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  1. I stumbled upon this an interesting compound in an organic substance. Salidroside. Without a doubt will help with recovery. I would recommend still stacking it with L-tyrosine, Forskolin (re-sensitize D2 receptors) & buetasuperba (increase cAmp levels). Adderall works by raising cAmp levels; flooding your brain with dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin (not as a high affinity). Eventually, your D2 receptors will downregulate alongside with cAmp. By flooding your brain with dopamine, the neurons (dopamine neurons) are going to eventually die. You can wait until they regrow back at a slow rate or induce the growth with Salidroside (see product and resource below). It's pretty late right now but the only other natural resource I can think about is NAD and vitamin D (increase tyrosine hydroxylase). I dont have resources\links but both are certainly linked to Adderall recovery. You will also have to find the articles for Bueta Superba and Forskolin but buetasuperba is a PDE inhibitor which stops the breakdown of cAmp. I also wrote a guide about a year ago. I since then have recovered, but I always wanted to revisit it. I haven't stopped learning and researching; I definitely could add a few contributions to it. A pure form of Salidroside: https://www.predatornutrition.com/nootropic-supplements/hydrapharm/salidroside.html Resource: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/24323403
  2. Bromantane will help you. Then NSI 189 helped dissipate my depression and anxiety to a degree. There is always SAM-e
  3. This should help irritability also https://area1255.blogspot.com/2015/11/catuaba-trichilia-catigua-mechanism-of.html
  4. Find a new addiction, go to the gym. Studies show for meth addicts(yes, meth is neuro toxic but it works in a similar manner) recover roughly around 3x faster with cardio! (You can find the study on my reddit post) It will also alleviate the nasty withdraws, depression, anxiety...etc
  5. Everyone is going to yell at me....but I fully recovered in ~70 days. I am also currently doing an experiment(if you need to put a label on it) https://reddit.com/r/researchchemicals/comments/acf8ze/amphetamine_recovery_bpc157_9mebc_dihexa/
  6. I want to cheer you up...Studies show adderall isn't neurotoxic until doses around 1 gram
  7. If you can't embrace it, I would probably recommend bromantane if you dont mind a synthetic drug. I honestly think it's an ideal drug for adderall recovery. Also, baking soda will help with stress and blood pressure. It should lead to less irritability and it's a dollar for a box! Edit: baking soda will help with stress but not blood pressure: https://examine.com/supplements/sodium-bicarbonate/ should still work with irritability at a low cost.
  8. Adderall Recovery Guide

    No worries, good luck!
  9. Adderall Recovery Guide

    I am in America, its just a website that I used. It's trusted but I believe maybe DXM...I stumbled upon some chats on it, I don't know how it works. Just seems sketchy since its a cough syrup.... could work though!
  10. Adderall Recovery Guide

    hmmm, thats odd. You can try going to the product directly https://brainlabz.ru/products/bromantane-ladasten-50mg-90caps-4500mg
  11. Adderall Recovery Guide

    Not one bit. It works by genetics, up regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase. It's more like a form of vitamin D than anything. It's also not addicting, it just stops working. It will get bottled necked with our DNA, that's the beauty of it.
  12. Adderall Recovery Guide

    No, its a russian drug not sold here. You can find it online or a russian pharma. Brianlabz.ru should carry it.
  13. Adderall Recovery Guide

    Bromantane will help wonders, I did around 50mg a day. It works through genetics I believe to restore the process of making dopamine. it will be sustained! It also makes you happy, non depressed, focus...etc Its a wonder drug for recovery. I did 50mg a day, for about 2 weeks.
  14. I am still bored & unemployed though...These stories help wonders, I fell in a terrible place in life. I am recovered in terms of health but in terms of social status, not yet. It's nice to know I am not alone and others went through & going through the same experience.
  15. Hey guys! Its been about two months! I am definitely recovered, lost about 20 pounds of fat and great overall shape.