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  1. Merry Christmas

    3rd try for me, but it's going well! I feel different than the first 2 times, like this one might actually stick.
  2. New Years resolution.

    @quit-once I had a lot of success with that. I had a 'dry' October and it definitely helped change my relationship with alcohol. I don't think I had gone a week since I started drinking around age 20 (15 years ago). It was just such a part of my life to reflexively have a beer at night, and sometimes more. Over the years I'd pared back enough where I wan't hungover the next morning (mostly), but I would still drink by myself most every night (my wife doesn't drink much). My goal was to just drink more purposely, like most people do, e.g. when I'm around other people or when I really want to enjoy that. I'd also been going through some depression issues and knew that alcohol was not helping with that at all. It was really hard. The first time I went to bar and said 'I'll have a water' to someone offering to buy a round of drinks, wow, it was surreal. But I actually had fun that night! And I could drive home without worrying about drinking too much. After going 30 days, I am much more in control now. I crave it less. One thing I learned is that I just like a carbonated drink in the evening. I switched to non-alcoholic Ginger beer, and then phased that out for La Croix (the Ginger Beer had 170 calories!) Now I have a spreadsheet where I keep track of some health metrics, including how many drinks I've had. If I see I've been trending towards drinking too many days, I pare it back down. It's a battle but it's gotten WAY easier, and I've lost 10 pounds as well! Honestly I can't believe it took me 15 years to do this.