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  1. 4 years clean - checking in

    Did you have derealization for over a year too? Did your memory and thinking ever recover? I feel retarded
  2. just ranting sorry

    Yes I've met many people who claim they quit no problem. I'm skeptical and think they just lack self awareness. I've been in withdrawal for 2.5 years now and still want to die. I basically have dementia in my 20s. I can't feel joy. It's better than it was though. The first year I could barely walk. I can't believe they put kids on this horrific and inexcusable poison. Good luck man it gets better.
  3. Loss of smell/taste?

    I'm 15 months into withdrawal and its gotten slightly better but I still have a severely blunted sense of smell and taste. A potential side effect of amphetamine is hyper sense or smell so it definitely effects it. Has anyone else noticed this and if so how long was it until it was back to normal? 2 years? 3?
  4. Anyone experienced lack of empathy and extreme hostility?

    Yes I became very irritable and agitated in early withdrawal. It gets better just power through it.
  5. How to work/ be in real life

    Taking an antidepressant might make you feel better in the short term but it is ultimately just a variant of a taper and will introduce it's own adaptations that will cause more withdrawals. The "best" drug for adderall withdrawal is wellbutrin/bupropion because they're both NDRIs but W/B will take weeks to reach full effect and can cause its own severe withdrawal lasting years. It's also notorious for causing seizures. I took it for years and the extreme withdrawal from it is what made me display ADHD symptoms that made them put me on adderall in the first place. It increases dopamine and adrenaline which makes your body get really good at producing less and clearing it faster. When you quit you have low dopamine and "ADHD". I didn't write the post in this link but here's an example of someone I've seen many bupropion reactions like: https://www.depressionforums.org/forums/topic/62488-wellbutrin-destroyed-my-soul/
  6. How to work/ be in real life

    Nobody knows what your particular withdrawal will be like. Most are fine after about a week. Some of us here were crippled for at least a year with no memory or cognitive function and sleeping 12+ hours a day. The lexapro withdrawal could severely fuck you up too. There's websites for quitting those too. All this shit is poison and isn't fixing a thing.
  7. What was your withdrawal like?

    I've seen all the claims about BPC and the research chemicals/nootropics. It all seems like a terrible idea to me. Quick fixes and drugs are how we got into this mess. I'll be damned if I'm going to inject myself with some unapproved research chemical that I read about on a Reddit post with broken English. I'm not going to try to play medical doctor/scientist while my brain is functioning worse than it ever was. All that sounds like a terrible idea that will make our conditions worse. I'll stick with diet, exercise, and time. I appreciate your reply but that sounds like a great way to cause more damage.
  8. What was your withdrawal like?

    Thank you guys so much! I'll definitely be frequenting these forums from here on out. I'd already done some supplement experiment but am now reading your guys' input. It's crazy that we all need years to recover. I can't believe doctors put kids on this shit for years. These people should be in prison.
  9. What was your withdrawal like?

    I was on adderall, 2 antidepressants, xanax, and marijuana for about 2 years. I never took over 60mg of adderall in a single day but I've been having the most horrendous indescribable withdrawal experience I've ever heard of. I'm 16 months clean off everything and still have severe symptoms. I'm wondering how much of it was the adderall or the combination or if something else is wrong. The first 6 months I could literally barely walk or talk. I was horribly dizzy, had tunnel vision, double vision, slurred speech, an alzheimers-esque memory (I'm in my 20s), couldn't think in general at all (I had a psychiatrist test me and I had a150iq as a kid and now it can't be over 100), terrible food sensitivities that would make all my symptoms flare up, slept 15 hours a day, constant urination, couldn't smell, had trouble hearing, and felt generally disconnected from the world and even my body, I still can't feel pleasure, I have no interest in things, I can't focus on anything. It was absolutely debilitating and I've been genuinely traumatized by the experience. I've recovered a bit in all these regards but am still horrifically fucked up for such low doses over such a short period. I'm wondering if anyone else here had such a severe and prolonged withdrawal? What were your guys' symptoms like? How long have you been clean and when did you feel fully recovered if you even do? Do you think we will ever make full recoveries?