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  1. The cost is 100 a session and of course insurance doesn't cover. She says it usually takes 3 sessions to address all the facets of addiction and most hypnotists give u an mp3 of the session to listen to on your own. It was a strange experience but not in a bad way...just different. It was like I was in the room but in sleep mode. I really think it's helped. Knock on wood but it's now 10 days and the last 3 have been great. The first week sucked but I've yet to have the desire to want to take it again.
  2. I quit adderrall 9 days ago and was hypnotized the day before I quit with the goal being to not crave or want it. The hypnotist said there was little she could do for the physical withdrawal but she could certainly help reinforce my desire to close this chapter of my life. Its been over a week now and not 1 time over that period have I even wanted to use adderrall. I was on 90 milligrams a day for around 12 years. Days 2-7 were mostly sleeping, eating, and binging netflix with depression all the time, but I never once second guessed myself and even felt nauseous when thinking of adderrall. The last 2 days have been surprisingly pleasant, but I know I have a long way to go. I also realize the hypnosis may be working as a placebo, but it is working and that is the point. I have tried to quit several times and never made it 5 days. While the battle isn't over I feel I have overcome the toughest part by committing to quit and cutting off access. I have 2 more hypnosis sessions, but was wondering if anyone else has tried hypnosis? The hypnotist had never dealt with amphetamines, but said smokers keep her in business.
  3. I have been, no, was on adderrall for 12 years. For the first 7 or 8 years it wasn't a problem but the last 4 plus years of abusing it has cost me dearly. I have lost my personality, caused pain to those who love me most, seen my mental health deteriorate, and have lost the ability to enjoy things and feel genuine happiness. Like others I have tried to taper down, but I agree with those that say cold turkey is the best way to go. I always made the excuse that due to bills and other obligations I had to stay the course and keep using. However, I finally realized I was losing my life to the effects of long term use and abuse of adderrall and I had rather lose my home than my life or to continue a life addicted. My therapist diagnosed me as bi-polar a couple years ago, but I knew what he did not, that the abuse of adderrall was at the heart of the matter and made it appear to those who didnt know my secret that I was bipolar. I have a long and rough road ahead of me. For so long I felt deep down I was heading down a tunnel with no light, just continuous darkness. At least after cutting my Dr and access off I can see a shimmer of light at the of that tunnel. I know it will take months and maybe years, but each day I will be a little closer to my old self. I appreciate all the posts and information on this site as it has been very helpful and Im sure it will continue to be as I weather the coming storm.