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  1. 9-Me-Bc is also worth looking into however I’d prefer more long term studies. Another good one is Jiaogulan.
  2. Yes I agree. Opiates and benzodiazepines have far more side effects and a much worse withdrawl than amphetamines. I don’t think there is a single “human” study linking amphetamine neurotoxicity unless it’s astronomical dosage so I guess if you have to pick your poison amphetamine “technically” would be the “safest.”
  3. You need to upregulate dopamine. Try 250mg Uridine monophospate 1-2xday with fish oil (higher DHA) and a b-complex. tyrosine 500-1500mg 2x/day(empty stomach) L-Tyrosine has been shown to be better than the more popular “NALT” Tributyrate 500mg 2-3x/day phenylpiracetam 100mg once every 4-5 days. phenylpiracetam upregulates dopamine but repeated use will downregulate. 100mg every 4-5 days will keep it upregulated. SynaptaLean 2-6 tabs daily. SynaptaLean was designed to restore neurotransmitters and has 2 patented ingredients (Synaptamine and Zehntose) that help with dopamine upregulation.The original formula was called SynaptaGenX(kb220z) and is very expensive. SynaptaLean is the same thing at a better cost and amazon has it. these are some good links on dopamine restoration:
  4. Something odd I’ve noticed is if I use very small doses of opiates like 2.5-5mg Vicodin/Percocet 1-2x/day it allows me to cut back almost 50% on my Adderall. Clearly I can’t trade one drug for the other but I wonder if the dopamine release from the opiates is what allows me to not crave and crash so hard from amphetamines.
  5. Also I’m not blaming the psychiatrist I went to because I’m a big boy I should be able to control myself but there was never a need for me to use Adderall. He just told me one day “you might have a little ADHD why don’t you try Adderall.” He started me on 20mg IR 2x/day. The next month I told him it didn’t seem like enough so he prescribed 30mg IR 2x/day. Following month 30mg IR 3x/day and then...get this.. 30mg IR 3x/day + another 20mg IR. At the pharmacy they said they’ve never seen that much and had to make a few phone calls. Apparently my psychiatrist said since I am a 260 pound bodybuilder( I was at the time now I’m about 230) that my metabolism is rapid and weight is so high that’s why.
  6. I have sleep apnea and have a cpap that logs my sleep. I typically average 7-8hrs and I actually have good quality sleep. Very vivid dreams that I can always recall. A few sleep studies showed I have good REM and NREM sleep. However when I binge and stay up late working and average 4-5hrs sleep it greatly effects me. Amphetamines don’t work nearly as well and I’m a zombie all day. I’m genetically an ultra metabolizer to amphetamines. Even when I first started I could take a dose and feel it wear off just a few hours later. I could literally take 30mg IR Adderall and go sleep a few hours later. The majority I snort so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was out of my system 1/2hr after snorting it. Typically my last dose(snorted) is around 5-6pm and I usually go to bed around 11-12. also yesterday I ran out of Adderall and only had vyvanse. Typically lately has been around 50mg vyvanse(=20mg amphetamine) in the morning and then 100mg Adderall snorted throughout the day(probably absorb 70% of that so closer to 70mg) so 90mg/day total. Yesterday I just had 3 Vyvanse I took spread out(60mg amphetamine) total. So I had 30mg less than normal. I definitely noticed much more fatigue and around 7pm I got some brain fog/anxiety/depression. But I survived obviously and today I only have 40mg amphetamine total and I’m tired but not going crazy. That’s how I know I will be able to beat this. In July I attempted to detox when my family went to New York to visit back home as I thought that would be the perfect time. I had about 10 days. Day 1 I slept all day but day 2 I got horrible anxiety and depression at night from being alone and missing my family almost felt like mild psychosis I had to take a Xanax and on day 3 I was freaking out because I was getting behind on work so I ended up using again. This next time around when I detox I know that I definitely have to have my family around or not be alone as being alone was deafly not the right move. And I have to announce to my clients I need a few weeks off as there is no way I can work when being off.
  7. Well,... yes and no. No I’m the sense of I’ve never gotten crazy or spent all $$ on amphetamines,etc... but yes in the sense that it’s caused me to pick up bad habits. I design custom diets for a lot of professional athletes, MMA fighters, a few celebrities,etc. so I work from home(all Internet based) Around 20weeks ago I opened a nutrition store which was more like an office where I can do my clients diet during the downtime and sell supplements. About 6hrs out of the 8hrs/day is a lot of down time and that’s when I noticed I use the most Adderall. When I’m busy I don’t. “idle hands is the devil's playground.” I will literally procrastinate all day until I have an hour left then I get bad anxiety to finish and stay late. Then I miss out seeing my kids when I get home and get guilty and depressed. The odd thing is I know it’s going to happen every time yet I still manage to be defeated by it. I decided to sell my store so I can work from home again which will help because my wife is there and I can’t be snorting Adderall all day. That’s how I got off in the past so that’s the plan again starting Jan 2nd. I also find I like to be alone more and more antisocial.
  8. Thank you. My doctor gave me Wellbutrin and I noticed it actually dulled the positives of Adderall. After further research I found they can compete with each other for DAT receptors which is why. I think once I’m actually off amphetamines then Wellbutrin might help. I mainly just can’t stand the fatigue. Sometimes it takes me five minutes just to get out of my car. I used to be a competitive bodybuilder and now I go to the gym maybe once every 10 days if I’m lucky.
  9. Never “needed” Adderall but decided to try it back in March 2014. Worst mistake of my life. 20mg 1-2x/wk turned into 60-100mg/day(50% snorting) about a year later. In early 2016 my Dr. Prescribed me 70mg Vyvanse and had me taper by 10mg for 6mo. I actually got off completely for about 5-6mo then opened a business and decided to try Adderall again. That lead to my current state which is 50mg vyvanse(=20mg Adderall) morning and insufflating 60-80mg Adderall throughout the day. All in all I’d say I’ve consumed an average of 75mg/day amphetamine over a 4 yr period. (2014-2016)(2017-2019)(was clean about 4-5mo in 2017. About 4 months ago I noticed amphetamines aren’t working much for me. I can’t get out of bed until my Vyvanse kicks in and a few hours later I feel like a zombie and I just feel sick and flu like.The lethargy is the worst part and I get through the day with Adderall. Around 7pm-11pm is the only time I don’t feel sick and feel normal but typically the first half of the day is the worst. I take an arsenal of supplements to combat the side effects even though that’s putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. I get routine bloodwork and nothing is really out of the norm but I can for see myself going downhill really fast if I don’t take care of this. I’m just wondering what the best method people of used to help get off and get to the with drawl and live a normal life? I’m 37 with a wife and 2 toddlers so I really have to do this now. Thank you.