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  1. 16 hours ago, Cj19 said:

    I’m committed to doing this cold turkey and this website has been helpful. Anyone who has been a similar situation with tips would be much appreciated. Specifically any supplements like B12, fish oil, etc that have helped anyone for work in a similar spot. Thanks much. 

    Hey ! Right on you got this ! I’m new to the recovery and it’s HARD I was on a small dose everyday for a year. I quit cold turkey about 5/6 weeks ago now. This group is amamzing. I scroll through the threads and just remind my self that this isn’t permanent. It’s hard. It SUCKS. Just don’t quit keep going forward sober  ! Anxiety and panic attacks have been hell. Well that’s my hang up. I recently got a therapist( highly recommend )  and I’m taking vitamins ! I am taking one from key nutrients called de-stress ! It’s awesome and on amazon. Drink loads of water. All the omega 3,6,9. Take it one day at a time. 

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  2. On 2/27/2018 at 11:23 AM, Frank B said:

     Sounds like so far your not into taking it but be aware it actually creates anxiety your brain gets use to it and without it things can get real bad. I recall one day driving and had to pull over I was freaking out about everything to scared to even drive sat in a parking lot for 2hrs. 

    The anxiety. I am so thankful it was only a year. But I’m still just at a loss with the how to get normal again. I have the panic and I’m spent and worthless for the rest of the day cause I just snowball and I try to tell myself to chill but at this point It’s almost like a battle of the  Conscious mind versus the subconscious. I feel totally out of I really appreciate this site  and everyone’s support it’s so positive in here when I feel like junk I always come here. 

  3. On 2/26/2018 at 8:22 PM, EricP said:

    There are other vitamins you can take to help calm your nerves like 5htp, magnesium, lithium orotate, theanine, melatonin etc. google them a bit. I take lithium orotate with vitamins in the morning. The rest I take before bed to assure a good nights sleep however can be experimented with in the day (besides melatonin) as well. 

    Thank you ! I ordered a bunch of stuff. I feel like when I have one good day. Then the next I have a panic attack and I’m bed stricken.I just started counseling too.The anxiety is just so foreign and unforgiving.I just want my headspace back I want to be happy I want energy not adderall energy but a cup of coffee feeling super discouraged.

  4. Hey thanks for the response ! It took months oh man!! congratulations on you’re three years that’s amazing ! I’m so tempted to go back on then taper off ? It’s been a month and it’s just getting almost worse ! No one understands around me and I’m so glad to have found this group  and I have to work so I just wish there was something magical to help. I don’t want to take adderall ever again but I also don’t want to feel like this. Sorry to be such a downer. I feel so out of touch cause I did everything my dr said to do I didn’t abuse it. I just forgot it, but after the way I felt not having it. I never wanted it in my body again, I never knew about the aftermath . My DR never told me about this. 

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  5. Hey hey 

    Oh man . Ok first time posting. Little anxious about this but I’m always in a crappy head space right now so’s been about 3/4 weeks since I stopped taking adderall 10mg Xr after being on it for a year cold turkey by accident.Im 30 year old female and used to be quite active .I went out of town and forgot my prescription. I had my first two first time ever in my life  panic attacks while I was out of town and ended up on the ER with a clean bill of health thank god . things were ok and not Aweful my dr gave me Xanax but I tried  not to take it.I want to get back to my same old sober self .

     I had my third and massive panic attack 4 days ago, But since that last one my anxiety  has seemed to have gotten worse as far as the anxiety and panic attacks are concerned. I can’t even leave my house which is aweful I was never like this before I started taking adderall.I have zero appetite, my sleep is off. 

    who else has experienced this !?! How long should I anticipate feeling like this?  How long does it take to recover ! How long were you on adderall and what dosage and where are you now ?  I Need something ! anything !that this gets better and if you have tips or anything please help. I’m currently on a small dose on colonadine .1mg  and it doesn’t do much. 


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