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  1. Holy shit! The fact that you said whistling lol i did even think about that one but i somehow created this major pet peeve to it. Im sure it wont bottle me so much now though! This site has been a big eye opener for me (:
  2. Stay positive and maybe think about nor keeping it around. I just took it at a lower dose until i as out. I actually feel amazing. I feel more myself than i have in years. I am trying to avoid drinking because it just makes me crave adderall the next day.
  3. I just watched this and i have been going through similar stuff, including being mad all the time.. the smallest things set me off... today is day 1 of no adderall for me. I was getting 20 xr and 15 instants so i took my last prescription, the xr first for weening myself off. Then the instants. I feel like a slow slug today though.