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  1. Hand Termors

    I know not everyone has experienced tremors quitting Adderall however unfortunately I am one of them. I am thinking "maybe" I also had them slightly toward the last few months of using however was also drinking coffee and they were very mild. Now quitting they are pretty much consistently there in both hands. Not always noticeable enough to bother me however if I hold my fingers out in front of me I see them dance in a high frequency fashion a bit almost side to side while spread apart. It rarely affects my ability to do anything unless I get anxious or post workout I could mistype keys more easily or just have that uneasy shaky feeling. I have been considering a neurologist appt. however also want to give my body more time to readjust. Can anyone else explain their tremors? Did you have them while on Adderall or Off and were they similar to my description? How long until they went away after quitting or did they?
  2. It's been a few weeks since your post, I hope it got better for you! At 7 days for me I thought I was going to die. I was as my doc getting blood tests and event an MRI as I had sharp stomach pains. All of which came up fine and pain was likely just constipation. Adderall really threw off my digestion pre and post quitting. Take supplements. L-Thyrosine and many others you can find here so help. 5-Htp helps my anxiety a bit. Simple lists really helped. Nothing too crazy just the very basics to start. Exercise in the morning if you can fine anyway to do it! This will really help at least the first half of your day. On my bad days I would still crash in the afternoon so be patient. So your best to take it one day at a time, thinking too far forward will stress you out and cause anxiety. I am at 4mo and still working thru this day by day however any craving and long since subsided.
  3. Hand Termors

    I guess withdrawal tremors or "shakes" are not that common as I haven't seem much input on this.. I have read about it on other forums and especially meth forums... I guess I will just wait it out as some say it goes away and others say you just get used to it. In the meantime this week I am finding controlling constant underlying anxiety is my key to solving many symptoms including reducing my tremors. The days I have bad anxiety seem to be the most debilitating ones. Trying very hard to using all natural approaches to remedy this it's not easy some days. I cannot find great support for SSRI or SNRI's anywhere really. As much as I would love to get some help I really don't want to be in the same boat a year from now trying to quit another prescription drug.
  4. Exercise and Soreness

    Yeah it is likely trying to do too much at once. I used to do some cardio every day when I would workout as my warm up and did well with that however that was also a good 10 years ago now. I have always been active however I am sure at 34 my body tolerated and healed much faster than now at 44!
  5. I have been exercising on and off since I stopped Adderall 4 months ago. However to keep pushing toward recovery over this past week I have forced myself to get a good 15-30 minutes of cardio followed by 15-30 minutes of weights. The variable in time is just that the bad days I can barely stand 30min of workout. While even on my bad days exercising does help me feel a bit better. It doesn't restore my missing energy levels by any means however I do at least get some sense of restored clarity. On good days it really helps a lot! This last week+ I have really pushed workouts only skipping one day that was a long very physical work day. The biggest issue I am finding with this is the muscle soreness. It seems the recovering/healing time is not near what it used to be. As I lay here typing this morning my legs are a bit heavy, a bit tingly with slight burning sensations. Even my arm and hands a bit tingly. I want to push to workout again today however not sure I can handle much more muscle pain. Just trying to figure out if this is normal in PAWS or maybe just still adjusting from being less active. Any others experience anything like this with body aches and find aids to combat this? I just bought some Creatine from GNC so plan to try adding that to my protein shakes after workouts.
  6. For me I did have in in the back of my mind that one day I would quit however it wasn't until it was seeming to be less effective and I researched that aspect. Upon researching addderall further I found a lot of bad articles that are pretty scary, there is really nothing you can find that "supports" Adderall health wise. My doctor believes "I need it" and would likely increase my does and write a script without question if I asked. I have quit (near 4mo now) however it's still a struggle adapting without it so it apparently was doing something and now without it I am still struggling to find normal sleep and a full week without some really low energy days and anxiety. Plus mild tremors since I quit... I have zero desire to go back despite the symptoms. If anything can make me feel this bad without it I REALLY don't want to take it! I feel I have made some progress in recovery however the steps are so small that unless I had written a daily journal are hard to pinpoint. I wish I had
  7. Hand Termors

    Yeah I drank a bit heavy years ago at the end of my many bad days however that was over a year ago since my last drink. That was the first thing I quit. No tremor that I recall while drinking or quitting. They are constant however definitely increase significantly with anxiety which has definetly been an issue since stopping the Adderall.
  8. 4mo Off and Up and Down Days?

    Thank you Tom! I had a couple really good days at the end of last week with exercise incorporated. Then yesterday I went for a run first thing and some weights and pretty much struggled and crashed the rest of the day after that. I think as my body adjusts and gives me those couple "good days" I need to hold back a little to leave more for the next 3-4. Almost like the dopamine storage runs out or something.
  9. Anyone here that went thru their months of withdraw/healing with up and down days? For example Sunday and Monday were not bad for me, I got some things done and felt "ok". Even exercised... Then yesterday was miserable, I could barely get myself to work and was near useless. Then Today, I feel pretty "ok" again... Why this cycle. I cannot think of anything I have done differently on any of these days. Is this a normal part of my body adjusting?
  10. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    Thank you bluemoon. I don't expect an overnight fix so reassurance that this timeline is normal does help the anxiety of it all. I have been making notes and logging my good and bad days and anything signicant I do different like exercise or change in diet. Not sure it will help however if I could identify some sort regularity or warning timeline that causes my really bad days it would be helpful. Not sure if it is rated or not to this process however digestion seems to perform about the same way now. All can be consistently normal a few days then suddenly after eating any meat chicken will get abnormal gas and a steak will cause the same with a day or two of constipation...
  11. I am 44 and was on Adderall 5mg IR twice a day for past two years plus a couple years back in 2005 for treating adult ADD. I quit this time for good in late May this year when I came down with a cold. So somewhat cold turkey. I don't recall the withdrawals last time like this however I think I skipped more days back then. This time almost 4mo and still miserable... I have depression, anxiety, mild hand tremors and little Apathy for anything, I can get to sleep however if I wake up forget getting back to sleep. Each day is like a test to see if I can get anything done or not. Some days are a little better than others for unknown reasons. Seems like I will get a couple "ok days" then crash... My crash days I could burn hours doing nothing, my good days mean that I can make a list of "must do" items and maybe get most of them done... However these are simple lists like go to the grocery store, bank etc... I have my own business and my employees must think something is up... Luckily so far they have picked up some good slack. I am eating healthy protein, veggies, fruits, nuts and only good carbs. I am taking Thyrosine 1000mg twice a day, B vitamins, Multivitamins, Omega 3's, Magnesium, 5htp to help calm my anxiety, Melatonin to help sleep... I was considering trying Mucuna Purens however I am afraid that could just create another dependency.. Nothing seems to make much a difference. I feel like I really screwed up my Dopamine supply or something, considering a neurologist appointment. I pray this gets better, after all the negative stuff I have read I have zero desire to go back which is the good news. Does anyone that has been off Adderall for a long period have symptoms like this during your sobriety process?
  12. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    Thanks for the tip! My doc did offer Wellbutrin however I was hesitant as I just was worried about having something else to get off later. I may consider it if things are not better by my next doctor visit. This week has improved a bit since I began getting a quick run in each morning before work. I want to be consistent with this and see how long a span I can go without a horrible day like Tuesday. Next week I have a couple stressful work days I just MUST perform and am a little worried however I plan to take care of myself in the days leading up to those.
  13. 4mo Off and Up and Down Days?

    Thank you for this, glad I am not alone on that symptom. I am not a doctor however from a lot of reading and just some logical thought I think it comes down to dopamine adjusting and reserves rebuilding and replenishing without the meds forcing every last drop daily. Now without the meds pumping it seems my best most productive days deplete reserves and the following day is often my crash. It's scary stuff if you read about it from a medical perspective, so I am trying to do less of that and just living one day at a time. Today I got up early, went for a run and mild workout and pretty focused at the moment. So happy for today at least
  14. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    Thank you Frank. I am hoping the same thing, I am a little more sensitive to medications etc than others though so maybe that changes things for me. I definitely need to keep work intact for now, or until I can find something else that pays the bills. It's a good business however with employees that I care about I do think about their families also and if things get mismanaged for too long this ship could sink fast... One day at a time...
  15. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    Also did you consider an antidepressant? I have been considering it however it is just another thing I would need to quit later. Doc mentioned Wellbutrin, I passed for now
  16. Almost 4mo off and miserable

    Thank you for the warm welcome Nicole! Yes I have had many thoughts about selling or even closing my business as that is the biggest stress I have to face daily... I am struggling thru each day as you said, some better than others. I am very glad to read your and other similar stories here as I have read many others that people claim like 4-8 weeks and they were all good... I originally decided to quit as my dose seemed ineffective. I was drinking a lot of coffee to somewhat make up what Adderall wasn't doing and that didn't work either... Would catch myself nodding off driving in the afternoon etc... All that scared me and the doc just wanted to increase my dose... Even as of my last appointment yesterday my doctor said I "just might need it" to function... So crazy, I have thought about getting a new doc however she is good about appointments and all other basic heath matters and referrals.