benzodiazepines. He basically is claiming these drugs are a form of chemical lobotomy. It's really scary especially since so many of these patients are children!
  4. Back On Here Again

    Hi sadderall i recently relapsed after quitting for ten months I totally get how you're feeling. I have quit again and Running is really the main thing that helps my mood stay elevated. Or any form of exercise where you are moving often. I tried l tyrosine and didn't notice much. I also used caffeine quite a bit but it makes me anxious so I will take gaba (an amino acid) to relax and that helps with stress eating. Try cutting gluten and sugar from your diet if possible and it sounds obvious but sticking to Whole Fruits and vegetables is the best thing you can do. I'm no expert I've quit and relapsed, but it's worth it the sleep you're catching up on alone will make you feel better. Also check out some of peter Bregins work on what adderall and amphetamines do to your's enough to keep you off. Toddlers on amphetamines is a great documentary
  5. Relapsing after 10 months, have I lost the progress I made?

    Yes I agree it definitely makes it harder when you have the option right there. The mental part of the addiction is the hardest for me. My doctor didn't even question refilling after I hadn't for 10 months. Which is confusing to me. In high-school I mentioned to him the side affects I was having and he just switched from Xr to ir, it seems like taking you off of the medication is never really an option to them. The same goes for other people I know with prescriptions.
  6. Relapsing after 10 months, have I lost the progress I made?

    Thankyou for the advice, I've proved to myself that I can quit now. After a couple of days off of it I don't feel nearly as awful as the withdrawal from taking it for five years.
  7. Last month I broke down and got a new perscription. I feel awful about it and I feel like I have lost progress I had made. I was very proud of myself for being able to quit and now I feel awful, the same sleepless nights, restless talking and heart palpitations. I should have known I couldn't "handle" it better this time. I was just curious if anyone had experience quitting for a long period of time and going back? Have I lost all the progress I made?