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  1. Stand with me and quit. It's toxic not only to you but to your family and friends. At first, it's an amazing drug but at the end it's hell. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This story tells it all!!
  2. So Ive been craving adderall all day long and my work that im doing requires me to sit still and concentrate Its almost like I cant even get my hand to move and open up the program to work. Like I know that If I wrote this I can do that and maybe it is all placebo but does anyone have any advice? Thank you!!
  3. Yes you are not the only one struggling!! Its honestly not only whistling, its eating loud slurping, coughing, etc etc. Those things set me off so much its really crazy. Like I looked at myself and analyzed my personallity on adderall and came to a conclution that if I was someone else and I met me id hate to be my friend. All those little things that I do on adderall id hate in a friend. It would be way too annoying. Anyway please keep in touch if you want anyone to talk to about adderall. I am struggling really hard to quit and have a ton of experience in this unfortunately lol Remember we only change things that we are not comfortable with anymore. If you become comfortable with your addiction or the pros outweigh the cons you wont change.
  4. Yes, So true! Drinking will make you trip up. And every day that I go to the gym, eat 3 times a day, ice cold showers and stay sober I feel a side of me I enjoy and love. More of my humor is back, and I don't get mad/irritated as much at the smallest things. Don't want or have the urge to fight a coworker for whistling or doing something harmless. Like I actually feel hella good being off addys. It takes about a week to get back into my healthy routine but after I do, quitting is sooo worth it. I hope the best for you Theresa!!!! Be strong don't let that craving pull you back in!
  5. So I recently made a video on how I quit adderall after 5 years but I just relapsed. I will get back up and matter of fact back up already and I will not put another one in my mouth I swear. Part 2
  6. I understand your position completly and was in your spot recently too. Quit you know you can. Have family members help, if not have friends help. If that doesnt work go to gym all the time, go on nature walks without your phone. I just relapsed but ill get right back up.
  7. Yes Thats very important to cut off your doctor and adderall friends but I did just relapse and made a second video on it thank yo for your support. Its hard but with others help we can all do it!!
  8. Thank you I did relapse made a second Video on that
  9. So I just quit adderall a week ago after taking it for 5 years, Its very hard for me to write so I made a quick youtube video that will motivate and inspire yall. You guys can do it, if I quit you can also. Youtube -