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  1. Tired of thinking about Adderall

    Very helpful and hopeful words. Thank you a lot If you don’t mind me asking. When you finally quit, was there a “enough is enough” moment that made you never go back? What was the tipping point for you?
  2. Hey everyone this is my first time posting and I’m a little nervous due to the fact that I don’t talk to anyone about my adderall addiction so I’m stuck with being in my head 24/7. Talking with people I know just isn’t something that I feel is helpful since they don’t understand the struggle (bless them for not understanding) I have so much empathy knowing that you all are on the same boat.. that I’m not alone. I just want to ask something though. Have any of you ever been adderall free long enough to where this drug doesn’t cross your mind? Even for a day. Where you wake up and this addiction is no longer a struggle because you have moved on to a new and better chapter in you life? I really struggle sometimes looking at others thinking that adderall is something that means completely nothing to them but to me it has been the main voice in my life. would love to hear anyone’s answer or if anyone has really thought of this before.