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  1. Two Years!

    The “I was cleaning my closest tomorrow” for seven years made me laugh in the best yet saddest way because I know EXACTLY what you mean! I did/have been doing the same thing. FUCKING CONGRATS on 2 years and thank you for this inspiring post that I NEEDED! The brain is always repairable and we all have to remember that in our recovery.
  2. NAD+ anyone?

    Also! Has anyone tried NAD+ IV therapy? Its super expensive but think im going to do it. Would love anyones opinion on this!
  3. Hey y'all haven't been on here in awhile but I was wondering if anyone has problems with the flow of their writing (if you do write) like not being able to think of the best word to use, etc? I'm a writer as well as actor (more so actor) but every time i sit down to write i can't find my stream of consciousness like i used to be able to and my creative writing is shit. Its been about 7 months off vyvanse (definitely with a few slip ups) but wondering if this comes back or else thats really gonna suck.
  4. BPC 157

    I did like 5 vials of it and at first I noticed I was a lot happier but that only lasted a few days then I didn’t really get any benefit. I REALLY benefitted from Cerebrolysin the week I was on it but you are supposed to do 5 weeks of it before you stop so after two weeks the effects wore off but I could still tell such an amazing difference.
  5. Hang it there, it gets much better!

    When you say you struggle what is it you struggle with most? Do you feel back to normal?

    I’d love to meet up @bw321 !
  7. Anthony Bourdain suicide

    @SeanW you are lucky to have your dad that understands! I tried to seek help from my family but they didn’t take me seriously.
  8. Anthony Bourdain suicide

    I thought so too. And I remember planning to kill myself multiple times and how I was going to do it in the first few months because I couldn’t see any light in the darkness but thankfully I made it through. It’s such a scary thing and I’m so sad today. I have a semi colon tattooed on my wrist, I got it when I was thinking about killing myself and everyday seeing it is a reminder that my story is not over yet. Ugh life is a tough thing . Sad sad day. So amazing having this community!
  9. 90 Day Update: Extreme Brain Fog

    I had brain fog for 5 months and I dont get it anymore being at almost 6 months. It will resolve itself, promise!
  10. Went to neurologist

    Yes I do inject it intramuscularly. I have a lot of friends that went on to be physicians after college that I studied with so I’m familiar with the anatomy but there’s also a video online of this guy injecting it although when I watched it it made me more scared to try it. I can tell you step by step how to use it if you end up ordering it! It’s very simple and safe if you are okay with needles. It’s really not that scary I promise!
  11. Went to neurologist

    @GiveMeWings how are you doing now? Are you off them?
  12. Went to neurologist

    @Frank B @sleepystupid no it’s not risky. It’s approved in Europe and other countries just not in the US. It’s a peptide that is very well studied. It’s $40 for a week supply. I studied science in college so I’m more familiar with the chemical breakdown of it all. I’ll let you know how I feel after I get my next batch!
  13. Went to neurologist

    @sleepystupid I did tell him that I would take way over my prescribed amount (which was 2 30mgs a day) but the most I took was 5 or 6 30mgs and I only did that once every 6 months while staying up all night partying. He just said that could lead to a stroke but that I didn’t have one and that some people are even prescribed very high doses of ADD medication. I’m not sure how much one would have to take to completely fry their brain beyond repair? All I know is that I thought I did! And yes the Cerebrolysin was a gradual effect, by day 5 I was feeling almost back to my normal self and normal concentration and ambition. I only ordered a week of it so should be interesting how I feel this coming week but I’m determined to stay on this feeling good path! I did order more Cerebrolysin but it takes a few weeks to ship. I would recommend it to anyone who still has brain fog and all our other crappy symptoms cause it really helped!
  14. Went to neurologist

    He was also like vyvanse isn’t neurotoxic but I thought it was? Idkkkk. Anyways I’ve actually been feeling GREAT especially after using Cerebrolysin for a week and I’m only on month 5 (with a few slip ups) so woohoo! But the neurologist was like if you’ve been off for 5 months and still have these symptoms you should probley go back on. Like ok no fucking thanks
  15. Went to neurologist

    Sooo just went to a neurologist to tell them what’s been going on and he’s like you just have adult ADD and anxiety. I’m like these doctors are pointless lol waste of my morning. But he did say I don’t have dementia (haha) and I’m fine so whatevs I guess! Literally just never depending on a doctor again. We’re on our own with this shit!