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    I can also say Straterra as I recently gave it a try as a "non-stimulant" supposedly non addictive ADHD alternative that works with your norephedrine uptake not with dopamine. First few days at 40mg gave me a little zing followed by a crash to where I felt very sleepy then a bit trouble sleeping at night. Doc said to try two and wow gave me a big zing however can't say super functional, a bit scatter brained honestly... Then bad insomnia and no libido whatsoever... I could see maybe this drug could work for someone who never tried Adderall and got the right dose figured out however definitely is not for me.
  2. It’s not clear to me if you have quit adderall and lost libido after quitting or if you are still taking adderall? In any event if you are still on adderall and it went away my guess is you have gotten used to your dose and you would need to increase your dose to get that drive back that you had before. It is common to need to keep increasing adderall dose to gain the same effects... Thus why after time many of us end up here struggling to quit. If you have quit adderall many here have expressed loss of libido during our withdrawals. I still find desire is less after more than 6mo off now however it has improved.
  3. Struggling. 5 months out.

    5mo is still early, be as strong as you can... Its one day at a time literally. I am just a bit over 6mo and for me I just recently fought off the depression. Still waiting for more things to improve once I make it a year plus... it will get better just stay close to your support here and keep sharing your thoughts
  4. Just need to vent

    WOW that's nuts! My aunt recently innocently stopped her abilify (also an antipsychotic) after it caused weight gain after only a few months of being on it. She got violently sick with major anxiety on top of it... She had no idea it was from abilify withdraws and went to ER had every test her docs could think of over a two week span until they finally related it to her stopping abilify!
  5. Just need to vent

    Did they try to prescribe you Abilify?? I had 3 different docs reccomend it, read horrible things about it... there must be a kickback on that shit or something...
  6. Take it or Tough it out?

    It’s all good, I understand your stance! Great video, Kelly Brogan is awesome. Well just like Joe Rogans friends had luck with ssri’s I did too however doesn’t solve the issues that she outlines especially the rare liver metabolism issue with some people.
  7. Take it or Tough it out?

    Frank I know you have strong opinions on this. I do believe your experience is as you said, I also believe everyone’s potential neurotransmitter imbalance is different. I had suicidal thoughts (first time ever) before taking the Zoloft so had little to loose and had family support to monitor me. And... for me it worked and had zero side effects in getting off it. I still fight with energy and concentration like everyone else here however my depression is gone after a month and a half of using and a month now being off it. I’d agree to try the lithium orotate and any other supplements would be a good try first. I did a number of vitamin cocktails that gave me a little more energy and decreased anxiety however just did nothing worked for my depression.
  8. Take it or Tough it out?

    If your struggling anything is better than adderall or other stims. I first tried Wellbutrin which only helped a little bit then really didn’t feel any benefit so I stopped. After much severe depression went on Zoloft only about a month and a half and it eliminated my depression, then on my own quickly tapered down and stopped just to see if the depression came back and it has not. Was very helpful besides made me a little tired while I was on it. Just remember everyone is different. A few here are agains SSRI’s as it made them feel worse. You have to pay close attention to how you feel while trying something new and if it works I would suggest keeping a goal of no more than 2-3 months and get off it.
  9. Just need to vent

    I am not sure about Franks dose however I take two of these (link to brand below) in the morning and two in the afternoon. Frank had posted a video with recommendations as well that had dosing recommendations toward the end. I started taking it with a vitamin cocktail I began daily that helped me but it's direct effects were mixed with all the supplements however I can say since Frank posted I have tried it by itself during times of a little anxiety or uneasiness and it really helped stabilize me...
  10. Depression or ADD or addiction???

    I can relate to the Sadness, I had lows where I would literally wake up fighting tears... Needless to say I tried Welbutrin first, it did help my motivation a bit for a few days however that quickly faded and it did nothing for the sadness. So I took my docs advice next and tried an antidepressant Zoloft. While I know a few here speak strongly against SSRI's for me it did help my overall mood and the "sadness" disappeared. I can say it did absolutely nothing for my motivation, maybe even slowed me down a bit however it really helped my mood and the sadness disappeared. After about a month and a half (that is all) I tapered down a couple days and stopped on my own just to see what happened... The sadness has not come back and my energy increased a bit... So maybe recommend trying something like this if you have not already. Everyone is different so you won't honestly know until you talk with your doctor a bit and try something like this. Until then just take it a day at a time, even in my lowest times good days would come in waves.
  11. Health issues 7ish months out

    Yes always good to go to a doctor and rule things out. I actually went and pushed to have every test, CT scan, endoscopy and colonoscopy and many blood tests. They really didn't find anything... All they came up with was if I am constipated eat more fiber and take MiraLAX, if I have acid issues take anti acids, probiotics recommended also. I did get them to agree that possibly stopping adderall has my system out of sync and potentially affecting the proper release of acids and digestive enzymes. My diet changes I believe helped a lot and with time has gotten a lot better. Some stomach symptoms can also be caused by stress as the withdrawal for me made me a bit paraniod and anxious. It is very common for stress to cause ulcers and other stomach problems.
  12. My first post here, I need to be free.

    Meth and Adderall are very similar. Difference is that Big Pharma makes Adderall so that makes it safe right..? haha - In the end they are both Amphetamines! I have found many articles about Meth and Adderall. Adderall is consistent as at least we know that it's pure in its consistent form while Meth will be inconsistent in quality, can often have some harsh additional chemicals and cutting agents. Also Meth is almost always abused while Adderall users do have some limits in what they can be prescribed and most stick to some sort of dose, and even the binge users of adderall are at least consuming a pure substance and when the bottle runs out has to wait while Meth users just need some cash to go buy more... All bad stuff! In my opinion Meth and Adderall are quite the same. Reading about the effects of Meth are very close in related withdraw and recovery symptoms and you can find more information on Meth than Adderall since Meth is Illegal and Adderall is protected by Docs and Big Pharma.
  13. Health issues 7ish months out

    I had some weird stomach issues in the last months of using that got substantially worse after quitting in month 1-4... I do know lack of dopamine affects digestion, it is common in early parkinsons to have bad digestion, constipation etc. I think basically the digestive track slows down with lower dopamine levels. With time hopefully everything will normalize for you. Symptoms can last up to 1.5-2yrs in the meantime all you can do is treat your symptoms with diet, tums or whatever helps.
  14. Just curious as adderall and ritalin alter dopamine vs Strattera which works with norepinephrine for treating ADD and ADHD symptoms. Curious if anyone has had a good/bad experience or if it simply did nothing compared to the gold staple adderall? Not looking to jump on a new med or anything I just haven't seen this discussed much here and have read it to be a "safer" alternative.
  15. Leslie, thank you so much for that touching sermon! Very Empowering. Sorry it took a few days to respond, I needed to find a peaceful time to watch it. God Bless