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  1. How to work/ be in real life

    Hi all, I think I accidentally flagged those as I haven’t been active on the forum before. I’ve lurked for probably 9 years. Thanks for your detailed responses. I am completely certain that I need to quit. No doubt about it. I’m not ready to talk about specifics but as you know it’s just hard. i want to come up with a plan but I’m overwhelmed by the thought of that alone. I quit 6 years ago bc I had major panic attacks then went back. Now I take more than ever and I’m stuck. I’m also on lexapro and I think it allows me to take more adderall without the anxiety. I have stopped for up to a week or so at a time sleep a lot but can function. Then the second week usually I freak out cuz I’m not getting shit done and go back to adderall. Fuck
  2. Has anyone been able to quit while working a full time job? Does anyone have advice for quitting when you still have to maintain a high stress job/ career? Especially after over achieving while on adderall? Do you ever recover to the point where you can focus and right fire emails and get shit done? I work in logistics in NYC and my job/ life are super fast paced. You need to be on top of everything and respond quickly to problems. Laying on the couch for a week or so is definitely not an option (which is how I quit the last time about 5 years ago). I know that adderall life is not sustainable and I’m tired. Its just hard to remember myself before adderall. It’s hard to remember what’s so good about regular life. I don’t know what my personality is/ was. Sometimes I think that when I do get my head clear I won’t recognize the person that comes out. It’s scary. But anyway I read about real life on here and see people around me who seem happy and fulfilled. So there has to be something good about it.