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  1. Wellbutrin

    My doc prescribed 1ea 100mg a day for first week then the same 2x a day... I could tolerate the 100mg and maybe helped a little. I did notice some anxiety and uneasy feeling... When I take 2x I get more focus and energy however the physical symptoms get worse almost accumulatively the more days in a row I take the 2x the stronger the physical symptoms... I would have thought they would get better once as I adjusted to it... Anyway, I quit using it as the side effects were not worth it for the mild benefits.
  2. Long-term quitters: Any lingering issues?

    I have a close friend that went thru the entire program after many years of AA and soberiety... He was still struggling and has told me Breakthrough transformed his life more than anything he ever did. I have never seems someone change so drastically for the better in such a short period of time! I really have no excuse as to why I have not tried it...
  3. Long-term quitters: Any lingering issues?

    Hello there, I am 1yr off Addy and can tell you I have the same concerns and similar symptoms only likely a bit stronger. Depression is strong and cognitive fluctuations are concerning sometimes... Sleep sucks for me... The only thing that brings me peace is downtime or like you said "a vacation" unfortunately there are still bills to pay and I have not choice but to keep plugging forward no how miserable I wake up. Some weeks I get more exercise and tune my mind away from the symptoms and I seem to feel a lot better those weeks however I will often push myself too hard when feeling my best and somewhat end up overloaded mentally and just need a down day following... Anyway, I can see improvements in many areas since stopping, like just now I am starting to finish tasks and projects that I left in the dust a year+ ago. I am not super motivated to do them however I have at least found enough drive the get things done... Reward system is pretty shot, above all I wish I could get just a small part of this back... Life is pretty "blah" even when good things happen for me... Sorry I am not further along in recovery to give you more information. I also hope to hear from people in the 2-5yr range to see how they feel... I hope it gets better however is some things just don't I suppose that is comforting as well as at least there is comfort in knowing were not alone in the problem and can at least define the cause...
  4. 1 YEAR

    @quit-once & @Danquit Thank you for your words and support! Having the support of this forum this past year has been the key to my sanity on many days!
  5. 1 YEAR

    1yr - I don’t know the “exact date” I quit as all I recall is catching a cold mid May last year and stopped taking my pills as I rested daily on my couch. I had no clue my cold symptoms were compounded with withdrawal. I had initially thought well if I am home sick laying low I probably don’t need and should take a break off my Addy... In prior months I had already thought about trying to quit however the cold is what gave me the initial gap in my schedule to test the idea... Well it was bad... So bad that by 6/6 I was at my primary doc with hands shaking, full of anxiety, amuck & thought I was gonna die. She ordered a ton of labs and told me to get back on my Addy... Well here I am a year later and what a ride... I can say it’s honestly been the hardest year of my life. In particular the waves of Apathy and Depression have been brutal aside from cognitive battles and just the lack of desire or energy to do anything... In this process I have spent a lot of money on vitamins and burnt a lot time; yet things have improved since a year ago by far, I still struggle... I must say however those who say it gets better at 1yr, you are blessed and I am truly happy for you! I still battle considerably and am certain I am either on the 2yr plan or just destined to have a “new normal” that is going to take a lot of “accepting” to find my new balance in life. For those “new” at this or just now considering stopping don’t take this as a “negative” as quitting this crap is the best thing you can do for yourself, period! There is no “end game” in taking adderall... Each pill is one more day of your life and another percentage accumulating in the difficulty to quit. This is not a pill designed to be taken into retirement... It’s crude bandaid that sells a piece of your soul in the process of tricking your mind in to thinking it is helping you... Things aren’t perfect for me however I am not doing any additional harm to my mind and body any longer and I won’t ever take Addy again. This I am sure of.
  6. Melatonin works great for me. Sometimes doesn’t get me thru the whole night however definitely helps crash harder in the first few hours. I do notice a difference in the cheap stuff compared to better quality from a health food store. Not sure if there is any proof to that finding. @lazyboyI have had luck with phenibut also. Knocks me out! However I have also read to use no more than 1-2 times a week as tolerance builds fast and depletes GABA.
  7. Could be right. These vitamin companies are good at marketing and explaining what each ingredient is and what it does though. This one is a blend of a lot of nootropics that would likely cost well over $100 to reproduce in individual form. I was most interested in the potential cognitive boost from this which I do feel, however I can say the days I have not taken it I do feel a little extra low, so that’s not a good sign either. Ultimately we all hope for our body and brains to rebalance naturally however I am not convinced this will happen either. Seems like there must be a way to aid the process without so much guess work! I read a study of cocaine users suffering withdrawals. Cocaine affects the dopamine system differently so the fix was to give them a single dose of amphetamine which instantly reversed the dysfunction in the dopamine system from cocaine use. Won’t work for us, however was an interesting read
  8. I hear you... Although I have tried dozens of supplements and combinations in the last year looking for anything to ease the lows and nothing really helped at all. There has been some placebo effect within vitamins I have took however it’s proven false as on the good days you are hopeful in the new recipe of supplements and possibly in a better optimistic mood as a result. A day or two later you find yourself just as low as the day you ordered them. This one has stood out for me among the rest... Maybe the price alone has a placebo effect! I will see how I feel about at the end of this bottle to decide if I am going to order more... I would encourage a try if anyone is desperate like I have been at times...
  9. This nootropic blend is a little expensive at around $100 a month depending on which one you buy. They reccomend no more than 5 days a week use. I have tried it and it seems to give me a boost both energy and cognitive however when I take daily yes those benefits fade a bit. So now I am trying to just take it on the mornings that I am extra tired or feel ing low and it does seem to help... Maybe worth a try, the reviews are also pretty good if you search around. %2Bsupplement&matchtype=b&network=g&device=m&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6eq4itWA2wIVBarsCh3UHwXwEAAYASAAEgIUsvD_BwE
  10. Prevagen

    Thanks for the tip... I feel you on the depression and memory problems! I know from my research that adderall is neurotoxic and causes havoc on the dopamine system. My first fears there were its relation to a higher risk of Parkinson’s however with the mental side of things still continuing a year after stopping my larger concerns now are the brain as a whole and if the usage could early dementia etc. One of my more consistent symptoms is inability to deal with stress and afternoon brain fade. Mornings I have some depression upon awakening however can snap out of it most days and be pretty good till 1 or so. As the day goes on and stress builds I get more tired and sometimes feel I cannot process another thought...
  11. Very interesting reading about it. Also wondering where you got it? I read about making it yourself at home with Novolin R?
  12. Cerebrolysin

    I found this by navigating their web site... The product has me intrigued!
  13. Relapse..

    Hi Sean, I am so sorry to hear this. Not as much that you relapsed but where you are in life because of adderall. Our timelines being off adderall are similar so I have been following your progress. Not long ago I read you were doing well at your 1yr mark if I recall correctly. It was a surprising read as I am at almost 1yr and still struggling. I’ve had some pretty low days lately where I wondered like hell what I would feel like on adderall and if it would take that low away. So far I have remained clean, besides my vitamin addiction I must tell you the main reason I never pickup that script is because #1 I know its benefits as a drug are not a sustainable lifelong. & #2 Adderall is what caused the lowest darkest parts of my life. Because of that I am still here struggling but staying sober as you will be here back with me soon enough. Life is worth the fight Sean. Even if this takes 5 years to sort out you are young and have time to do anything you want once you get this behind you! Anyone that says it takes a year to recover... I’m thinking that was hopefull encouragement or someone got lucky. I will be grateful if I feel better at the 2yr mark...
  14. Wellbutrin

    150mg twice a day way too much. My doc started me on 100mg once a day to start told me to take mid-morning. Then to introduce a second 100mg and at that time do a morning dose then a 1pm dose. 2 per day still comes with side effects for me. Meds in general are more sensitive with me now. I feel the same things you feel while taking it. Not sure I will stay on it however it has helped me thru a recent hump. The first time I took it months back I stopped for the same reasons and wanted to try no meds first for awhile...