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  1. Working my way towards 2yrs and motivation is huge issue for me as well. I am pretty good about getting up and going in the morning however my energy and interest in “doing more” fades in early afternoon. On days where I give myself no choice but to work a long day I find myself very fatigued and mentally drained by the evening.
  2. Adderall Taper Advice

    I did not taper and it was very bad at first so I do believe tapering could help relieve some harsh early symptoms. You will likely have brain fog no matter what you do, we are all battling that issue it seems. Things will get better however you cannot really begin the healing process until you take that last dose and cut off your doctor.
  3. It will get easier however don’t expect any sudden reward or change in how you feel. It took until I was past 6mo to even begin to think about functioning somewhat normally and even now I have some low days after 1.5yrs. Key to my health and sanity for me has been to exercise whenever I can for as long as I can even if it means 15min on an exercise machine and then a nice warm shower. It will give you a sense of accomplishment and wellbeing to have even got yourself to go. Also set daily goals even if that is simple as doing a load of laundry or getting to the grocery store. Proving to yourself that you can do these things will slowly build into bigger accomplishments and help you feel better.
  4. Want to lower my bpm

    I wouldn’t be to worried just yet. I have quit twice and both times I had odd cardiovascular symptoms in which both times I consulted and cardiologist. I often would drop low on heart rate and blood pressure however then find just the mildest exercise or stress and it would spike quickly. I am exercising a lot right now so my BPM is in the 50’s and stable overall. However it still surprises me how fast it can rocket up past 150 when beginning a workout. Another thing to test would be blood sugar levels. I noticed some spikes after quitting and sometimes even after fasting however every test for diabetes came back normal.
  5. Swimming lessons

    Congrats Frank! I also sink like a rock, have my whole life. While I can do some basic strokes and keep afloat long enough to save my own life I suck at swimming. I will have to consider trying this also as soon as our local pools open back up in the spring. I tried a little last summer however felt like I lost my coordination and my endurance and desire to move fast has faded a bit since quitting. Will have to give it another shot!
  6. Adderall induced cognitive impairment

    How long have you been off Adderall? I thought I read you haven’t quit yet... Yes I have similar symptoms after 1.5yrs quitting. It got worse after quitting however is now very slowly improving
  7. How to work/ be in real life

    If trying to keep a job my guess is you will need to taper off very slowly over a long duration of time. I stopped cold turkey and that was horrible. I don’t know if anyone here had better results from tapering off but it couldn’t hurt. The hard part about tapering is that you will still have a supply and will be super tempting to increase dose as soon as feeling awful
  8. 7 Month Struggles

    @Tom23Jones Glad to hear you are doing well. I have also have been hitting the gym hard. I’ve found the weeks I get there 5-6 days I feel the best overall. If I miss more than a couple days in a row I start feeling negative pretty quick.
  9. How to work/ be in real life

    I agree everyone is different in their recovery. I have seen a "few" posts on this site and others that state they feel fine after a short time however I would say this is a low percentage of individuals. As for work/life after adderall I can say in the first year I was on the brink of closing my bushiness giving up; felt like I was truly planning my "end of days" in ways. I ended up with almost every credit card I had near max. I lost clients, staff and family were all questioning what was wrong with me. I only confided in a couple supportive people in my life. With time and finally getting the will power and strength to begin fighting back; I forced myself to function even on my worst days. Now in just the past 6mo I have been able to turn profitable again, paid every credit card off but one and got my credit score from a low of around 650 to high 800's; I have never had a better credit score than now even before or during adderall. I wont make this all sound too positive and cheery as I still have my ups and downs. I have days and moments I feel near 100% normal and lows that hit out of nowhere that feel like the early days of quitting. My drive persists however as just a small "feeling good moment" is enough of a reward to keep battling.
  10. About One Year Addy Free

    Hello TLNJ2 and welcome to the forum! I took very similar doesage to yours and about the same time except I stopped after 2yrs and then went back for nearly 2 more. I am now at about 18mo and can tell you I feel the same way. December for instance I was feeling pretty good almost myself and now I am feeling like crap again. I can say that this used to happen in waves of days and now it is in weeks so the ups and downs are further apart. However even when feeling decent I find little pleasure or interest in things overall. I also have difficulty concentrating or being interested in meaningless conversation. People ask about my kids or family and I’ll talk to them however hours later I realize I just did what I had to do to get thru the conversation and never expressed interest in them or asked about their family... It’s like nothing interests me and in ways I really don’t care however deep down I do... I could go on however thats what I have been dwelling lately... stay strong and keep posting. We are all here to help eachother!
  11. I have to say everything his research is all valid if you do some googling; I commend him for documenting so well and sharing. The best neurologists and researchers haven't even scratched the surface in being able to truly "cure" any brain related disorders. We are in an era of trial and error for patients with mental ailments and diseases. The brain is very complicated and what works for one individual won't always work for the next as we are all different how we metabolize certain medications as well as what formulation is needed to support each of our chemical deficiencies. It is hopeful that we all try some supplements or prescriptions like wellbutrin that many have said "help" this lengthy healing process. I'd just caution that highly experimental substances should likely be saved for those with neurodegenerative diseases willing to participate in research as they have much less to loose by tying these things. The exercise and General Health Stack is all healthy advise; I'd pick and choose after that. Metabolizing this much stuff could be hard on other organs and have unknown side effects. & Bromantane is almost just like Adderall. Avoid that one!
  12. I hope you keep us updated on your progress. A good test will be when you stop these supplements all together long term and see if your plan promoted healing that is self sustainable.
  13. Wellbutrin is relatively mild and it’s action primarily recycles dopamine does not specifically up-regulate. However there are withdrawal symptoms from Wellbutrin as well and tapering is also required. I will find some references for you however it’s pretty common knowledge that when you open the dopamine faucet the receptors over time resist the increased flow. I am not against a number of the items listed however others like Bromantane is in a very similar family as amphetamines and I would not advise taking anything off an internet list without doing your own research first so you know the risks. I have tried numerous supplements and honestly can’t say anything really helps significantly. Anything significant would likely be too close to the problem we are trying to leave behind us. I think with any therapy the goal would be to use short term or on an as needed basis.
  14. Great read, well done! I agree with most of it, some experimental items I would be concerned with how much for how long or if trying it is worth it at all. Also there are many substances listed that are “stimulants” in one variation or another which will only cause a different dependency. Anything that causes dopamine up regulation will cause receptors to down regulate and land us in the same boat over time. The diet pills SynaptaLean is an interesting one for energy? I have read in more than one site now... Ingredients look pretty natural and similar to what I take individually. Wondering if anyone here has tried these?
  15. Those early months are pure hell. I recall nodding off while driving several times, missing exits and all types of depressing shit. I started getting my legal stuff in order and adding my spouse to accounts... I literally thought I was going to die on some days. Things are not perfect but much better for me now... Stay strong it gets better!