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  1. Arizona

    Arcadia area here!!!
  2. Stuck in the middle

    What is air hunger???
  3. 1 year

    I'm a half a month away from one year adderall free. Good to know paws will only effect me for one year more and not forever, as it seems like...
  4. depression Life ruined?

    Well that's insanely depressing...
  5. depression Life ruined?

    I've had a few doctors over time tell me that quitting adderall was not worth it because I needed it to function. The said its all unnecessary suffering. I believed them for so long. Some bad days I still believe it and it's been 11 months with no adderall.........
  6. Depression or ADD or addiction???

    I've been using for over 20 years though... It's prob going to take me longer to kick this than most... I'm not even kidding when I say most nights I get around 10 hours of sleep. I'm a bartender so I can sleep in all I want.... Which I've found out is bad.... Lol! I know it's possible that I'm sleeping too much... But i only sleep so much because I feel completely useless without that much sleep. Actually feel pretty useless with any amount, so I figure I need more. Ugh it's a never ending fatigue cycle.
  7. Depression or ADD or addiction???

    It's not so much that I feel depressed as in sad... It's more like I just don't have the energy or motivation to do the things I should be doing. I sleep all day when I have the day off and at work I'm a half asleep zombie the first part of every day. Is this lack of energy and motivation? Or PAWS? Now that I have discovered this thread and realized that this is a thing (today!!!) I finally might think its still withdrawal from adderall. Before today I had suspicions of it still being an issue but intense fears that I was just always going to be this tired and lethargic and lazy for the rest of my life. I was on adderall or some other amphetamine for over 20 years. Never with a dose of over 20 mg a day, tapered off my dose and quit several times in the last 5 years, and even was able to end it up doing 5 mg every other day. But even the small doses that I was on gave me some sort this of stimulating effect...
  8. Great things about not taking adderall

    Not a single panic attack since quitting adderall 11 months ago! Not so easily agitated...
  9. Depression or ADD or addiction???

    I've though about this a lot lately. It's been 11 months since I took my last adderall and I have ups and downs. Some days I feel okay (these are unfortunately the ups) and other days I feel completely useless. Like I could sleep for 28 hours straight and still not be rested. I often think, is this because I'm still not over my adderall addiction? Or is this because I have some sort of motivational depression and this is just the new norm for me. I'd be devastated if this was the new norm for me. Would drive me to use adderall again. It sucks.
  10. Using Wellbutrin to help quit

    That's very interesting, i wouldn't have put that together but now that you mention it yes. One day last week we were understaffed and super busy at the bar that I work at so I had to work like a maniac just to keep up. By the end I was physically and mentally exhausted and it took me like three or four days of feeling useless to recover.