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  1. How long did it take for your anhedonia to go away?

    what other drugs were you abusing if I may ask?
  2. How long did it take for your anhedonia to go away?

    Were you using that much every day or would you use that much just on a week or two long binge before you ran out of your script? Were there intermittent breaks throughout your addiction or was it a pretty consistent thing?
  3. 2 years quit but less than a month sober

    how heavily were you abusing
  4. In regards to the nature of your abuse, I'm trying to gauge the fine line between those who don't recover and those who do. 1. What ages did you abuse 2. How heavily were you abusing (how many MG per day did it get up to)? 3. If the ability to feel life again came back (and I mean really actually fucking feel it, like getting chills when you listen to music), how long did it take? 4. What were your symptoms in your addiction? Did you have psychosis, hallucinations, or were you staying up for multiple days in a row? Trying to see if I have a shot at recovering. 140 lb 20 y/o male, 3 years of heavy abuse on a developing brain. At the end of my addiction I was averaging 70-85 mg per day. I'm gonna kill myself if my anhedonia doesn't resolve. Not worth living like this. And be realistic. Many people don't ever recover. I'm just trying to see if I have a shot or if I'm too far gone.
  5. Anyone tried BPC 157?

    Anyways, I quit 3 months ago from heaaaavy addiction (20m, addicted throughout adolescence) of adderall IR (up to 100 mg per day by the end and im 140 lbs). I ordered this peptide and it worked miracles, brought me what i think 3 years of sobriety without would in a matter of 2 months. Im still taking it, and benefits arent as strong obviously but i bring myself further down the recovery line everytime. I'm pretty much back to my old self except the resulting anhedonia of the addiction still perisists (not as much as it did before, but its still present). I now remember who i was before the addiction and want to feel emotions again, such as chills when listening to music etc etc. Is there any short cut to this that have worked for u guys? Im trying magnesium and its helping a little. Someone recommended an maoi too