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  1. Three Years Free

    @Zajche I have zero paws anymore. And since I eat healthy and work out, I have more energy now than I did on adderall or before adderall. But yeah, they still lingered here and there between year one and two, but every month less and less so. AFTER year 2, PAWS has been zero. Now I feel like the whole adderall mess is an old thing... not a monumental part of my life like is was for a decade.
  2. Three Years Free

    @BK99 you’ve already made it through the hardest part. Stick with it now and you’ll finally reap the benefits. You’ve got this!
  3. Three Years Free

    When I think back to how terrible I felt when I quit adderall, it makes me want to cry. I seriously didn't think I'd make it. 8 years of daily use and I quit cold turkey. Bad decision to not taper, and it made my life impossible. I would read these forums religiously, hoping for an easy answer, a shortcut to feeling better quicker. There was no shortcut. No special supplement, no meditation app, no yoga routine. The only thing that truly helped was time. The first year was miserable. I had to leave the big city I lived in and move in with my parents for 18 months. I worked freelance gigs and put my career on hold. After month 13, things finally started getting better. Little by little I got my life back. Eventually I moved back to where I was living before. Now I have my dream job, and I'm thriving... without my crutch. And FINALLY, after 3 years I am back at the weight I was before I quit. All this is to say IT CAN BE DONE. And of all the things I have done in my life, I can honestly say kicking this has been by far the hardest. But I am SO GLAD I DID. Hopefully this can inspire someone. There is happiness and a better life on the other side.
  4. New Adderall documentary

    Have you guys seen this trailer? It's for a new documentary coming to Netflix next week (debuts at SXSW tomorrow). I am seriously PRAYING this thing doesn't glorify the drug and that they address the massive shit storm that getting off Adderall can be. Cause seriously I'm sick of trying to warn people who see it as completely harmless.