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  1. Hello again! I am now 4 months clean from adderall! During that time I lost my job and have been job searching. I’m extremely proud of myself for not going back to adderall. (The urge was strong!) Even though I’ve been off it for a bit, I’m still struggling with the mental fog and weight gain and anxiety. Do you have any tips on how to deal with the after effects? I find I struggle a lot with interviewing and getting my point across. When I was on adderal, I seems to be able to do this effectively. I keep telling myself it will get better and I haven’t ruined my chances of getting a job by stopping the adderall. Thank you all for the support, it is very helpful.
  2. Take Your Pills

    I’m curious about this documentary but being that I recently just quit, I don’t think it’s a good idea I watch it right now. It’s interesting to see what people think of it.
  3. Advice for quitting a third time

    Congrats on the 4 months @soberica_18!! I’m glad to hear the mental fog does lift. I find myself unable to really do much at the moment besides Netflix haah! I can’t imagine trying to balance a client budget right now! You are so right, I need to be patient with myself, I’m not a patient person lol but I will try. Thank you for the advice and recommendations! I’m going to take that quiz and look into the supplement. The sleep is a big issue too, I find I’m kept awake at night by anxiety or just general restlessness and I end up sleeping most of the day away. I think getting my sleep cycle into a regular pattern will help as well. I totally feel you on the “beating the system” thing, I thought who needs to sleep and eat, well we all need both to survive and thrive! Thank you! That really means a lot. In addition to the anxiety, I’ve been feeling depressed these last few days, which is normal I think? I hope the depression isn’t permanent. I started the gratitude list today and it’s helping put things into perspective! Thank you for that recommendation and support! I appreciate it! Sending good vibes your way! <3
  4. Advice for quitting a third time

    Yes! I’m starting to love those things again. Sleeping is hard right now but the eating is super easy lol. A little too much haha
  5. Advice for quitting a third time

    Thank you @soberica_18 for the support and advice! <3 hearing how well your doing is inspiring! is scary to say the least, the anxiety is horrible right now. I didn’t sleep much last night b/c I was worrying about my return to work, if I’ll be able handle it, how I’ll be happy again etc. My friend told me to not worry and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. That’s a good idea about CMA! I’ve gone to an NA meeting with my friend, but I think CMA would be better given our drug of choice. It is nice to know I’m not alone. How long did it take before the mental fog went away? I’ll send you a message after I sleep for a bit lol, I feel a sleep deprivation headache coming on. Thank you again for the support and advice! I really appreciate it!
  6. Second attempt at quitting failed

    Oh the struggle! Made it past day 3! Feeling less shitty haha! How you doing?
  7. Advice for quitting a third time

    Feeling shitty but Made it past day 3!! I’m extremely proud! Yesterday I had intense cravings to use but my friend talked me down and I pushed through. Thank you all for the support. I could’nt have made it through these last few days without all of you! Right now I feel extremely anxious and restless uhh! At least I’m not feeling like I’m going to die like I was a few days ago. Hopefully it’s onwards and upwards from here!
  8. Second attempt at quitting failed

    I understand completely. I’m trying to quit my third time. On day 2 and I’m feelingf shitty mentally and physically. Sorry, I can’t really get my thoughts in order to offer more advice but I’m here for support. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we will feel much better when we quit for good.
  9. Advice for quitting a third time

    You’re right @Frank B. It could always be worse andi just have to remember there’s life (and work) after adderall and it’ss possible to do well after quitting. My whole life won’t end b/c I quit, it should be better. Very true, I’m don’t like to be subpar,’I was always a perfectionist ever since I was little (still am lol) guess that’s why I like adderall lol. Tomorrow I taper again, down to 10mg and then nothing the day after. I’m feeling pretty shitty physically and mentally. But hanging in. I was sleeping earlier and had a dream about adderall and it made me crave it. If helps having a friend staying with me and not having to worry about work and this forum and everyone’s been so helpful, thansk again and happy Friday (:
  10. Advice for quitting a third time

    Thanks @SeanW i’m glad your dad is letting you stay with him, lucky my friend is letting me stay with him and work is allowing me to take time off. I cut my dose in half this morning and am starting to feel nauseous and a little dizzy. Maybe the physical symptoms are just anxiety idk. I know it will be worth it in the end.
  11. Advice for quitting a third time

    Thanks @Frank B Last time I tried to work from home during it and it was impossible. I cut my dose in half today and I’m starting to feel nauseous ands bit dizzy, also I feel exhausted even though I went to bed around 9 last night. When returning to work, how did you be productive? I don’t know if I know how to do it without adderall, I’ts good to know it’s all mental, I think in the end, after my brain heals I’ll end up feeling better and doing better at work than when I was on the adderall.
  12. Advice for quitting a third time

    Thanks @sleepystupid. I’ve been on Wellbutrin and it didn’t agree with me, I felt sick on it. I cut my dose in half this morning and I already starting to feel like shit. Iplan to do nothing and watch Netflix and eat lol. I do feels better now that I came clean and aren’t lying to those around me. Thanks for the advice.
  13. Advice for quitting a third time

    That makes sense @Kimber, I feel I’m the same way and today I cut my dose in halfthis morning and I am starting to feel sick and blehh, if there’s anyway to explain it, like my mind is movingtrhrough mud I guess haha. I am looking forward to the day when I’m fully”present.” If you can do t after 17 years on adderall, there’s hope for me! You’re right, I’m ready. At this point, I just want the acute withdrawals into be over lol. Thank you for the kind thoughts. I appreciate it.
  14. Advice for quitting a third time

    Thanks @sleepystupid for the support! Haha love that nickname! I’m the same way, I bet my coworkers have a similar one for me lol. Thank you! It was extremely difficult and I was putting it off until I almost got fired for balancing a client budget wrong and then I had no choice but to come clean to my boss. Either way, it was one of the hardest conversations I’ve had to date. Yup, my leave from work started this morning. My friend said I can stay as long as I want, and I plan to until I’m off the adderall and back to work. He’s been to inpatient rehab for pain pills and when I first met him, I was really tweaked and he called me out on the adderall right alway. The night he met me, he said: “You seem like a really cool person, but you’ll be even cooler once your not tweaked out of you right mind. You gotta quit the addy.” it’s funny that he knew right away, then again I thought I was so good at hiding it. I tried quitting cold turkey and the withdrawals were so bad that I gave up after day 2. I was planning to taper 10mg at a time, but I could just cut my dose in half and go from 60mg to 30? Do you have any tips for making the withdrawal suck less? You’re right though, I should make the most of my time off my resting and healing (: I know when I return to work. I’ll be expected to perform so I do want to be feeling decent by then. Thank you again for the helpful advice!