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  1. I'm starting to accept the fact that I'll never learn how to live without Adderall (or Xanax for that matter). It's the euphoria they produce, it's the mind games they play on patients' mind s which start out vulnerable yet become even more susceptible as soon as the absense of the drug skillsvv masquerading as "medicine"to consume evbery waking thought to no end. And now, following countless years of pharmaceutical abuse,It `

    Here in the Western world, a condition of this magnitude is still treated with a list of resources containing names of similarly-classified medications. In any event, hopelessness was the final straw that capsized my life for good.

    Any yet the truth is I still want more, more, more because the false happiness I feel now is better than the real misery I feel constantly without it.

    I'll die of this one day and the only sensation I feel vibrating in my bones is some random cocktail of disappointment for the life I might've led and relief for putting an end to a future headed nowhere remotely good.

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