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  1. Vision Changes

    I don’t get much double vision however definetly blury. Sometimes eye drops help, glasses help also but it’s weird how in the morning I almost don’t need them and afternoons it’s a must. i have read both Adderall and Ritalin can cause these symptoms however most say it goes away when quitting... For me it got worse after...
  2. Vision Changes

    After quitting Adderall and thru the past year I have had some pretty rapid eye sight changes. Also notice it’s much worse in the afternoon or evening of a tiring day. Just wondering if anyone has experienced this? I’ve got my first readers so I guess I am in the getting old category, haha... I just expected the need for glasses to come on slower and this seems a little related to stoping Addy.
  3. Sure is quiet these days.

    Yeah the FB thing is a little weird. I was on a couple then discontinued. I would get actually “friend requests” from people that had just read my posts and I hadn’t even exchanged any dialog with... As a general rule I don’t friend anyone on FB I have not met in person and invite as a guest in my home.
  4. Sure is quiet these days.

    I notice the same thing Frank. I still struggle after a little over 1yr+ however not enough to post and complain about regularly. I look for posts to help people when I can however there are fewer lately as well as most are replied to faster than my random lurking. Maybe some of it is just the season. Everyone is busy enjoying their summer; once school, winter and a less fulfilling season comes we will have some new quitters...
  5. TWO YEARS :)

    For me was very rough... It’s still is not easy however you have to just power thru it one day at a time and the less your mind wanders the better...
  6. TWO YEARS :)

    Thank you so much Nicole! Needed that!
  7. TWO YEARS :)

    Great to hear Nicole! I am at about 1yr 1mo... I can barely imagine some of your accomplishments! That is so great! At 1yr mind is still pretty muddy, I can find the focus to get thru each day but to imagine buying a new house or new job feels so out of reach now I cannot even invision it. I also still have a myriad of physical symptoms however have been doing somewhat better. I am getting a lot more done at home and work and not just sitting around waiting to feel better. I am not sure if it is true “recovery” or just me finally being frustrated of being over focused on every symptom and just allowing myself to power thru it. Sometimes I will be having a good day and if a weird symptom pops up and if I allow my anxiety and mind to wander it drops my to a low again... Mind over matter it seems at this stage.. hoping most of the symptoms are near gone at 2yr!
  8. Cold Turkey or Taper Down

    I did cold turkey and it was brutal... If I went back in time I think I would have first tried taking some “Holliday’s” days off thru the week that I could test my ability to be off of it then after a couple weeks try just 2/3 to 1/2 of normal dose and slowly cut 1/4-1/3 from there a week at a time... Since you have failed before and you are high dose it sounds like a good option for you. If this doesn’t work you will need to get your doctor in the loop to cut off your supply and flush your pills. You need to have extra willpower to taper as pills will be accessible. Maybe have a friend or family hold and give your each days dose...?
  9. Hang it there, it gets much better!

    Great info! I also was curious about depression also and your reward system? I am just over a year and feel everything you feel however also have depression that comes and goes and I just rarely get excited or feel happy about anything even in moment that I know I should.
  10. BPC 157

    I ordered one vial and tried it until it ran out. For me no real change. In some ways I think I felt worse while taking it however it may have just been one of my down months... Can’t really say it helped anything, if it did help heal anything it’s not noticeable yet or maybe it needs to be taken longer than the 3weeks supply I had
  11. Wellbutrin

    My doc prescribed 1ea 100mg a day for first week then the same 2x a day... I could tolerate the 100mg and maybe helped a little. I did notice some anxiety and uneasy feeling... When I take 2x I get more focus and energy however the physical symptoms get worse almost accumulatively the more days in a row I take the 2x the stronger the physical symptoms... I would have thought they would get better once as I adjusted to it... Anyway, I quit using it as the side effects were not worth it for the mild benefits.
  12. Long-term quitters: Any lingering issues?

    I have a close friend that went thru the entire program after many years of AA and soberiety... He was still struggling and has told me Breakthrough transformed his life more than anything he ever did. I have never seems someone change so drastically for the better in such a short period of time! I really have no excuse as to why I have not tried it...
  13. Long-term quitters: Any lingering issues?

    Hello there, I am 1yr off Addy and can tell you I have the same concerns and similar symptoms only likely a bit stronger. Depression is strong and cognitive fluctuations are concerning sometimes... Sleep sucks for me... The only thing that brings me peace is downtime or like you said "a vacation" unfortunately there are still bills to pay and I have not choice but to keep plugging forward no how miserable I wake up. Some weeks I get more exercise and tune my mind away from the symptoms and I seem to feel a lot better those weeks however I will often push myself too hard when feeling my best and somewhat end up overloaded mentally and just need a down day following... Anyway, I can see improvements in many areas since stopping, like just now I am starting to finish tasks and projects that I left in the dust a year+ ago. I am not super motivated to do them however I have at least found enough drive the get things done... Reward system is pretty shot, above all I wish I could get just a small part of this back... Life is pretty "blah" even when good things happen for me... Sorry I am not further along in recovery to give you more information. I also hope to hear from people in the 2-5yr range to see how they feel... I hope it gets better however is some things just don't I suppose that is comforting as well as at least there is comfort in knowing were not alone in the problem and can at least define the cause...
  14. 1 YEAR

    @quit-once & @Danquit Thank you for your words and support! Having the support of this forum this past year has been the key to my sanity on many days!