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  1. New Dream Job...No More Adderall. Help Please

    We’re in very similar situations, and oddly enough, I’m living in Boston now and have resolved to quit this month as well. The biggest difference is that I’m going to remain at the same company while I end my dependence on adderall. In order to advance in my career I need to be more face-forward to work with our executives and investors, but adderall has singnificantly hindred my ability to interact naturally. In fact it’s been bad for every social aspect of my life. I could have said that I’m happy with my position as it is now, and carried on as I’ve been, but I would have been lying to them and more importantly myself. Therefore I decided to give up adderall. I have been preparing since early February by working with my primary care doctor to slowly reduce the dosage and increase the number of days that I don’t take it at all. I’m not sure if you had an opportunity to do the same, but you are fortunate to have some time off while going through this moment. If you’re like me you might think this moment will last forever, but also honestly believe that this moment will seem incredibly brief, and transformative in the most positive of ways, some years from now. I’ve already noticed that I’m smiling a lot more, have been socializing and sympathizing with my coworkers, and am even having lunch with them more often. In the end I think this is what is the most important, will make my bonds with them grow, and even get me through this. My journey however has only just begun. I’ll try to keep you posted if you like. Best of luck!! I’m completely certain that you/I are making the right choice!