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  1. PhD, adderall-free!

    Congrats your story is so inspiring!
  2. adderall issues please help

    Where do I begin...I have suffered from ADHD since I was 12years old now I'm in my early 30's. I have always been hyper,introvert and a huge daydreamer that stares heavily in to space. Everyone has always called me lazy and my basic needs would always go unmet such as dressing or combing my hair daily.Fast forward to adderall I decided in 2016 to get help for my ADHD because I am tired of feeling this way and I am a single mom so I was prescribed 20mgs once a day and I was able to get my GED and attend college currently making A's&B's then I was placed on 20mgs twice a day 20 in the morning and 20 in the mid afternoon but the problem is I begin to hear voices that people were talking about me 24hrs a day non stop all negative talk these voices has caused me to quit many jobs and move back in with my mom which did not help things only became worse... I begin experience the bobble head syndrome and cannot keep my head up im only aware of it because others have made fun of me.I have trouble keeping my balance and I feel like I have Parkinson's disease daily. I told my psych now I'm back down to 20Mg's a day but he told me that the benefits outweigh the side effects so keep taking the meds.I don't run out of meds and I take 3 days break normally but I feel extremely lazy on my break but even on the meds I only get my homework done and I cook and clean sometimes I am able to firmly be on top of my kid homework and talk to my kid but I'm still not there otherwise because the rest of the time I'm compulsively reading social media or surfing the web and the day flies by.Although I have always been a homebody I have an extreme fear of the outside world.I used to exercise now I don't because of my social Anxiety I feel like I'm wanted for Murder. even on 20mgs I can't keep a job or live a normal life but I am able to do slightly more than I used to. What should I do? Is there any other options?? I am extremely overweight because I only eat sweets