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  1. DAY 3 - When Does it Get Better?

    THANK YOU! Actually, Ive been consistently taking 20 mgs/day for a year and then going way over my regular dose for about 6 months. But I know either way, its going to be tough. I appreciate youre input on the antidepressants. I agree that right now is not a good time to adjust to a higher dose.
  2. 39/female I have been on Adderall for about 4 years, but never took it consistently in the beginning. I wanted them to lose weight and it was way too easy to get a prescription. It didnt help for long term weight loss but it made me into a superhero at work. I have been taking Adderall consistently for the past year and abusing them (30 day Rx lasted me only 15 days) for about 6 months. I am prescribed 20 mg IR once a day. I would actually look forward to running out of my meds so I could take a "break". But I recently ran out this past Tuesday and I knew this time, the "break" was going to be permanent. I no longer have access to a Rx (I cut myself off from the psychiatrist). I have no desire to go back. The only thing I feel when I think about Adderall is how much I hate it. Its been a struggle already and Im only on day 3. I dont have a desire for Adderall at all, I just feel lethargic, cranky and have zero desire to do anything but the absolute bare minimum and count the minutes until I can go to bed. Is it possible that it wont be that bad because I wasnt on a super high dose for a really long time? Im starting to feel depressed and thinking I might ask my primary care physician to up my antidepressant. Thoughts?