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  1. I don't mean to hijack your thread BK99 but I found this from @DrewK15 when searching for weight gain and it helped me tonight. I'm on day 56 now and the main thing that I keep thinking about and that's making me want to relapse is my weight gain. Almost none of my clothes fit normally anymore, they're all getting tight now. It's definitely a trap but it's something I'm struggling with every time I look in the mirror. I used to weigh a healthy 180-185 and I just checked myself and now weigh 206. I'm a 24 yr old guy. I've never really been into working out or going to the gym, looking slim has just came naturally for me and I've always been self-conscious of how I looked and I'm noticing myself try to suck in my gut when I stand to keep it from poking out. I do drink, I know it's contributing to the gain but it's very difficult to handle recovery without something to ease my mind. I need to quit I know, I will try to do it soon. It is somewhat comforting to see people like @quit-once say that it's only a normal part of the recovery process.
  2. It's probably off topic.... but I definitely feel as though there should be a "what to watch" thread happening for all of us that only feel like watching TV hahah. I, for one, am thoroughly enjoying the Umbrella Academy on Netflix, but I know that's not everybody's cup of tea
  3. That's perfectly okay! It's wet and cold and rainy here today which makes me want to do the exact same thing. So we'll be TV buddies haha. You're right - tomorrow hopefully will be better!
  4. I'd say a huge chunk in being able to quit and being able to battle PAWS in the first few months and the first year in general is your attitude and perception on things. Forcing yourself to do the things you don't will slowly be resetting your receptors and your mind back to the way it was before. Just love yourself, know that it's okay that you feel like a sloth because it will get better. Even if you feel bad or your place is a mess, just laugh at yourself and maybe even slowly straighten things up. It's easy to look back and want what you had when you took adderall. But just know that another day off of it, is another day your brain and body is healing and thanking you for not using. Stay strong both of you.
  5. Hi everyone. My name is Jason. Before I go into a little of my story I'd like to tell anyone reading this that I relapsed (again) last week. Much like I have time and time again, month after month, I went back to what I know. The thing I hate most. Last month on the 5th (my birthday) I shamefully refilled another script and thought about being 24. It was hard processing that. It was also hard processing that it had been just under 4 years since I first had been prescribed adderall. Four years filled with the highest highs very quickly being followed by the darkest, lowest lows of my life. I cannot tell you the number of times I thought about and entertained the idea of ending my own life during those four years. I'd find myself month after month awake for days, running around tweaked out of my mind. During the darkest period of my use, I had three full psychotic breaks. Completely detached from reality, irrational and convinced that organized gang stalking was real. That people were following me, that they had cameras watching my disgusting, abhorrent behavior. I have used during most of my five year long relationship with my boyfriend. Several times I almost busted through his door banging on it at 3 or 4 am thinking that he was cheating on me. I could go on and on, but I'll spare you the rest. All of this is rushing through my mind on my birthday along with the drugs. I really tried to use properly, like I always tried to do and failed. I had a million reasons to run as far away from adderall as I could go. But here we are again. Of course I couldn't use correctly, it was just like any other month. Every day of this bender was usually a shame-filled mess of me crying. And I realized that I was sick of it. Wanted to be off the roller coaster I had to quit. I bought the narcotics anonymous handbook to read on my iPad (spoiler: it painted a picture of myself to a T, highly recommend), downloaded a sobriety tracking app and did it. I made it through the holidays! I was tired everyday and only watched to binge watch Netflix and eat whenever I was awake, but it wasn't too bad. I had a three-week break off of school which helped a lot. One of the reasons I knew this would be the best and probably only time I could quit and have a somewhat advantage of three weeks ahead to recover with no schoolwork or classes, etc. Each day I really loved the days adding up on the sobriety tracker. It filled me with pride about the choice I made and gave me a little bit of joy each time I hit one of the 'milestones'. Trying not to make this sound like an ad but all joking aside it really helped. I was getting more social each day and doing more work around my place. Feeling like I was going to be alright. Then school started back on Wednesday and right off the bat I had a big project I needed to start on. It was a group project so I had to build an iPhone app to spec in 5 days with 2 other students in my class. Terrible terrible terrible way I had to start class off. The whole first day I had no motivation. Wrote maybe 50 lines of code and moped around all day complaining about my tiredness. I already knew that tomorrow (Thursday) was the day of my appointment because the doctor's office automated appointment reminder called a few days earlier, ruining pretty much all of the progress I had made over the previous 2 weeks. As soon as I got that message I felt a pit in my stomach. i just needed an excuse. And what better excuse than needing my energy and focus back to do this project. I remember driving in my car when that slow burn started to happen and as it got stronger and stronger, I felt that the feeling of relief I used to get during this time was replaced with terror and shame. I sat there alone crying my eyes out. Now fast-forward to today: my tracking app shows "1 day" again. It shows my first attempt, and now it shows my week of use. But hey, that's okay! I need to learn through this process to go easy on and love myself. And finally! Here's what I'm proactively doing / have done to keep myself far away of any situation that will cause me to use again: - I called my doctor's office and cancelled my three-month refill appointment while also letting them know I have decided to no longer be treated for my ADHD (that one hurt just a bit to do, lol) - Tore up the other two printed scripts (all of these steps killed me honestly) - Made an account here with you guys so I can converse and let you know how it's going for me and also have some accountability. I'm not naive. I know this will be the hardest thing I've ever done. But I want to find myself again -- the person adderall stole from me. Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit of my story. I'm going to eat a good lunch and then go back to bed for awhile. -Jason
  6. Good morning everyone. Happy Valentine's Day. Today marks 31 days clean, which I am very thankful for. School is going... okay. I did very well with a project week that I completed. Proud of myself for that. Got started with Labs at the beginning of the week and it's going alright. Some days I catch a glimpse of the real me that I'm trying so hard to get to know. Some days though it's rough and I usually am exhausted and my muscles have been aching like crazy, flu-like symptoms every day it seems like. But I am hanging in there... I haven't had 31 days clean since 2017. Thank you all for the kind comments, btw. I really appreciate all of them. ♥
  7. Has adderall affected your physical health?

    Ahh I love this thread so much. The oral health is what has scared me the most during my use. I’ve been to see an orthodontist once now - with a more thorough follow up next month. The tips of my teeth are becoming transparent, gums have receded heavily. She thinks I’ll have to have a gum graft to clear out all of the tarter that has built up. Gums are a red color, irritated and unhealthy instead of pink. I used to have very straight teeth which has been totally ruined now. And I’ve grinded and chipped away at the tops of a lot of teeth. Another user mentioned having many, many cavities which is the same for me as well. Teeth just rotting out because of what grew and stayed in my mouth all the time due to the dryness.